SOTAH CRUSH: State of the Art Hair Care

Tweet SOTAH CRUSH!  SOTAH State of the Art Hair Care is Brand New!   There are no gummy bears to find, no striped candies to create but I’m calling this review “SOTAH CRUSH,” because you might easily get as addicted to these new products as Soda Crush Saga.   SOTAH stands for “State of the Art Hair.” This… [Continue Reading]

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Don’t let the sun sabotage your skin & eyes, A Guide To Buying Great Sunglasses @CoastalDotCom, @sunglasses, #SunProtection, #glasses

Tweet Don’t let the sun sabotage your skin & eyes, get great sunglasses from by Alison Blackman, I learned about the sea, and sailing, and developed a love of it, as a toddler. In fact, my earliest memory of my mother is of her lifting the centerboard of the first boat my parents… [Continue Reading]

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Your last “why I won’t use SPF” excuse, eliminated

Tweet Your Last “Why I Won’t use SPF” Sun Protection Excuse, Eliminated! By Alison Blackman, Editor in Chief, If I had my way as an online influencer, it would be to finally convince everyone who reads features, that what you can’t see can hurt you!  by that I mean the sun’s damaging rays. Even if you can’t… [Continue Reading]

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Crave some Clean Summer Sun! (it’s a fragrance, folks)! @CLEANPerfume

Tweet The Advice Sisters love fragrance, but when the heat of Summer begins, you’re going lighter in clothing, skincare and fragrance.  The heat of your body can make the more intense fragrances you crave in Winter, overpowering in the Summer. That is why so many fragrance companies delight consumers with wonderful,  limited editions of  favorite fragrances. For Summer… [Continue Reading]

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