Crave some Clean Summer Sun! (it’s a fragrance, folks)! @CLEANPerfume

Tweet The Advice Sisters love fragrance, but when the heat of Summer begins, you’re going lighter in clothing, skincare and fragrance.  The heat of your body can make the more intense fragrances you crave in Winter, overpowering in the Summer. That is why so many fragrance companies delight consumers with wonderful,  limited editions of  favorite fragrances. For Summer… [Continue Reading]

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Tweet DEBORAH LIPPMAN’S SUMMER 2015 NAIL COLLECTION: PAINTED DESERT The Painted Desert is part of the Badlands in Arizona, but in fact, it’s a stunningly beautiful place!   The Painted Desert encompasses over 93,500 acres and stretches over 160 miles.  The subdued tones in the sandstone “monuments” feature stripes of subdued, earthy colors — a  result of the… [Continue Reading]

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8 great RED accessories to get now, lady in red! #color, #fashion, #accessories

Tweet Red is not just a primary color on the color wheel, it’s the color that quickens the pulse. We traditionally associate it with love and romance (e.g. red hearts for Valentines Day, roses for lovers) but red is the color of energy, passion and action. Some cultures consider red the luckiest color. Red evokes… [Continue Reading]

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Entertain your guests with Limoncello di Capri #Entertaining, #drinks

Tweet Wow this Summer with a drink that’s exciting and easy:  Limoncello di Capri is as easy as pie (it’s for sipping, but you could add it to a pie, too)   My husband and I recently returned from a trip to Italy and in virtually every restaurant we went to,  Limoncello was one of the liqueurs… [Continue Reading]

Limencello for cocktail hour at Dunhamnia