Not Maybe, these are Maybelline’s New July Launches @Maybelline #makeup

Tweet This is not “maybe it’s Maybelline… these are Maybelline…their new July launches, that is.  Every time Maybelline New York comes out with new products, or new colors of favorite products, it’s cause for celebration. So pop the champagne corks and head to your nearest drugstore, or mass market retailer to pick some of the newest… [Continue Reading]


10 Daily Self Improvement Exercises: 10 Minutes A Day

Tweet How often do you find time to work on yourself? Is working on yourself part of your daily routine? How would your life be different you made small improvements every single day? In this post we will give examples of routines and habits that support your…


Save like your future depends on it – Because it does!

Tweet With this blog I am trying to reach younger individuals to promote the importance of saving and investing while you are still young. I know when you are young saving for retirement isn’t exactly the most important thing on your mind but it is something…