The Most Precious Gift You Can Give Yourself Or Someone Else

Tweet Personal, Private Advice is The Most Precious Gift You Can Give Yourself, Or Someone Else   Do you have a challenging situation that you just can’t seem to solve? Is someone or something sabotaging your happiness or success?   Let me help! I’m a relationship expert who has spent several decades helping people get “unstuck,” when… [Continue Reading]

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The Bracelet That Keeps Your Phone Charged

Tweet Adventuring the world of wearable technology is nothing new. With fitness bracelets like Nike Fuel Band that keeps tracks of  how much, how often and how intensely you move, it only inspired many other wearable tech gear.  Somewhere along the…


Smells Like School Spirit! @AnnaSui #AnnaSui

Tweet   In the early 20th century, those who couldn’t go home for lunch began bringing food to their jobs in “lunch pails” which were often nothing more than recycled biscuit tins or tobacco tins, many decorated with colorful,  lithographed images on the metal.  As pioneer author Laura Ingalls Wilder described her schoolgirl days, she and her sister… [Continue Reading]

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Two Top Ways to Stop Noise, NOW! #AudioTechnica

Tweet Invasive searches, long lines, obnoxious passengers, delays, high cost –these are just a few of the reasons a lot more people are sticking close to home this Summer.  Another issue that travelers cite as one of the most irritating, is noise. While the days of cocktails served in elegant lounges onboard your next flight are… [Continue Reading]


Modeling Camp in San Francisco with Elite Model Heather Cole

Tweet The annual Modeling camp, directed by former Elite Model, Heather Cole has been in town for four days. A small group of young girls, some coming as far as the Cayman Islands, have been learning the steps of becoming a model and have been given a little…

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