Artis Makeup Brushes: works of art but not just a pretty face @artisbrush, #makeup, #beauty

Tweet Artis Makeup Brushes: Works of art, but not just a pretty face. They will transform your beauty routine, forever (and in a good way)  By Alison Blackman   When an everyday object becomes a work of art, and allows you to become a true artist, it’s worth writing a feature to tell you about it.… [Continue Reading]

the artis mirror finish 10 brush collection

shine on you crazy diamond, or Allsop Solar Drop! @AllsopGarden

Tweet “Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond…” A Review of the Allsop Solar Drop (from Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pink Floyd)   Powered by sunshine, to glow in the dark. How romantic!  Now that it’s time to entertain and enjoy the outdoors more, think about… [Continue Reading]

allsop solar drop grouping

Redken’s Fab 4: fashion styling collection, @Redken5thAve, #Beauty, #Hair, Fashion

Tweet   The Advice Sisters recently highlighted hairstylist extraordinare Guido’s wedding and special events hair how-to using some of the products from the new Redken runway fashion styling collection, and The Advice Sisters hope the gorgeous photos of models inspired you to try the DIY.  But I wanted to talk to you a little more… [Continue Reading]

Redken's new fab four: the Fashion Styling Collection

Travel Beauty: Pack Light & Look Fabulous, Too!

Tweet I love to travel, but I’ve never learned the art of packing light. I try, I really do, but there just so many things I know I am going to want on the road.  If I don’t take them, I’ll be missing them the entire time I’m away. But when it’s time to close my suitcase I… [Continue Reading]

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