Beauty Hardware That’s Easy to Love from the Cricket Company! @CricketTools, #Beauty

Just about now, the crickets start to make their noctural chirps at my country home, “Dunhamnia.”  You can hear hoardes of noisy crickets calling to each other until the sun is about to rise (talk about “Mexican Lucky”)!  But one night as the air begins to chill, the noise is a bit less, and then quieter… [Continue Reading]

cricket company new makeup brushes

Good Vibrations From FACE Stockholm for Summer 2015 inspired by Norrland @FACE_Stockholm, #FaceStockholm, #makeup

                                                          I… I love the colorful clothes she wears And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair  I hear the sound of a gentle word On… [Continue Reading]

face stockholm Noorland Vibrations look #3 featuring HERO lipstick

Fashion Secret: how a liner can help you feel a lot more confident @Carefreeliners, #FreshIsFierce, @CaravanNYC, #ColorClub

There’s no delicate way to say this: women “sweat” in more than one place. If you want to feel fresh all over, one way to beat the heat and the odor that comes with it, is to wear a panti-liner.  I used to think these were just for women who had “leakage” issues, but that’s really… [Continue Reading]

carefree products

How to Protect Your Skin in Sun Safe STYLE! @LandsEnd, @DrDavidBank, SunSafety, #Fashion

How to Protect Your Skin in Sun Safe STYLE!    Let’s get right to the point: What you can’t see can still harm you and by that I means the sun’s damaging rays.The Advice Sisters have done many sun screen reviews (check our search box on the upper right hand side of the page) and… [Continue Reading]

these models are wearing Lands End's unique UPF 50 swimwear