The Most Precious Gift You Can Give Yourself Or Someone Else

Tweet Personal, Private Advice is The Most Precious Gift You Can Give Yourself, Or Someone Else   Do you have a challenging situation that you just can’t seem to solve? Is someone or something sabotaging your happiness or success?   Let me help! I’m a relationship expert who has spent several decades helping people get “unstuck,” when… [Continue Reading]

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Breast Cancer is Not beautiful, but Breast Cancer Awareness, IS. Try this set from BeautyADDICTS @BeautyADDICTS

Tweet   Breast Cancer is NOT a beautiful thing, but this limited edition lip set called Pretty in Pink that supports Breast Cancer Awareness from Beauty Addicts, is lovely!   The set is a four-piece set for lips featuring a BeautifulLIPS Lipstick with Jojoba Oil to condition, Vitamin E and Shea Butter to super-hydrate lips, and natural… [Continue Reading]


still using gas station knives? It’s time for an upgrade! @Wüsthof, #kitchengadgets

Tweet   Have you ever been to a restaurant where the meat was delicious, but the steak knife made it less lovely to cut and eat it? And who hasn’t reached for a utility knife only to find it is so dull you can’t cut a vegetable with it?  My personal issue is that I’m… [Continue Reading]


Mandy Aftel’s Scents of a Woman are naturally exciting @AftelierPerfume #Fragrance

Tweet mandy aftel “Perfume is the nourishment that stimulates my thinking.” – Muhammad “I miss your fragrance, sometimes I miss it this much that I can clearly smell you in the air.” ― Qaisar Iqbal Janjua If you lose one of your senses, the others are magnified, but the sense of smell is so important to us, it… [Continue Reading]

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Will you find your inner seductress when you wear Fatale? @AgentProvocateur #Fatale

Tweet Mystifying, seductive, perhaps a bit morally ambiguous,  a Femme Fatale uses her sexuality, charm and beauty to get what she wants without giving away her hidden agenda.  She is seductive and perhaps a bit villainous. She knows how to make a man fall under her spell because she has power over every man!    … [Continue Reading]

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