Unique & Celebratory wines from Glamma & GIFFT @GlammaWine, @GifftWines, @CarnivalCruise, @KathieLGifford, #wine

now is the time for unique wines to try from Glamma and GIFFT by John Dunham, Wine & Spirits Columnist   One of the nice things about writing about wine is that occasionally something fun just shows up at your door.  This happened a couple of weeks ago when three bottles of wine from Glamma Wine… [Continue Reading]

kathy lee with microphone and wine

Feet, Meet Face! Reebok Classic & FACE Stockholm, Reebock Classic X FACEStockholm. @FACEStockholm, @ReekbokClassics, #ReebockClassicXFACE

Feet, Meet Face! Check out the ReebokXFaceStockholm collection,  By Alison Blackman     When a celebrated beauty company partners with a celebrated running shoe brand, the result is nothing short of stunning. That’s what the limited edition Reebok Classic X FACE Stockholm collection is all about. The campaign features  more than just pretty running shoes, ti also features… [Continue Reading]


Gigi Hadid’s sizzling sunlight look at the VMAs last night @GigiHadid, @Pureology, @Maybelline, #VMA2015

  The MTV VMA Awards were last night, and the Advice Sisters have been getting a lot of emails with photos of various celebrities (and “FauxLebrities) who attended. Mostly we don’t post them (for many reasons, feel free to ask us if you really want to know), but Maybelline spokeswoman Gigi Hadid was a stunner in… [Continue Reading]

Gigi Hadid at the VMAs

this “spatula’s” not for cooking but it can whip up better skin! @TrophySkin, #Skincare

  When I think of spatulas, I think of cooking, You probably do as well.  But spatulas are simply tools with broad flat, usually flexible blades that are either used for blending foods, or removing them from pots. Spatulas are also popularly used in mixinb drugs, spreading plasters and paints and in other types of… [Continue Reading]

woman using the labelle skin spatula