Kate Somerville’s Skincare Tips and One Fabulous SPF 5O+ CC Cream

Tweet   These days The Advice Sisters are believing that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we’re offering you photos of Kate Somerville’s sun and after sun protection skin tips featuring some of her popular products, some of which we have reviewed in the past.   The one Kate Somerville product  I really… [Continue Reading]

kate somerville chart

cleanse & moisturize your body with Summer-centric, budget-friendly brands

Tweet Summer brings out all sorts of limited edition and “summer-centric-scented” products. From high end to budget-minded, these products are tailor-made for Summertime skin issues, with ingredients and scents that work well for the season.  The Advice Sisters know that not everyone can splurge on expensive products, but we’re not beauty snobs, and we like… [Continue Reading]


Celebrate National Daiquiri Day July 19th with these recipes @CalicheRum #DaiquiriDay

Tweet July 19th is National Daiquiri Day (yes, there is a day for everything)!  But whether or not you drink your daiquiris on July 19th or any other day, the classic cooler is still deliciously chic. The Daiquiri dates back to the late 1800s,  It is really just a cocktail that calls itself a Sour containing… [Continue Reading]