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SAFE, SUMMER BEAUTY: It’s great to be out of doors in the summer sun, but while a golden tan looks healthy, lots of sun exposure really isn't. Luckily, many of today's beauty products help you protect your skin while reducing your exposure to the sun's harmful rays. Our summer WHAT WORKS column focuses on safe summer beauty products with sun protection, and hot colors to compliment sun-kissed skin.
SUN SAFETY: SPF stands for "sun protection factor." It measures how long you can stay exposed to the sun without burning. An SPF of 15 extends your protection 15 times longer. However, wearing a product with SPF 15 isn’t a substitute for sensible sun bathing. These products, even the waterproof ones, won’t last on your skin indefinitely, nor can you layer two products each with SPF 15 together give you a higher SPF protection. If you plan to be out in the sun for any length of time, use the highest SPF you can handle, re-apply every two hours. IMPORTANT: self-tanners and bronzers make you look tan, but your skin can still burn. Unless the product says it has SPF of 15 or higher, you will need to use additional sun screen to protect your
skin, no matter how tan it looks.
Thanks to a wide range of sophisticated products, you can look like you have a great tan without ever being in the sun! Most bronzers come in a range of shades and tones. Select one shade darker than your natural skin, in a tone that compliments it (e.g. if you tan “reddish” pick a reddish/warm tone and for golden tanners, cool/brown works best). Select a realistic goal. Very pale complexions cannot pull off a believable, super-dark tan. APPLICATION: Strategically apply bronzers wherever the sun naturally hits (E.g. your forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, eyes and neck and blend, blend, blend!). Bronzers rarely come with good applicators. Invest in a good powder brush or facial sponges (for gels, sticks, liquids and creams) Apply product in thin layers until you get the intensity you want and keep in mind that even waterproof products fade and can rub off onto clothes.

Laura Mercier Bronzing Powder ($30.00) comes in two beautiful, subtle shades, in a powder compact with color that doesn’t turn orange, goes on smoothly, and looks great. Laura Mercier Bronzing Stick ($30.00) works with most skin tones and offers believable warmth. For a bit of glamorous “sparkle” Laura Mercier Sun Dust ($34.00) loose powder has just a touch of bronze glamour on face and body. MAC Coloring Stick ($17.50 adds a glowing finish to the skin and can be used as blush, a contour, or a bronzer.MAC also has a Bronzing Powder Compact in three believable, soft shades. Pale complexions will cheer for “golden,” that actually looks golden instead of orange! Darker complexions will love “bronze” and the slightly glittery “beyond bronze.” Ditto Face Stockholm Bronzer ($18.00) #5 which believably deepens and warms up a medium tan.

For a sheer, shimmery finish for face and body, try
MAC gleam coat ($20.00)
in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle. “Bronzerella” gives a deep, brown glimmer to deeper complexions. For summer glitz, Tony & Tins Cosmetic ($24.00) is jar of glittery, glimmery metallic powder to hike up the fun a notch at night. We really liked “flesh” actually a beautiful shimmery pink, and “bronze” a deep metallic copper that would look amazing dusted over a dark tan! You don’t always have to pay a lot to get great value. Physicians Formula 3-In-One Face Geometric Color Powder, Blush & Eye Shadow compact ($9.95) offers three bronze-y shades that can be combined for a variety of looks. The ultra-slim case is great for purse or travel. Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Mosaic Powder compact ($11.95) comes in shades from translucent (to brighten and even out your complexion) to a true bronze.

SELF-TANNERS: Today's self-tanners, when applied correctly, can give you A a great tanned look that lasts. If you're dying (no pun intended) to try a self-tanner, test the product first to see if your body chemistry turns the tanner a weird color, or irritates your skin. Start by exfoliating your skin so the self-tanner will go on evenly over rough spots (E.g. knees and elbows). Apply the product evenly and equally in thin layers, being sure not to miss any hard-to-reach spots. To avoid staining your hands, use thin rubber gloves, or rub a small amount of silicone-based hair product into your palms (E.g. a frizz control product) to keep the tanner from being absorbed on your hands. Run a wet washcloth over areas that don't tan, such as inner arms and the soles of your feet. Let the self-tanner dry (about 15-20 minutes) before putting on clothing or getting into bed. The color should develop within 2-3 hours. To keep your tan lasting longer, avoid body scrubs, Retin A creams, products with glycolic acids, or anything that lifts off the top layers of your skin . Buy fresh self-tanners every year to prevent ingredient breakdown and blotchy color from a reputable company. 
One self tanner to try is Prescriptives “Anywear Self-Tanner” ($22.50). The oil and fragrance-free silky lotion blends with the skin to develop a natural looking tan.
THE ADVICE SISTERS love double-duty products, especially when it comes to quality skin care with sun screen so we can apply one product instead of two! 
Avon A NEW Force Extra Triple Day Lifting with SPF 15 ($20.00) reduces fine lines and gives skin a “lift” almost immediately. After we applied it, our skin seemed considerably softer, the next day. Laura Mercier Moisturizer Cream ($38.00) and Laura Mercier Mega-Moisturizer Cream ($38.00) each have SPF 15. They made our skin look and feel great, were easily absorbed into the skin and (best of all) they didn’t change the color of our makeup or leave shiny spots. Another double-duty product that wowed us is Bobbi Brown SPF Moisturizing Balm ($75.00), a deeply moisturizing cream that offers SPF 25 protection against the sun, while moisturizing and minimizing lines. It works beautifully, on all counts. Shu Uemura offers Principle 21 ($30.00 15ml and $60.00 30 ml) for “skin over age 21.” The active ingredients are glutamines that promise to promote the growth of new skin with skin cell turnover in just 21 days. Summer is particularly hard on oily skin. MAC’s oil control lotion ($22.00) tones down shine with or without foundation. When it’s time to clean off summer dirt and grime, MAC Green Gel Cleanser ($15.00) deep cleans and refreshes, without drying out your skin. 

FANTASTIC FOUNDATION: We love the convenience of putting on foundation, and being protected with sun screen. Many cosmetic lines are producing foundations with SPF but here are some of the best: Your face is exposed to the sun more than any other part of your body so we reviewed quite a few foundations with SPF protection. Shu Uemura UV cream SPF 31 Foundation $30.00) protects you face with a great foundation formulated with jojoba oil and vitaman E, protection in five shades that compliment nearly every skin . We were also amazed at how well the Shu Uemura UV Power Foundation SPF26 for Normal and Oily Skin ($30.00) absorbs oil and lastes for hours, while protecting our skin and making it look flawless.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 ($38.00) offers a better-than-bare face with moisturizing SPF 20 protection. Wear this tinted moisturizer under foundation too, for smoother covererage In the high-end, we also favor Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15 ($38.00) with a handy pump to keep hands clean and dispense right the right amount of product (we wonder why more companies don’t have pumps!) In twelve shades. Oil-prone complexions will love Bobbi Brown Oil-free Even Finish Foundation with SPF 15 ($35.00) that also offer twelve shades , provide a flawless finish, oil control, SPF 15 protection, and even ingredients to fight against redness and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Another outstanding product that we can’t rave enough about La Bella Donna Loose Mineral Foundation in it’s exquisite, silver compact, and La Bella Donna Compressed Mineral Foundation ($45.00 each) These amazing products from this luxe, all natural makeup line made from minerals offer SPF 15 protection and won’t clog your skin, and work well for all skin types. The products look like a powder but feel like a sikly cream, have nearly a zero allergy rate, and come in fifteen shades of foundation/concealer that really stay true! Treat yourself to a fine quality, silvery-handled brush from La Bella Custom Mineral Brush Collection ($16.00-$45.00) and makeup application with be a breeze! THE ADVICE SISTERS have always applauded AVON for their moderately priced, quality products. One we recommend very highly is Avon Beyond Color Illuminating Radiance Foundation ($11.00) an impressive foundation with vitamin C and SPF 12 protection that really did minimize the look of fine lines, slid on with a light-as-air cream feel that felt silky and looked wonderful. As in the higher-priced products, this one evened out our complexion. The color stayed true and stayed put, even through a long walk in the hot sun. Stila Pivotal Skin ($25.00) offers fun and function with a cute and tote-able foundation in a compact you twist to open. Inside, a microbiofungial stamp pad saturated with foundation serves up SPF 8 along with sheer, smooth, silky coverage and a non-greasy feel in ten beautiful shades.

We have always loved Tony & Tina’s Environmental Rescue Foundation ($28.00) with natural sun screen and comes in a liquid with eight shades to help you get flawless looking skin, while dealing with damage done by the sun and protecting against pollution. The foundation is ideal for dry skin, but our oily-skinned tester didn’t break our or look “shiny.” We also recommed Tony & Tina’s Therapeutic Eye Base With Apple Seed Enzyme($22.00) in a compact or tube in light, medium or dark shades which can be used as either a lip or eye base to help your makeup last longer, stay true to color, and protect against signs of aging. Finally, a foundation for LEGS! There is nothing worse than having to wear hose on a sticky, summer day. Prescriptives Magic Body Potion ($30.00) lets you fake it! Smooth on the lotion and get the look of a liquid “stocking” in just five minutes. Be beautiful, and comfortable, this summer!

SUMMER LIPS: Lips are particularly vulnerable to chapping from sun exposure but lipsticks and glosses with SPF help. For times when you don’t really want to wear a colored Molton Brown Vitamin Lip Saver ($16.00) is a soothing clear gel which has sun filters and vitamin E and Avon Beyond Color Nutralush Lip Conditioner With SPF 12 ($8.00) applies easily from a traditional lipstick tube. For a slighly pricey product that is worth every penny, we recommend Bobbi Brown Extra Soothing Balm Hydrant ($50.00) . A little goes a long way...but what a miracle...smoothing everything from chapped lips to difficult-to-hydrate heels and cuticles. We absolutely love this product! Hot choices for color this summer are extremes: either super-frosty and glossy nearly-nudes to brilliant oranges, reds and purples. Three perfect, pale pinks: MAC Lipstick in Brave.
Stila Lipstick ($16.00) in “Darla” and a stunning, silvery-pink Defile Lipstick ($21.00) called “silk. A perfect red, Defile“scandal” lipstick is neither too blue nor too orange, and a black matte case makes us want to re-apply, even in public! For SPF 15 protection and a truly wonderful lip treat, try La Bella Donna’s Lip Sheer($20.00) in “Assunta” a mauve-y gloss in a super-luxe silver tube, that instantly smooth lips while providing shiny, luxurious colors in ten beautiful shades. Another lip gloss with a high-voltage shine is Face Stockholm Lipgloss Wand ($13.00) in 21 colors. We suggest #5, a coppery-golden sheer that smooths lips and flatters summer-kissed skin. For a cute quad to carry anywhere, try the Stila Pocket Palette ($36.00) with four subtle, shiny glosses that feel like silk and look great. Are you on a budget? Prestige Lipsticks ($3.95) offer penny pinchers 81 colors of good quality lipstick at a modest price! The entire product line is undergoing a facelift (we love the sophisticated packaging that looks luxe but costs little). Try maroon-pearled “risque” or corally “hope” for summer. For fun in or out of the sun, Rocket City Lipsticks ($7.50) are tiny, bullet-shaped tubes of great color. We like the deep, sexy red called “friction” and the pale-mauve “energy.” Rocket City Lip Shine ($8.00) offer mini-sized glosses with high-voltage glittery shine. Maroon-y “Atom” would look great with a tan and light pink “Jet” glitters up pale skin for a low-color, high shine look. The Tony & Tina Lip Gloss Bracelet lets you look “tough” ala “Laura Croft” with a cute set of three lip glosses in pink, red and clear in a plastic arm band that look bullets in a holster on your arm - cute for the beach and for starting up conversations, too MAC Lip Lacquer ($16.00) offer an incredible array of intense color with deep shine. We particularly like the new color “ignite,” a deep, rich brownish red or “flanplastico,” a wild, hot pinkish-red.
SUMMER COLORS (EYES): When it comes to eyes, less is often more in the summer when the heat can melt or change your makeup quickly. If you think that most eye shadows are rather boring, let Physicians Formula Virtual Eyes Multi Reflective Loose Eyelighter ($6.95) will change your mind! These loose powders are luminescent, slightly metallic and change colors with the light, like butterfly wings! Two to try are “down to earth” a warm brown with golden and green tones, and “eye tech” a soft lavender with silver and pink for paler skins. There is also Physicians Formula Multi-Reflective Eye Shadow & Contour Pencil ($6.95). You can’t go wrong with any of the 53 beautiful Prestige Eye Shadows ($5.95). Try “melba” a deep coppery orange, “ballet” a clear light pink, and “pose” a subtle lavender. The Body Shop Eyestick Kit Special Edition ($15.00) provides sophisticated color in a creamy, long lasting stick. The newest are: “kit one” containing an olive stick with gold pearl highlight and Oatmeal, a soft pearly beige while “kit two” features a rich spice shade with coppery-pearl highlight called “clove” and a maize-colored stick called “cheat.” For a dramatic eye look (or for cheeks, face and lips) try MAC Paints ($15.00) with bold, bold colors in a cream to powder formula that smooth on and stays put, even in hot, humid weather. One we particularly like for now into the Fall is a deep grey called “existential.
IMAN Makeup eye shadow duos ($25.00) have beautiful, brilliant wet/dry and creme formula eye duos to line, color, define and contour eyes. The coppery/brown duo #12 would flatter most everyone. Metallics are a compliment sun-kissed skin) we love Defile Eye Shadow ($21.00) in “flaunt.” We also like Defile’s taupe-y multi-dimension Saunter”for everyday. For evening sparkle. Also for glamour, Face Stockholm Eyedust ($16.00) is a sparkly, loose powder in 27 beautiful colors to use wet or dry ...wherever you want to glitter! Try the new, eggplant-colored “elegant.” 

SUMMER COLORS (BLUSH): Summer tans require you to change your regular blush tone, and even a deep tan can benefit from the warmed-up look of the right blush We suggest Tony & Tina Herbal Cheek Gel ($15.00) delivering exceptional colors in four flattering, sheer-long lasting shades, dispensed from a lightweight, sleek, silvery pump that is attractive and petite enough to fit into a makeup or travel bag. Try pinkey-brown “unfathomable love” a to warm up cheeks with a natural glow. IMAN Makeup was developed by the super-model of the same name, to flatter women with darker complexions, but many of their products are universally flattering. IMAN Blush ($20.00) in 04 and 05– medium coppery shades warm up a healthy tan.

Rocket City Cosmetics were briefly reviewed in our Spring Beauty review. It’s impossible to resist their adorable mini-sized products and their sophisticated, modern colors. Rocket City Blush Compacts-$12.00 are silvery and tote-able in even the smallest evening bag. Try "pluto pleasure" ( a warm coral) and "rosie rocket" (soft pink) or any of their pint-sized loose powders in a variety of shades. Stila’s “in full bloom” Dual Powder Blush ($30.00), in a cute, gingham” white and red-checked cardboard compact with two really beautiful, generous portions of pink blush containing just a touch of shimmer to flatter virtually every complexion. Another unique blush is La Bella Donna Mineral Cream to Blush ($30) in four shades that look liquid-creamy in the compact, but glide on smoothly and dry immediately. This blush lasts through hot, hot days without fading or turning color - Amazing! Another “luxe” blush is Defile Cheek Glow ($25.00) featuring subtle and universally flattering colors that stay try even in hot, humid conditions like “privilege,” a medium pink that warms up pale skin and flatters a tan, too.
GREAT GIFTS: Rarely do we find a gift that is perfect for just about any woman, but we can’t think of a single woman of any age  who wouldn't love the Bobbie Brown Travel Brush Collection ($80.00). The signature, sleek, black, zippered travel case (below) is classic enough to suit every taste. Inside there are high-quality blush, eye shadow, and eye liner brushes, and four elastic holders to add your own.
The Bobbie Brown Travel Brush Set is perfect for the woman who travels a great deal, but it’s also great to carry in a large purse, or to store in your desk at work for those quick “touch-ups.” It’s the perfect one-size-fits all special occasion gift for a bridal or baby shower, to honor special wedding party attendants, or for a co-worker, family member, or special friend. Another gift idea for a discerning woman would be one of the stunning, ultra-luxe leather accessories from Defile. Buttery-soft hand-made in the Marche region o f Italy and produced in limited quantities, the Defile Leather Goods range from $40.00 to $30.00 (portofino brush wrap). For a special gift, we particularly like the peachy-pink Defile Luxe Key Sack with Keyring($60.00) with mint-green suede interior just large enough to tote keys, a lipstick or two, or a few mini-sized cosmetic items. The Defile Pencil Pouch ($35.00) in sky blue with a ivory suede interior is meant for lip and/or eye pencils. Ours quickly found it’s way to a man who immediately appropriated it as a pen carrier!

TRAVEL TREATS: Shu Uemura’s Depsea Water ($20.00) is a skin mist in 9 fragrances containing sea water to moisturize skin. The fragrant, refreshing spritz also treats skin irritation and gives you an instant lift. We like to carry it everywhere, but especially on airplanes where the air is super-dry, or on the bus or train or car to perk up any hot, tiring commute. You can’t look good if your feet hurt. After a long day in hot shoes or sandals, treat yourself to Molton Brown Thermasal Foot Soak ($32.00). In just ten minutes, you’ll banish sore legs and reduce swelling of tired, aching feet. To revive the rest of your body, try Molton Brown Travel Reviving Shampoo & Shower Gel ($22.00). The company says this two-in-one shampoo and shower gel with ingredients of grapefruit and ginger calm and steady the mind after traveling. We think just the distance from office to home is excuse enough to use this pampering, revitalizing, deep cleansing, product! Banana Republic is best known for it’s dress-down-Friday duds, but the Banana Republic NUTRIENTS Body Skin Care Kit ($24.00) has h 2 oz travel-sized tubes of cleanser, body lotion, and (surprise!) A body scrub. The scent will appeal to men as well as women. Sun, chlorine and travel all stress your hair. The Body Shop Daily Moisture Cream ($12.00) is a portable, moisturizer in a tube with SPF 15 protection. Pop one in your beachbag or carry-on to keep skin soft, moist and protected! An inexpensive treat is Avon Advance Technique Replenishing Shampoo ($2.99) with a weather-responsive formula which cleans and balances the moisture level in your hair–at a great price!. To combat the frizzies and help cure split ends, try Avon Advance Technique Dry End Serum ($4.99) that seals hair cuticles and gives hair a glossy shine – great for beach days and humid weather. If there’s one thing we hate, it’s having to wear hose on sticky summer days. We like products that are a great value and a great idea. Physician’s Formula Capsulation ($11.95), is both. Single application foundation in capsules are clever and convenient – just perfect for travel or for carrying in a makeup bag without weight, bulk or leaks!

SUMMER SCENTS:  Donna Karan DKNY in both the men and women’s versions is our favorite for a year-round scent. All perfume is susceptible to heat, so keep yours in a cool place, or in the refrigerator. Perfume can become much more intense, or change entirely, when you’re overheated, so wear scent sparingly, or use scented bath products instead . We first featured DKNY The Fragrance for Men (1.7 oz spray $35.00) and 3.4 oz spray $50.00) in our holiday beauty review, but we love the crip, clean, sexy-but subtle scent called "urban clean" which isn’t overpowering , even on scorching days. We also like the packaging, tall, custom glass bottles that mimic skyscrapers. To layer the scent and make it last a bit longer, try DKNY Energizing Body Wash ($16.00)) and DKNY men energizing after shave balm ($35.00). Our tested also raved about the DNKY men Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant ($15.00) which he claimed really worked and didn’t irritate his skin. DKNY has wonderful fragrances for women, of course. DKNY Cashmere Mist bath and body line combines function and scent We tried the DKNY Cashmere Mist Oil Spray (2.5 oz $38.00) and loved the feel and scent of this lightweight, non-greasy body oil spray fragranced with cashmere mist scent of sandalwood, amber and musk. The unique pump produces an ultra-fine mist for easy application and faster drying, while adding a subtle sheen on bare skin. We also quickly became fans of the DKNY Cashmere Mist Eau de Toilette (1.0z $28,000 1.7 oz $50.00, $3.4 oz $70.00) with essences of Moroccan jasmine, lilly of the valley and bergamot, warmed with Sandalwood for a slightly sweet, slightly scent. Even a tester who claimed she didn’t like sweet or floral fragrances couldn’t stop sniffing her wrist!

NEW & NOTEWORTHY: THE ADVICE SISTERS are always looking for new product lines we think are unique. La Bella Donna was developed in 1994 by a mother-daughter team, Kathy and Nicole Tracy. La Bella Donna is one of the first mineral-based, allergen free cosmetic collections to treat and protect the skin. Micronized titanium dioxide provide a natural barrier to the sun’s rays in SPF 15. These products are even recommended for women who have just had laser or plastic surgery, and are especially good for women with problem skin. The colors are long lasting, subtle and as sophisticated as the sleek, silvery cases The products feel almost weightless on your skin. You definitely get what you pay for. Another noteworthy entry into the high-end cosmetics market is Defile. According to Defile founder Marc. J. Beckman, the name means “catwalk” (runway) which merges the world of fashion and . By using the highest quality materials and paying attention to the details, these cosmetics provide a “couture” experience bringing back the glamour of the 1920's.. The colors are deep and jewel-toned, packaged in black, leather-like sueded cases that close with a distinctive click. Defile products are top of the line, created for women who appreciate quality as well as color. Prices range from Nail Polish $18.00 to Defile Face Powder ($30.00). As you might expect form a luxe line Defile Leather Goods compliment the cosmetics.
Here’s how to get the products !

AVON: This site loads quickly and provides a shopping experience that is efficient, easy, and pleasant to use. The site also features weekly specials

Bananna Republic: web site features different Bannana Republic products daily or or call 1-800-BRSTYLE

Bobbi Brown: Site offers product and store information, shop online and beauty tips

The Body Shop:  Web site has product information. Products are available in 1,800 retail stores throughout the world:

Donna Karan:

web site features store information and shop online

Defile: Products are available at Henri Bendel, Sephora Rockefeller Center NYC, Harrods London

FACE Stockholm: products or call 888-334-FACE

IMAN Makeup: find stores, products, beauty tips:

La Bella Donna: available at Bergdorf Goodman, spas, speciality stores or call 800-74-BELLA

Laura Mercier: product information and shop online

MAC: product information and shopping online.

Molton Brown: Web site is under construction. Look for the products in specialty stores

Physicians Formula: no web site just yet, but it’s under construction. Meanwhile, purchase in mass market stores everywhere

Prescriptives: get information and products online at:

Prestige: Buy products nationwide and in 28 other countries through drug stores, mass volume retailers, and supermarkets. You can also order products on their sophisticated, new web site

Rocket City Cosmetics: Unusual, animated site lists sales locations, products, links, other fun stuff!

Shu Umera No web site. Buy at fine retail and deparment stores

Stila: Buy Stila products in fine retail and department stores nationwide or call 1-888-999-9039 or visit their web site:

Tony & Tina: fun web site with a wealth of product information and shop online

NOTE: Purchasing makeup, skin care and bath products is a very personal decision. We have selected products we feel will work well for the majority of readers, but not every product will perform equally well for each skin type or skin tone. We urge you to read the ingredients and ask for a sample especially if you are prone to breakouts, allergies,  or sensitive skin. Don't be afraid to ask questions and SHOP WISELY! 

The Advice Sisters are also the authors of RECRUITING LOVE-Using The Business Skills You Have To Find The Love You Want. Click to learn how to buy RECRUITING LOVE and the "Making New Connections" audio series.
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