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Alison Blackman Dunham aka. “Advice Sister Alison” and “The Advice Sisters” is a writer, photographer, online advisor, and lifestyles consultant. She has built her reputation offering readers a unique perspective on life, in print, in person and through the camera lens.

AS A WRITER: With her twin sister, Jessica Blackman Freedman, Alison created The Advice Sisters” and is credited with bringing the advice genre, online more than 1 ½ decades ago (* Marriage and Family Experience: Relationships Changing Society 8th Edition by Bryan Strong, Christine DeVault, Theodore F. Cohen, Thompson-Wadsworth Publishers, 2004). The Advice Sisters®,” is a registered, United States Trademark. The Advice Sisters web sites (www.advicesisters.net) and (www.advicesisters.com) have been online since 1997.

Alison is also a freelancer with unique voice and a style that has been described as” ” quirky, funny, intelligent, amusing, and insightful.” She provides new content daily, offering advice, editorials, and beauty/fashion/lifestyles reviews. Alison’s favorite topics are: advice columns, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, luxury, travel, relationships, singles & dating, weddings, and careers. Her work has been featured in publications including: American Express, the American Chronicle, the Examiner.com, Medical Oncology News,  In Touch Magazine, US Magazine, American Singles, Porthole Magazine, The Annandale News, Career Magazine, Beauty News NYC, American Singles, Chai Time, Golden Lotus, Bliss Magazine, and Cupids’ Network, just to name a few.

AS AN AUTHOR: Alison is the author, co-author or contributor to a number of books including: The Everything Dating Book, 2nd Edition (Adams Media, 2005), Recruiting Love- Using The Business Skills You Have to Find the Love You Want (Cyclone Books, 1998), You Are the Product- How To Sell Yourself To Employers (Piggle Press, 2000/Fabjob 1999), and Feel Great Be Great While You Date (advicesisters, 2004). . She is a contributing author in: How To Survive Dating by Mark W. Bernstein (Hundreds of Heads Books, Inc., 2004) and The Last Job Search Guide You’ll Ever Need – How to Find and Get the Job or Internship of Your Dream, compiled by Steven J. Rothberg (CollegeRecruiter.com Books, 2002). She has also written four self-help E-books on social behavior, singles and dating, and wedding dilemmas and created/starred in “”Making New Connections,” a series of 5 compact disks about improving sociability.

ALISON OFFERS THE FOLLOWING WRITING SERVICES: * Blog Posts *Feature Articles* Website Content * Specialty Columns * Press Releases *Personal Dating Profiles * Business Proposals * Love Letters * Personal Essays *Twitter and Facebook Content *Business Correspondence *Brochures & Fliers * Article Editing . In addition, Alison provides consulting to businesses who wish to take advantage of her expertise in new media. She will work with you to help you to find an unique voice that maximizes your impact on everything from social media sites like Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube, to better blogging and beyond. If you want to get started but need some help, of if you would like to hire Alison to provide writing serviceds or content,  please feel free to Contact Alison learn how she can put her skills to work for you.

” I write things as clearly as possible, and as I see them, but I try to do so in an entertaining manner.  In my writing as in my photographic work, my goal is to provide an emotional and factual experience that is very personal, but still relate-able to different types of people all around the world.”

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AS A PHOTOGRAPHER: Alison’s photographic images have appeared on web sites around the world. She has also exhibited her photographic work at The Townhouse Art Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

When you look at my photographs, I strive to show you what I’ve personally seen, heard, touched, sensed, and experienced.  Visit www.alisonblackman.info and see the images in my photo gallery that are for sale. I am also available to work with you as a freelance photographer. Please feel free to Contact Me for rates.”

AS A PERSONAL ADVISOR: Alison is the creator of the “Double Take: two views (head/heart – emotional/practical) advice format that is the signature of The Advice Sisters.  You can see some examples in the “Advice Sisters Archives.” She has become the reliable, virtual “best friend” to thousands of adults around the world. If you are interested in her personal, private advice services, Please feel free to  Contact Alison to learn how she can help you reach your goals.

“I truly believe that most people have the capacity within themselves to create better, more successful, and happier lives. All they need to reach their goals is a helping hand, good information and some motivation and inspiration. That is what I’m striving to provide  both on the Advice Sisters Web Site and to my personal, private advice clients.  You see the forest, but I can see the true path through the trees!  That is my speciality.  It would be my pleasure to help you attract success and create a happier life.”

AS A SPEAKER: Alison has appeared on radio and television on such shows as Good Day New York, and …As a motivational speaker, she has given talks and workshops on a variety of lifestyle topics at The Learning Annex, George Washington University, The Law School Admissions Service, the Waldorf Astoria, The Packer Collegiate Institute, and Start Fresh. When Alison speaks, people pay attention. They leave feeling great about themselves, excited about their relationships, and happy that they didn’t miss hearing Alison speak! Contact Alison to find out how she can speak at your event or organization, or be a guest on your radio or television show.

AS AN IMAGE/BEAUTY EXPERT: Alison is a certified image and color consultant trained by Beauty for All Seasons. She has literally reviewed thousands of beauty and lifestyle products of every type and reviews products on a daily basis. Contact Alison if you would like her to consider a product or service to review, or if you are interested in learning more about her personal, private, image consulting services.

“I Follow the trends, but advise readers to find their own comfort zone, as all reviews are highly subjective. All beauty reviews are subjective, and it’s my responsibility to describe products in a way that offers information, but allows you to use your own, good judgment about whether to try it or not. I direct readers to what I think are great products, but I don’t denigrate those I didn’t like. Although I have a solid background on which to base my comments, in the end, the decision to try something is yours, alone.”

PUBLIC, PRIVATE AND NON-PROFIT EXPERIENCE: Alison has held executive positions in the private sector in publishing, advertising, and public relations, and in the non profit and public sectors. She has a Master of Public Administration in Public and Arts Management from New York University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Music History and Public Relations, from Syracuse University.

Please Contact Alison for more information and ideas about how she can help you reach your goals