Do you have a challenging situation that you just can’t seem to solve? Is there someone or something sabotaging your happiness or success?  Let me help! I’m a relationship expert who helps people get “unstuck,” when they’re dealing with difficult issues of life, love or career. I have helped thousands of people through my Internet advice. Now you can get my advice in a private, advice-by-Email service.

Life is too precious to spend it worrying, or grappling with an issue you just can’t seem to resolve. Email advice will give you a new,  satisfying, and easy way to move forward.

While Email advice is not a substitute for ongoing, in-person counseling, it’s great if you need fresh perspective and immediate advice, especially if you are:

undergoing a major change in lifestyle or image

looking for a new relationship

seeking or starting a new job

resolving not to repeat mistakes of the past

looking for an impartial coach to help with tough decisions

working on “self-help” or “couples”  issues,

just feeling a bit “bummed out.”

Recommendations are essential when you’re considering private advice, especially when it is not face-to-face.  Please take a moment to read what others have said about my work.  If you’d like to try personal, private, advice by Email.  Follow the three, easy steps below”

Step 1: Email  Your Question. Send the specifics about your question/situation/dilemma to  The Advice Sisters contact form. You can ask anything you wish and everything you say will be held in the strictest confidence (remember: this is private as it is with any counselor. What you say is just between the two of us).  Don’t worry about writing too much.  Email advice works best when you include as much information and detail as possible. Those “little things,” along with the bigger issues, may be significant in solving your problem. Please be sure to include the email address where you want your personal, private response to be sent.

Step 2:  Pay for Your Advice by Email.  Your first session is just $35.00 for your personal, private advice by Email. I use PAYPAL to The Advice Sisters This is the quickest, easiest and safest way to offer private, online advice services.  If you wish to pay by other methods, contact me first t0 set that up.  After your payment and question arrive,  I will carefully consider, create, and email your personal, private response (usually within  24 hours) to the address you specified. If you wish you can also get an optional follow-up to your original question.

Step 3:  Optional Follow-Up. Have more to say?  You may request a follow-up on your original issue for just $15.00 *within two weeks of receipt of the initial response to your original question.  To take advantage of this offer, just repeat  Steps 1 and 2, above.


Online Advice also makes a unique gift for someone else.  It will not only be appreciated, you might give the gift of changing someone’s life for the better, forever.  A gift of advice will never be recycled or  returned!  No time to shop?  You can send a gift of Advice Sisters advice right away to anywhere in the world. Please, contact me for details and arrangements.

About Alison

I am a lifestyles, beauty/fashion, and relationships expert. I am also a freelance writer, book author, and co-creator of The Advice Sisters® online publications.


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