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Pampering your skin doesn’t stop in the Summer. In fact, it is even more essential,  help is on the way, with four fabulous products from Spa-centric,  Phytomer:

Phytomer Hydracontinue Radiance Energizing Cream and Hydrasea Thirst-Relief Rehydrating Mask can help re-hydrate thirsty skin, when sun, sand, wind, salt and other saboteurs suck the moisture out of it, leaving it dry, dull and itchy.  I love these products, and am eager to share them with you before Summer hits, hard!

Like many if not all of Phytomer’s products, the key ingredients come from the sea, and from algae. HYDRACONTINUE Radiance Energizing Cream and HYDRASEA Thirst-Relief Rehydrating Mask both contain something calledWeaving Algae” – a brown seaweed found in the waters of Brittany, France. It works to stimulate the production of proteins in the skin to increase its natural water-retaining capacity.PHY HC RadianceEnergizingCream

Phytomer Hydracontinue Radiance Energizing Cream ($54.00 for 50 ml.)  is a perfect Summertime moisturizer. It’s lightweight and non-comedogenic, with a nice, fresh scent. You will sense immediate relief for dry skin, and it continues as the day, or evening, continues (hence, I’m assuming the moniker: Hydracontinue). 

That key ingredient of brown algae also encourages the production of structural collagen and stimulates the production of “sponge” macromolecules along with the production of hyaluronic acid, increasing the natural water-retaining capacity of the skin.

 It also has  Sea-buckthorn Pulp Extract – rich in Omega-7, a very rare essential fatty acid that acts on the metabolism of the cells and increases their vitality, plus a trio of hydrating vitamins:  (B5, E and F).














After a long day at the beach or pool, in the sun, or just a long day, in general, the application of a facial mask is a treat. The Phytomer HydraseaThirst-Relief Rehydrating Mask ($47.50 for 50 ml,) is not just a spa-style pampering product, it floods skin with hydrating marine ingredients when you leave it on your skin for just 10 minutes (but you can see and feel a difference even if you only have five minutes to spare). You can also leave it on overnight as a night treatment. Along with the brown algae, it features Sea-Buckthorn to help your skin stay hydrated and protected against stressors that dehydrate skin.  A mask like this applied once a week keeps your skin soft and supple, looking and feeling it’s best, and it is a good investment. This one has a creamy texture and a fresh scent that makes is a pleasure to use.

phytomer pionniere xmf retexturizing serum

phytomer pionniere xmf retexturizing serum

While I was writing this feature, I received yet another, brand new, hot-off-the-press additional skincare product from Phytomer, from the pricey and luxurious, Pionniere XMF line. In June 2013,  The Advice Sisters wrote about the new  PIONNIERE XMF Perfection Youth Cream  with 100% natural and advance ingredients.   It claims to visibly smooth wrinkles and plump the skin in just one hour. with exceptional youth preserving properties. EPS XMF, a concentrate from a plankton micro-organism that makes its home off the coast of Brittany in the Iroise Sea (part of the Atlantic Ocean, in France) is the star performer.  This little organism produces a natural sugar that smooths the skin and also stimulates collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production.  All of these are essential for keeping skin looking and feeling youthful. The end result should be a reduction of fine lines after an hour with more even skin tone, and with continued use  (with the Pionniere XMF Perfection Youth Cream) even perhaps a reduction of hard to treat, crows feet lines.

Now there is a Pionniere XMF Retexturizing Serum ($220 for 1 fl. oz.).  The star ingredient in this serum is VMR and XMF, both advanced ingredients that create an invisible film on the skin’s surface to instantly beautify and visibly correct signs of aging. The star ingredient of Pionniere XMF Radiance Retexturing Serum, VMR, is an exclusive discovery by PHYTOMER Advanced Research. to quote the Phytomer website directly: “VMR is a high-tech marine sugar, naturally produced by marine microorganisms. VMR is an EPS (ExoPolySaccharide) – a 100% natural ingredient with exceptional retexturing and hydrating properties. VMR refines the skin’s surface by boosting cell renewal and reduces complexion roughness.”  Another ingredient is Eternelle Marine, a micro-alga that owes its survival and longevity to an elaborate photo-protection mechanism, Thioredoxin, a defense protein found naturally in skin.  What it does is restore oxidized Vitamin C to relaunch it’s activity, and diminishes the production of melancortin to limit the production of melanin (in other words, if i got this right, in plain English, it helps to reduce hypermigmentation or dark/age spots).  

The serum arrives in an attractive, ice-blue airless pump bottle. The serum itself is a milky white with a fresh scent. It’s a very pleasant non greasy product that literally “melts” into your skin. It first feels refreshing, and then you can feel it tightening.  Over time, the serum can help to refine your skin’s texture and reduce the look of your pores.  The press literature says that the invisible film that VMR EPS creates visibly smoothese wrinkles within 15 minutes, and will restore hydration and smooth roughness and refine your skin’s texture within an hour. My skin felt smoother, immediately, but my skin isn’t your skin. How your skin reacts, and how long you will need to use it over time to really see significant results, depends upon your individual skin.   The faithful will apply it morning and/or evening to a clean face and neck before using other products.  Of course, if you really want to go all out and have the beauty budget to support it, and you want a fabulous moisturizer, use it with the   Pionniere XMF Perfection Youth Cream .

Why choose products from Phytomer?   Phytomer has over 40 years experience in marine skin care and uses the newest technology to create innovative, 100% natural skin care ingredients. Based in Saint-Malo, France and distributed in 70 countries worldwide, Phytomer has a reputation of leadership and excellence within the spa industry. With Phytomer meaning “plant of the sea,” utilizing seawater, seaweed or seaside plants in every retail and professional product, combining science with the natural powers of the sea. They are one of the only spa brands with their own laboratory, allowing them to research and cultivate their own ingredients, develop unique cosmetic formulas, manufacture skin care products and create cutting-edge professional treatments to deliver remarkable results.

For more information visit the Phytomer Web Site 

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