6 Sensational Beauty Budget Finds to Pamper for a Pittance

In the middle of the Winter, when things feel a bit “blah,” it’s great to get away somewhere cheerful, relaxing, and hopefully warm and sunny. But if that’s not in the cards, a visit to your local drugstore can actually make you feel pampered, too (no, I’m not kidding).

What follows are six sensational budget “finds”  for cold weather that  pamper for a pittance!

A few weeks ago I reviewed Salma Hayak’s Nuance line of beauty products,  sold exclusively at CVS drug stores. They’re inexpensive and have attractive packaging, plus they’re paraben-free and not tested on animals. Apparently, Salma was inspired by her grandma’s homemade beauty recipes in creating this collection. But she offers more than just makeup, there are also skin and hair products in the line. The Nuance Smooth & Shine Shampoo, for example. It has Quinoa seed extract, plus emollient soy protein, avocado oil, Passion Fruit,  Horsetail Herb, and an (antioxidant) “acai moisture complex.”  It has a bunch of other proven hair helpers as well, that help add shine and prevent split ends. I like the light, refreshing scent. It’s just $2.99 for 2 fl. oz (good for travel) and while it isn’t spectacularly unique, it makes hair clean, shiny and fresh. In the end that’s just what a shampoo is supposed to do.  It’s good to change up your shampoo and conditioner (Nuance has one of those as well) now and then, especially in Winter.  Whether you’re on a budget or not, this little 2 oz. bottle with flip top is worth checking out at CVS.

Essence of Beauty is also sold at CVS.  This time of year, a hand sanitizer is a must-have, even if you are one of those who sings “happy birthday” twice while washing hands (that supposedly gives you the time you need to really wash hands clean), and you do it often. For $1.99 you can ditch the industrial-scented hand sanitizer and get the Essence of Beauty Citrus Coconut version.  The clear, plastic, 2 oz bottle has a flip-up cap, making it easy to apply. The scent is light and lingering, a blend of coconut and energizing lime you can really enjoy smelling.  But the important thing to note is that the gel won’t make your hands sticky, and those little, green moisture beads will help kill 99.99% of germs to hopefully, reduce bacteria on the skin. No product will completely protect you from what’s “out there” waiting to make you sick, but when you can’t wash your hands, a hand sanitizer kept handy, can help to make your Winter, healthier, and therefore, happier.

I like nicely performing, budget-minded Lumene skin care Products, and the Lumene line is sold in mass market retailer. Even if your skin is not particularly sensitive, Winter’s dry heat and wind and cold, can make it more susceptible to harsh products.  Whether you’re traveling this Winter, or just want something to wipe off the day’s grime on-the-go, the Lumene Finland Sensitive Touch Gentle Cleansing Wipes ($2.99/10 wipes and $6.99/25 wipes) can help you remove face, eye and lip makeup easily, without bothering even dry, sensitive skin. These wipes in a soft-sided, re-seal-able package are pefect for travel, and contain over 95% natural ingredients, including Arctic Organic Linen Seed Extract, the wipes  and are free from colorants, ethyl alcohol, fragrance, parabens, paraffin oil or silicones. If any of those ingredients irritate your skin, these pampering, no-need-to-rinse, facial wipes,  will be anything from a nice little Winter treat, to a must have.

Also from Lumene is a nice, Time Freeze Eye Perfecting Treatment (srp. $20.00) Lumene’s Time Freeze Eye Perfecting Treatment . The 1 oz. wanded tube lets you precisely apply this product, which you can put under your eye and on the lid. It tingles a bit, and feels refreshing.  The clear liquid is lightweight, de-puffs and also includes Resveratrol to promote firmness and collagen production. Key ingredients include arctic heather, Metabiotics Resversatol,  and plant protein. After one application I didn’t see dramatic results (and I really didn’t expect to) but my entire eye area looked less puffy.  Even better the product contains over 95% natural ingredients and is paraben, fragrance and colorant-free.   This is travel friendly and small enough to put in your makeup bag for a pick-me-up whenever you feel you need it.




Another nifty pick-me-up helps add volume back into hair that has flopped. Got2B Powder’ful Volumizing Styling Powder is just $5.99 .35 oz. shaker jar. It’s pretty amazing.  Shake a bit of this powder into your roots and micro-particles instantly texturize,  and lift the roots.  I’m not a fan of dry shampoos so I was reluctant to try anything else in powder form, but once I did, I was amazed.  It takes less than 10 seconds to lift the front, and maybe that long to make “bigger” hair all around.  It  feels a bit tacky in your hair, but like any styling product, you’re coating your hair to get the style. And, it really works to make flat hair look feisty again!  It’s a bit like a spray/styler in powder form. Since it’s a powder, you can take it with you even in a carry on bag, and it’s not messy, and easy to use.  When I felt I needed to, I re-dampened my hair and re-shaped it, and it still gave me the volume I wanted. This powder would also add enough texture to help fine hair hold an updo. Sometimes it’s these little things that amaze you — this one truly is a WOW! You can find it at Wal-Mart and other mass market retailer and drug stores.

For hands, a virtual fruit basket of fun can be had with the I Love…line of hand lotions.  I Love…Lemons & Limes gives you a flip top tube of fun for just $5.99 2.5 fl. oz. .  To me, the lightweight lotion smells more like a lime smoothie than a zesty citrus, but it’s nice.  Other flavors include: Blueberry & Smoothie;  Coconut & Cream;  Mango & Papaya;  Raspberry & Blackberry; Strawberries & Milkshake and Vanilla & Ice Cream.  There’s nothing natural in this one, but who cares? Since it’s important to moisturize hands often during the Winter to prevent chapping, cracking and itching, why not do it with a delicious flavor? These are a little indulgence you can find in mass market retailers and drug stores that make moisturizing, much more fun.

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