7 Cool Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Dry Shampoo

beautiful hairEnsign Nellie Forbush stood under an navy-issue shower to wash the suds and that man right out of her hair in South Pacific. But until the 1960’s, getting rid of boyfriend woes and bad hair days, was a real problem. Then a company designed a Shampoo called Psssssst that didn’t require water, and today, there are tons of different types! While dry shampoos are meant to freshen your hair, removing some dirt, sweat, oil and odors, but you have to use them properly. Just spray (don’t douse) the roots  an arm’s length away. Let the powder sit for a few minutes before you rub it in (so it can absorb the “yuk,”). Then brush or fluff it out.

Freshening hair so you can do another day (or two) before you can shampoo – check!  But here are a few other things you can do with dry shampoo:

Get a grip: Did you ever try to hold an updo or bun on clean or thin hair, only to find that the pins give you the slip? Dry shampoo can help your hair grip the pins. Apply the dry shampoo to the roots and let it sit. Brush it out, but leave a little in so those pins have something to grab onto.

Pump Me Up: Dry shampoo adds instant volume to thin or limp hair. “Dry shampoo is my new obsession. I have fine textured hair and use it all the time for volume not just for when it’s oily.” advises Redken Specialist Jenny Balding, of Cutler Salon. “ If I am putting hair up whether be a ponytail or another look I always prep with Redken Powder Refresh or/ and Redken Powder Grip as this really helps to amplify the hair and make it much more manageable to work with. It gives your look a much better finish because there is less of a need for lots of other products so you don’t look like you have overloaded your hair with products.”

Hold Me: Use dry shampoo as your go to product instead of reaching for the hairspray. It will give you texture and a little bit of hold, but not with the same kind of intensity as a traditional styling product.

Make It Matte: Use dry shampoo on mid length to ends to add a matte texture to your hair.

Clear The Air: For example, the mini-sized Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder comes in a 0.21 oz. shaker jar with brush top small enough to fit in your purse, and since it is dry, the TSA won’t take it away. You can dust it into your roots and remove the stale airplane smell before landing, arrive with freshened hair!

Zombie-fy Yourself: Halloween is coming. Invest in a can, spray the entire thing in your hair, tease –instant zombie wig!

Pet Me:  Dry shampoo on your pet ? Not a good bet, according to Ann E. Hohenhaus, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology & Small Animal Internal Medicine) at the Animal Medical Center in New York City:  ”  Many of the dry shampoos don’t seem to have all the ingredients listed on the label  As a veterinarian – and a pet owner – that doesn’t give me much confidence in safety for my pet. ”  But Dr. Hohenhaus does suggest a DIY version of a dry shampoo if it’s a real emergency:  “Open the kitchen cabinet and sprinkle a bit of corn starch on your dog or open the bathroom cabinet and try some baby powder for your cat.  Keep both out of their eyes and nose. ” She suggessts. *never spray anything near your pet’s eyes or mouth.


by Alison Blackman

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