Alice & Peter’s Delightful Perfume”Cupcakes” Won’t Pack on Pounds


Unless you’re an avid collector of fragrances, what would really tempt you to purchase another perfume? Unless the fragrance is very unusual, the deciding factor making you reach for something new, has got to include the packaging.  Modern perfumers know that a beautiful bottle will tip the decision-making scale from “maybe,” to “yes!”

Alice & Peter make fragrances that are both unusual, and astoundingly packaged.   A Whimsical Collection of Scents tempts all of your senses, and will most likely arouse your inner child. Entrepreneur and talented perfumer Gerald Ghislain and partner Magali Senequier have recently introduced five very unique scents, packaged like Disney-esque cupcakes. Each channels a major gourmand theme:


Bloody Orange – $49.00

Head: Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot
Heart: carrot, cyclamen, lotus, jasmine, cumin, saffron, cinnamon
Base: Amber, cedar, patchouli, leather, vanilla, caramel, white musk

Cheery Cherry- $49.00

Head: Blackcurrant, cherry, bergamot, orange
Heart: Red fruit, apricot, peach, rose, peonies, lilac, fressia
Base: strawberry, rasberry, vanilla, caramel, white musk, cupcake fragrance

Fancy Choco is better than chocolate mint cocoa!

Fancy Choco – $49.00
Head: Orange, lemon, lime, peach, pineapple, curly mint
Heart: apricot, peach, pineapple, freesia, lilac
Base: Amber, chocolate, vanilla, tonka beans, caramel, white musk, cupcake fragrance 

Showy Toffee – $49.00
Head: Lemon, freshly cut grass
Heart: rose, lilac, freesia, water flowers, ozonic notes
Base: Amber, vanilla, caramel, chocolate, pathouli, white musk, cupcake fragrance

Wicked berry is nothing like the boring fruity fragrances you might be used to

Wicked Berry – $49.00
Head: lemon, lime, bergamot, orange
Heart: Rose, freesia, lilac, blackberry
Base: amber, sandalwood, vanilla, white musk, cupcake fragrance

this “cupcake” looks like it has come from a fancy bakery in it’s clear “cello” box

pull off the “icing” and the “cake” is the fragrance!

If you’re looking at the photos on this page, you can’t help but be fascinated by the adorable cupcake bottles . From a distance these flacons look like the real thing: delectable cupcakes with  frothy icing and decorations of juicy berries, chocolate bars and mint leaves, carrots and more, embellished with pearls and crystals. Even the outer carton is unusual. Instead of a paper box, the cupcakes are packaged in “bakery best,” a large, clear plastic cube with a pedestal upon which sits the cupcakes. Pull off the “icing”  and the clear, fluted glass bottle looks like the”cake” in a fluted paper cup, just like the real thing. Only these won’t pack on the pounds and they aren’t  perishable. They are lasting delicacies that are meant to be displayed and savored.

One might assume from the packaging that these fragrances are for young women, and certainly the packaging will fascinate young girls, but the fragrances aren’t kid stuff. They’re quite sophisticated.  They have a general theme: chocolate, toffee, orange or Cherry, but the mixture of notes adds so much dimension, none could be simpl;y categorized as sweet or fruity, chocolate or creamy. Instead, the perfumers have created an homage to the main theme that scent-wise. is more of a passing nod.  I really don’t really understand why the press literature I received suggests these fragrances as a “first perfume” for young girls.  Perhaps the sheer pleasure of pulling off the top and spritzing the fragrance would give anyone  girlish pleasure, but the fragrances are for women and in my opinion, not appropriate for a young girl unless it was just to oogle the bottle, and maybe have a big sister or mother spritz a tiny bit as a special treat.

As to the fragrances, one of their delights is that there are at once familiar, and also mystifying.  The ones most closely reminiscent of their theme, are Fancy Choco and Wicked Berry.  Both do have elements of either berries or chocolate. but as you sniff, there is something just so different about them.  If you are a woman wondering what might attract men, surprisingly, it was Wicked Berry that the guys seem to go for the most (although my male testers really like them all).  Perhaps it’s the recognizeable that attracted them.  Chocolate can be simplistic and unexciting. but Fancy Choco one has notes to Wicked Berry could have been a risky choice, since berry scents are often hard to crate without smelling artificial, but the “wicked” notes keep this berry centric fragrance, tempting, not tepid.  When it mixes with your skin for after a short while, you smell the musk and amber that is hardly “kid stuff.”

The bottles look like gooey cupcakes, but the fragrances are not at all obvious or cloyingly sweet, overly fruity, or soaked in vanilla. Showy Toffee, for example, is a  floral gourmet that doesn’t really smell as much like creamy toffee as a unique melange of notes that are hard to define, and yet lovely to wear.  Cheery Cherry, a fruity gourmand featuring all fruits and flowers, is categorized as  an aromatic gourmand, but while you smell the cherry, mixed with the other notes the fragrance is not at all “cough drops” but more a designer”s notion of cherry and blossoms.  Bloody Orange is another familiar fragrance but with notes including  leather and cumin, saffron and cinnamon, it’s much more pomander than “Tang.”

Look, sniff, covet.  Alice & Peter got this collection just right, with fragrances that you’ll want for the way they smell, as well as they way they look. Alice & Peter unveiled these treats at Elements Showcase in New York.  Now that Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, these fragrances are a perfect gift.  If there is no one to offer up a Whimsical collection cupcake for the day, get one for yourself, and you might find yourself attracting plenty of attention!  The Alice & Peter collectible fragrances are available at  Urban Outfitters and Henri Bendel  and

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