Angel Eau Sucree by Thierry Mugler is Made in Heaven for Fragrance Lovers

the iconic, original Angel bottle

The original Angel by Thierry Mugler caused a serious sensation when it was launched back in 1992.  Considered the first oriented gourmand fragrance, it is a very distinctive scent.   The original features Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Berries, Honey, and Bergamot with spicier base notes such as patchouli and sandalwood was the first oriental gourmand. It is quite bold and lasts for hours on your skin, hair and clothes. It is so unique, you can always recognize when someone is wearing it. 

This unique and sophisticated fragrance has undergone transformations year after year, and each summer the designer, Thierry Mugler, creates  lighter versions of  Angel to enjoy when the mercury, rises, and for those who just prefer a lighter touch on their skin. , a gourmand treat that will win over even those who were not formerly Angel enthusiasts.  I will be writing about Alien’s Summer transformation in my next review.

angel Eau Sucre by Thierry MuglerFor those who tried the original Angel and weren’t quite sure it was their signature fragrance, this is the the perfect time to try the limited edition  2014  limited edition Angel Eau Sucree. It is quite different and to my nose, a pleasing scent that will win hearts of those who weren’t quite won over previously.  Developed by perfumer Dorothee Piot for Robertet, this version has the original notes of patchouli and vanilla in the base,  but the fruits in the top notes are now red fruit sorbet and the caramel in the heart is replaced with a new accord — a caramelized meringue cream, The overall feeling of this fragrance is now fruitier, lighter, fresher, and almost “mouth watering.”  That’s not to say that it is a sweet or overly cheesy blend of fruity notes (the base keeps it balanced), but it is brighter and juicy, and the sweetness is more like an adult edible — a  mouth-watering version. If you don’t believe me,  the iconic star bottle is literally crusted as if frosted in sugar.

angel eau sucree with box The outer carton is also a nod to candy, vintage confectionery of blue and white stripes.  Tucked inside every carton is an invitation to join the  Thierry Mugler Circle. A small card in an envelope lets you sign up to gain access to new launches, to the designer’s virtual world, and to open communication with the brand, and to a blog.  

As I’ve already mentioned and as you can see n the photo, the iconic Angel Star bottle is now glittered with “sugar.”  While the scent is lighter than the original, it still sticks around on your skin, so you don’t need to touch it up all that often.

Thierry Mugler Angel Eau Sucrée won’t be around forever and it’s going to sell out not just to collectors, but to those of us who love it (and I count myself among the new faithful) and who will want to wear a lot of it.  While it is never a good idea to stockpile fragrance for a long time, if you love it, you might just want to get two.

Get the 3 fl. oz. bottle for $89.00 while supplies last,  at Thierry Mugler counters. For  more information visit the Official Website Store


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