Are You Lucky Enough to Get A LORAC Rockin’ Red Holiday? @LORAC_Cosmetics #holiday

Lucky is the woman who gets a LORAC holiday gift. And lucky is the woman who doesn’t wait for someone to give her one, but just goes out and gets some of the most coveted gift sets out there, right now!


There are 8 essential LORAC gift-ables, from mini-sized lip glosses to palettes for pros and those who just love to play wit colors, shimmery liquid lustre for eyes, and a gorgeous mascara and glizty red eyelash curler set.  There are so many boxed sets, all called “Rockin’ Red” and boxed (naturally) in red boxes with black accents and cello windows.

lorac red hot lashesHere are some of my favorites:

Lorac Rockin’ Red Hot Lashes ($23.00) pairs a PRO Mascara that curls, lengthens and thickens lashes with a stunning eyelash curler in a glittzy,  metallic red with studded handles that will make you feel glamorous every time you use it.  The mascara is BIG and intensely black, with a “pinetree” shaped wand that really coats even the teeny tiny lashes at the edges of your eyes that are hard to grab.  The curling iron is your standard, squeeze type, but made gorgeous in red. Just position the curler at the base of your lashes, gently press the handles, and wait a few seconds. Then apply the mascara. You will be amazed at the difference these two “red hot” tools will make in your party look.  In fact, if you’re going to treat yourself to a little something, this might be just that thing!

lorac liquid lusterlorac eye luster setAt the LORAC holiday editor’s preview event, I got a chance to try out the Rockin Red Hot 3D Liquid Lustre Set ($28.00).  I had never tried LORAC’s Liquid Lustere, and I wasn’t sure I was going to like them, because they seemed incredibly glittery (shimmery, if you wish to call it that). But I watched another editor take a tiny bit of the liquid shimmer on her finger, and dot it on her eyelid, blending it out. The color wasn’t intense, but the shimmer was beautiful, like a starry wash on her lids, Impressed,I tried Topaz, a limited edition warm bronze. I was worried I’d look like a glittery club kid and that I’d add too much, but there’s no way to really mess it up, and when I was finished tentatively dotting and blending, my boring eye shadow had a blazing party overlay of pretty.  You can also run a bit of this paraben-free glittery liquid through some strands of hair,  on cheekbones, or add a bit of shimmer, elsewhere. I love these and they make a fabulous affordable gift. If you are really strapped for cash you could break up the set, but the boxed set of four includes:   Diamond, a white gold;  Platinum, a limited-edition silver;  Amethyst, a limited-edition taupe; and  Topaz, a limited-edition warm bronze.  This might be my new favorite holiday product of 2013!


LORAC ROCKIN RED HOT EYE AND LIP20131121_234114_resized

The Rockin’ Red Hot Eye & Lip Palette Set ($25.00) is a Kohl’s exclusive, so if you’re a Kohls shopper, you know you’d better get to Kohl’s quickly and grab this incredible value. The boxed set  includes two individually cello-boxed palettes in red metallic with edgy graphics on the covers. These are gift-able as solo items if you break up the set and pull them out of the cardboard outer box (the outer carton is large, the two sleek palettes are positioned in the middle).  There’s a Lorac Sultry Lip Palette featuring  7 creamy lipsticks & 3 lip glosses  in light, medium and dark tones, plus a nice lip brush with a long, red, metallic handle.  Then other palette is the Lorac Sexy & Smoky Eyeshadow Palette with ten Matte & Shimmering Eyeshadows ranging from a light pink to a deep charcoal, and “smokey” colors, in-between in shades of taupe, gray and brown, plus two lovely highlights.

downloadFor ULTA shoppers, there is an exclusive too, a  limited edition, Rockin’ Red Hot * Mini Lip Gloss Collection ($24.00) that’s a $75.00 value. The little glosses are perfect for a party-sized purse, and they’re paraben free with nurturing acai berry, pomegranate, and vitamins A, C, and E. The caps are engraved with twinkling little silver dots to add glamour. The colors rane from nudes and pinks to an exclusive fuchsia called “Backstage” there’s also a sheer purple that’s exclusive to this set, called “Rock.”  Yes, it looks very violet in the tube, but I saw another editor try it on her lips, and the color was mauve-ish over the soft red she already had applied. It looked pretty, not strange. It’s a color you might not purchase in a big size, but in the mini, it’s mighty fun!

lorac makeup 1lorac display1

There are plenty of other holiday gift-ables, exclusives  and so forth on Sephora, Target,ULTA,  HSN, and more, and check out all the glam holiday makeup too,  My photos above show just a small sampling1  Visit  

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