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The idea of color draping and using color palettes based on the four seasons of the year is not new, but in the 1980’s it was an extremely hot thing to “have your colors done” by a certified image and color consultant.  The basic concept is that each person has distinct coloring (there are two warm ranges, and two cool ranges). You are born with a skin tone in one of these ranges and you will find that you will look best (and generally favor) one of these grouping of color tones evocative of the colors prominent in one of the four seasons of the year. Although this may seem a bit restrictive at first, most everyone can wear most every color –it’s just a matter of tone and intensity. The concept works, and works well. 

I am one of those image and color consultants, certified through Beauty for All Seasons. I still have my color drapes, and I can still select flattering makeup and wardrobe colors for someone based on the seasonal colors of  Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. At the height of the color draping/four season color concept craze, I also had my own makeup line with my business partner.  The makeup line was called “Complimage” and we had three different palettes”  warm, cool and neutral.  There were other makeup companies that had cosmetics organized by color groupings as well. One of them was BeautiControl.

The Advice Sisters reviewed a lot of BeautiControl products over the years, not all over them color cosmetics. The company also featured a lot of skincare and spa-style products, many of which were innovative and all of which were good quality. Then, we just lost touch with the company for a number of years. But then, just last month,  BeautiControl held an event for editors to introduce a re-branding of its color-coded cosmetics.  They are still grouped according to the seasons, but now, mostly to warm and cool, perhaps with some neutrals thrown in.  I got a chance to see some of the new products that are launching this month.   I’m happy to say that the quality it still there, along with that warm and cool color grouping that makes is almost mistake-proof to pick the perfect colors for your skin tone.  I admit it:  I’m a BeautiControl fan!





BeautiControl may be quietly be a beauty secret, and it’s worth knowing about.  Legions of women wear the product, and more sell it as representatives. The company was founded over three decades ago and has over 75,000 consultants.  BeautiControl  is showing off a fresh, sleek new look and a “be you. be beautiful.” philosophy that speaks to what so many women are looking for in a beauty line.

Here’s a brief rundown. 


from top left to right: "Peacock" eye shadow; "Copper" eye shadow; "Espresso" eye shadow; "Apricot" blush; "Plum" blush

It is easy to see the warm, cool and neutral tones in BeautiControl’s new color palettes:  from top left to right: “Peacock” eye shadow; “Copper” eye shadow; “Espresso” eye shadow; “Apricot” blush; “Plum” blush

pure touch blush ($20): A silky-smooth formula so color-rich you’ll be blushing for hours! Available in four natural looking shades that glide on evenly and minimize little skin imperfections to maximizing your natural radiance.  It’s easy to select the right color tone for your skin. I really liked the build-able color and the matte finish.

beauticontrol eye shadows

color impact eye shadow ($18): 24 intense stay-true colors sweep over lids with a velvety-smooth finish that stays put and feels comfortable all day. Apply dry or wet for added drama and attention.The chic, flip-top compacts with see-through lids that let you instantly see what color you’re accessing, reminded me of another, trendy brand.  These are already fairly intense, but wet them and they’re super-powered!  Good for your skin benefits include apple cell extract that visibly fills in and blurs wrinkles (and what could be better than that?)!  he products are long wearing too, just so excellent!


intense mineral shadow trio ($20): Vibrant, intensely pigmented shades blend together easily to create just the right look. Choose from 12 long-lasting, fade-resistant color groupings. Apply dry or wet for added drama and attention.


dramatic lash mascara ($25): Amplifies the volume of lashes, making them appear thicker and longer with a multi dimensional brush that lengthens without clumping.  The amply-sized mascara does what it advertises, with nice bristles that grab every lash, plus castor seed oil to condition.


beautictontrol lipsticks

hydra brilliance lip color ($18): Each creamy sweep is enriched with hydrating aquatic herbs, essential vitamins and antioxidants to lock in moisture and lavish lips in vibrant color. Color-magnifying crystals add extra brilliance to all 26 lustrous shades. I tried a few shades including  “Raspberry” (bright cool hot pink); “Russet” (warm rusted pink) and “Candy” (neutral medium pink).  I like the fact that these lipsticks are silky.  The lip pencil helps seal in all that moisturizing lipstick and good-for-your-skin Vitamins A, C and E. The shiny silver compacts are very elegant, too.

lip perfecting pencil ($25): Seals lip color with smooth defining lines that minimize feathering. Available in seven smudge-resistant shades, unique waterproof formula extends lipstick wear. Convenient wind up applicator means no sharpening necessary.

lip shine lighted lip gloss ($22): Gives lips a luscious shine in a range of six high gloss finish shades. Comes with built-in LED light and mirror for quick and easy touch-ups anytime, anywhere. Doe foot applicator provides flawless application.  I didn’t try this but I love lighted lip glosses. They’re just the thing for travel.

For more information visit BeautiControl.com


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