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It has been a while since I’ve participated in the Beauty Blog Coalition Roundup (I prefer to call it the beauty writers Coalition roundup, but it isn’t my call).  In any case, there is a lot going on, beauty-wise this week, and I want to share some posts with you that are “good reading” for this weekend.  I have also included an “Advice Sisters” post from a BeautyPress Spotlight event that I wrote and that has some interesting new items you might want to know about.


*note that I have added links in a widget to the right hand side of this page for both Leather and Lace Spice and Leather and Lace Advice, and I have also made some changes to my  Facebook Page for Leather and Lace Advice/Spice.  Both of these sites are advice and relationship oriented, with SPICE being a more “mature” (e.g. sexual themes) site you might not want your younger children to visit (it has a warning notice on it).  My co-author and I use the Advice Sisters signature “Double-tale” two views (his and hers in this case) for every topic, format.  I hope you will visit, leave feedback, send questions, comments…..

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