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Preview events might be called an editor’s best friend. That’s because preview events allow busy editors to check out a variety of different brands at one time, under one roof. That being said, some beauty previews are better than others and one the the Advice Sisters always find useful, are the ones held by BeautyPress. 

The 4th edition of the BeautyPress Spotlight Day showcased new product offerings from both established and emerging brands,  including:   BABOR, Bio-Logical, Dossage Fragrances, HarMax, LASHEM, Merlot Skin Care, NaiLuv, Paul Brown, and Tilth Beauty.

The Advice Sisters will be reviewing some of these brands in greater detail in the coming months, but here are some of the stand-outs I saw on Spotlight Day:


Babor: This lovely line of skincare and cosmetics has two new and exciting things to offer skin-savvy consumers. On the uber-high end of things is SeaCreation, the new luxury skincare range from BABOR.  The active Sea-telligent Complex contains extracts of two micro-organisms obtained from the deep sea – Glycocéane GP3 and BABOR thermophilus – as well as an exclusive extract of green caviar algae. Together, they have an all-round anti-aging effect, optimizing skin functions, providing effective protection against skin aging and reducing existing signs of aging, with long-lasting effect. The elegant, rose gold packaging might as well be gold, because the prices for the skincare in this line ranges from a low of $225.00 to a high of $550.00:  BABOR SeaCreation The Cream 50 ml; $500; BABOR SeaCreation The Cream Rich 50 ml; $550; BABOR SeaCreation The Eye Cream 15 ml; $225; BABOR SeaCreation The Serum 50 ml; $400.  However, all of the  products are free of paraffin, parabens and colorants – and are 100% skin compatible.  To give you an idea of the cocktail of powerful ingredients, here are the actives at a glance: Anti-wrinkle: Glycocéane GP3, green caviar algae extract, wheat protein ; Anti-aging: Pearl protein, Glycocéane GP3, BABOR thermophilus; Anti-oxidant: BABOR thermophilus, glutathione, tocopherol; Anti-redness: Pro-vitamin B5, bisabolol, allantoin; Pro-collagen: Glycocéane GP3, green caviar algae extract, Sargassum turbinarioides; Cell repair: Glycocéane GP3, green caviar algae extract, organic silicon; Skin protection: BABOR thermophilus, avocadin, squalane; Moisture: Sargassum turbinarioides, wheat protein, milk protein; Vitalization: Sargassum turbinarioides, pearl protein; Smoothness: BABOR thermophilus, silk protein, avocadin

Babor is also offering a unique, 4-week daily treatment that will improve your skin four different ways, for $275.00. With the Doctor Babor Ultimate Derma Optimizer,  you use a different serum, morning and night, that targets a specific skincare issue.  Here are the four different serums and what they do!

  • Specific Hydro Booster (Blue) – The first step in aging skin is a dull, dry complexion. For an extra boost of moisture, this formula contains intensive active ingredient Hydracyl (35%)—a combination of the essential amino acids proline, alanine and serine which are elements of the skin’s natural moisture factor
  •  Specific Anti-Stress Booster (Red) – Second step in the anti-aging process is to balance and calm the skin. For a calming and balancing boost, this formula contains intensive active ingredient Sensocyl (10%)—a combination of sitostreol (anti-flammatory) and linolenic acid
  • Specific Cell Protect Booster (Green) – The third anti-aging concern is cell protection from environmental damage. For an antioxidant boost, this formula contains intensive active ingredient Oxidocyl (25%)—a combination of rosemary acid, rutin and a mineral complex (manganese, zinc and selenium) – Prevents formation of free radicals while neutralizing existing free radicals
  • Specific Anti-Wrinkle Booster (Gold) – The final step in this anti-aging regimen is targeting fine lines and wrinkles. For a lifting and firming boost, this formula contains intensive active ingredient Epocyl (10%)—a marine exopolysaccharide that works to “fill” in wrinkles and fine lines – Helps to reorganize the skin structure and restore elasticity.
The Advice Sisters will do our best to get our hands on some of these products, and report about them in more detail to you. But if you can’t wait for our reviews of these unique and high end products, you can visit the Babor Web Site:
Another unique line The Advice Sisters is hoping to try, is the Tilth Beauty’ Anti-Aging Skin Care Collection.  This line offers powerful blends of  botanical, natural and scientific-proven ingredients that deliver high performance, effective results. The products are good to your skin, without containing: parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petroleum-based products, silicones, synthetic fragrances, GMO’s, animal/dairy-derived products or synthetic colors. As you can see from the photo I took at the event, this is a fairly large line.  One new product we’re hoping to try is A Flawless Serum ($62.00 12 fl. oz.) that blends encapsulated Retinol, Myrtle Leaf Extract and Adaptonyl® that I am told, even those with sensitive skin can handle. This natural line looks very promising. If you want to learn more visit:
Unique fragrances that you won’t smell on everyone else you meet, are a true pleasure. Dossage for Her and For Him are fragrances that you can “pair” that are meant to be worn together. This isn’t a new idea, it goes back to Queen Victoria who wanted a fragrance to wear alongside her beloved Albert. Each of the fragrances I sniffed from the line were unusual and pretty. There are three scents for women – a No. 8, No. 16, and No. 24 – as well as a No. 8 for men.  I chose the #8 for her, that has a note I love: Lily of the Valley. All of the fragrances are nicely packaged in classic glass bottles with spray tops, and black and white outer cartons pretty enough to want to keep.  No. 8  was inspired by Santa Barbara, Barcelona, and Sao Paulo, Dossage No. 8 for her are a feminine but sophisticated blend of fresh citrus, robust black currant, passionate red fruits, sweet lily of the valley, and a sultry white musk. Layered over the classic and masculine (herbal and clean) No. 8 for men, the fragrance takes on a different vibe.  There is more than one of these scents, for you.  For more information on the DOSSAGE fragrance collection, and the kind of men and women they inspire, visit
There were so many other interesting skin and hair care lines that The Advice Sisters hope to review in the not too distant future. I really liked Merlot Skin Care Launches “My Daily Beauty” featuring natural grape seed-based products and the natural, cruelty-free, spa-style Bio-Logical Cosmétiques with a range of four different skin collections that offer aromatherapy as well as effective skincare for face and body.
One exhibitor was Chrislie Formulations, purveyors of two very interesting brands: LASHEM & NaiLuvLASHEM . This Los Angeles based beauty company offers a lash treatment that is a natural way to nourish lashes with peptides. There is a treatment serum, and a lash thickening mascara.  Their NaiLuv brand offers a DIY gel nail polish formula that the representatives insisted would slide off easily with nail polish remover, due to the high gel content. I’m eager to try it!  You can learn more at:
This is just a small sampling of the companies at the BeautyPress Spotlight Day. Keep reading this Advice Sisters website for more review in detail!
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