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Did you know that the violet is the flower of four states and of the Country of Greece? In Victorian times, symbolism of flowers was a way that men and women could express their feelings, without actually saying them. The violet  is symbolic of modesty, virtue and affection. The violet is small and delicate, and has often been a symbol of romance and romantic love.  Today,  violets in a wedding bouquet symbolizes faithfulness.

Besame Cosmetics has taken the violet to another level, when it comes to beauty with their new, Brightening Violet Powder ($22.00). Before I go into the specifics, I have to admit that when I first reviewed Besame way back in 2006, the thing that struck me the most about the brand, was the packaging.  Gabriela Hernandez, founder of Bésame Cosmetics Inc. was inspired by memories of her glamorous grandmother when creating retro and vintage packaging for Besame, that make you feel pampered and special, before you even apply the cosmetics.

The new Brightening Violet Powder arrives in a romantic, cardboard outer box that looks like a precious little vintage gem.  Inside, there’s a pretty, plastic, vintage=y jar that looks like a precious, flea market find. However, open the top and remove the included puff, and you’ll find a modern shaker type top that has an additional plastic (and attached) lid to contain the the loose powder. The shaker holes are below this initial cover. It took me a few minutes to realize there was an additional, clear, plastic cover over the shaker.  This extra cover is a nice touch since loose powder can really make a mess.

The violet powder smells soft and powdery, of violets, but no so much that it will bother you.  While you might not usually think of using a soft purple on your face, in reality, the violet tone is featured in many primers and face products to add a brightening effect to dull or sallow skin. This product looks sort of white in the compact, but is translucent on your skin so every skin tone can enjoy it.

Additionally, the violet powder helps to set your makeup, leaving a softly-matte finish.  I tried it on a bare face, first, and actually saw a subtle but flattering difference. Over makeup, or around under tired eyes, it will help to soften dark circles and imperfections.  Since Winter can really dull your skin and make you look even more sallow or pale, this lovely little product can make you look just a wee bit better.

“Besame” means “kiss me” in Spanish. How romantic can you get?!   Get this romantic treat for yourself for Valentine’s Day, or gift your BFF with it.  Smiles, all around!

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