Beyonce Midnight Heat Steams Up the New Fragrance Category

Beyoncé is best known for her beauty and her beautiful voice, but she is also getting known for putting her name on a number of themed fragrances.  This summer she launched Beyonce Pulse Summer Edition by Coty (a light, fruity floral)and prior to that, Beyonce Heat, Heat Rush, and Beyonce Pulse.

Now she’s introduced another more “steamy” fragrance called:  Beyoncé Midnight Heat.You can get a pretty good idea that it’s going to be “date night” fragrance from the carton: Glossy, blues and purples in a soft touch photo of the night sky.  The purple is also significant because Beyoncé Midnight Heat features the exotic Purple Mokara Orchid, a which emits a rich, addictive aroma that  stays softly on the skin. Shiny, metallic gold letters and a graceful, script “B” on the top of the carton, also follow the design of the previous “Heat” fragrances.   Beyoncé Midnight Heat has the same elegant, ombre  flacon  that is lightly faceted, and reminds me of a bottle a genie might arise from.  This version is purple ombre, with a lightly tinted lavender cap over the shiny gold diffuser top featuring  a gold band with “Beyoncé” delicately inscribed in it.

Beyoncé Midnight Heat is the third ‘Heat” Fragrance.  The first, Beyoncé Heat, is  a floral with fruit, and a  touch of spices and woods.  Beyoncé Heat Rush featured passion fruit sorbet blood orange and Brazilian cherry. But this new scent is a  surprisingly well balanced blend of fruits, florals , spice and gourmand notes that work together to produce a soft and warm fragrance.  The top notes include Dragonfruit, Starfruit and Armenian Plum. Then there is a floral heart that feminine and exotic, with “deep purple” notes including the Purple Mokara Orchid, Queen of the Night Black Tulip and Purple Peony. The base smells like vanilla and spice with notes of Warm Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood.

Fragrance preferences are highly subjective, so it really doesn’t matter if I loved it or not, but honestly, it’s not my favorite kind of fragrance. While it isn’t really overly sweet or cloying, even if you spray just a touch, it’s pretty intense.  It dries down to a softer, more powdery fragrance, but it’s still more than my nostrils would generally like. I’d say it’s definitely as the name suggests, for date night and more intimate moments. I wouldn’t suggest wearing it to the office, where too much  fragrance might be too much for co-workers to handle comfortably.  And, to be sure, while there are more costly fragrances to be found, when you’re leaving the drugstore price category, the sophistication level has to be higher.

That being said, your nose my revel in Beyoncé Midnight Heat.  Those who love Beyoncé and her other fragrances, will definitely want this one in their collection. If you’re a fan of  this type of  fairly intense gourmand floral, you’ll love it.  And, the bottle is very pretty. Fragrance collectors will also want this lovely bottle in their boudoirs.

I’m guessing that there will be gift sets coming up, but meanwhile, you can get Beyoncé Midnight Heat  Eau de Parfum  at  Macy’s –  Price: 1.7 fl oz – $49.00

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