Cake Beauty’s “Be Delectable” Collection Makes Your Skin Bite-Able @cakebeauty

What seems like eons ago, in 2004, I received a unique line of skin and fragrance and even makeup products from Jessica Simpson (yes, the chicken of the sea singer turned reality star turned actress) who had just created a line of fragranced beauty products called Dessert Beauty, that smelled like, well,  vanilla bean and  buttery caramel or chocolate and coconut, crushed strawberries and raspberries, and I think there was another one that had a powdered sugar scent. These caused quite a bit of excitement.  What I remember was that the scents were strong and long lasting, and although the idea was good, the line didn’t last much longer than Jessica’s reality show did.

heather at cake beauty2But fast forward a decade and in 2014 we have creator Heather and Canadian company Cake Beauty to thank for products in the Be Delectable Collection that also have scent that make your skin almost lick-ably good enough to eat.  The paraben-free (and also free of sodium chloride, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, GMO’s, mineral oil, petrolatum, gluten, and triclosan) products are also 90-95% natural. The ones we tried came in flip top tubes, or plastic pump bottles. So far, we’re liking all of this.


Before I go into a review of the products themselves, I have to admit that gourmand fragrances are not my personal favorites. Scent is highly subjective. I like spice and incense, and it’s just my personal preference. But smelling like coconut, or lemon, or strawberry or vanilla is something that doesn’t work well with my body chemistry. Then again, I tend to easily rub the paint right off keyboards (yes, I’m sharing a personal fact with you), so I know my skin reacts differently than most people’s with products and scent, in particular. But so many people just adore these sweet and alluring scents, and let’s face it, they’re man magnets, too.

the be delectab;le group2be delectable hand cream strawberryBe Delectable comes in four scents: Coconut & Cream; Lemon & Cream; Strawberry & cream; and Vanilla and Cream.  There are several products: Hair & Body Mist ($10.00 12 fl. oz); Triple Moisture Body Lotion ($12.00 8 fl. oz.); Super Smoothing Body Polish ($14.00 8 fl. oz.);  Supremely Rich Body Wash ($10.00 8 fl. oz.); and Extra Nourishing Hand Cream ($10.00 4 fl. oz. ). Most of these products feature super-hydrating coconut oil and soothing aloe vera, plus shea butter, so while you are enticing the senses, you’re all providing your needy skin with good stuff to keep it happy, smooth and soft during the Winter and all year long.

Be Delectable is going to be a Valentine’s Day hit for anyone who likes “young & fun”.  The fruit scents are truly yummy, with the lemon & cream being just a bit tart (a perfect scent for a romantic spa night. The strawberry & cream scent really does make you want to come closer and bite something (be careful where you put it)!  I have become a bit obsessed with this scent in the hand cream.   If you’re into coconut and vanilla, the hair & body mist in coconut & cream or vanilla & cream will drive you (and that special someone ) just a bit wild. The scents may be lighthearted, but the products are actually quite good.  They’re not pretending to be high tech or anti-aging, or anything complicated, they’re just pleasant, effective, fun, and inexpensive enough to indulge in the entire line.  Choose the one you like best and stick with it — I wouldn’t suggest mixing and matching these.

You can learn more at Cake Beauty and you can also buy these at Kohls stores  and

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