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 Slim Down While You Sleep?


On the shiny, navy blue package of Phytomer’s Night Contouring Bi-Gel is a promise that the potion inside will: “limit excess fat storage at night.”

It sounded too good to be true; this reporter for the Advice Sisters just had to try it.

Phytomer is a French company—maybe this is the secret to why French women don’t get fat? Phytomer might not be the whole secret, but maybe if you pair the cream with a chic scarf and some Brie cheese, you’ll get somewhere. And it’s good to know that  Phytomer, which means “plant of the sea” focuses on marine biotechnology for their products and makes 100% natural skin care products. This reporter loves natural products, so hearing that this miracle cream was natural was an excellent piece of news.

All kidding aside, and apart from the certain French je ne sais quoi, the science of the product is pretty interesting. The active ingredient that makes Phytomer different from anything on the market is sea absinthium, a coastal plant that grows along salt marshes and contains chlorogenic acid and lipolytic polyphenol. If those mean nothing to you—and they didn’t to this reporter—never fear, AdviceSisters have done the research for you. Chlorogenic Acid is capable of reducing the absorption of sugar, so that cookie you ate before bed might not be as fully ingested by your body when using Phytomer. Lipolytic Polyphenol can activate lipolysis, which is the process by which your body breaks down fats, so while you sleep Phytomer is working on breaking down stored fats. The inclusion of vectorized caffeine in the lotion supposedly helps to activate lipolysis just like the lipolytic polyphenol does. Two algae extracts round out the product. Brown algae may stimulate the synthesis of collagen fiber and red algae may work to boost skin’s microcirculation.

The cream comes in a tube with a  flip-top cap. The directions suggest rubbing the cream in an upward circular motion on “target areas” like the hips and stomach and thighs every night before bed. The cream’s light floral smell and lack of greasy residue make it an enticing treat before bed, not a part of a daily routine that you’d have to motivate yourself to slog through. This product is one that everyone has to try for themselves to see if it works, and as The Advice Sisters are very fond of saying, everyone’s body is different, so results are going to vary from person to person.  But in a clinical test of 22 women over 14 days, women lost (on average) -1.8cm in their waist, -1.3cm in their stomach, and -0.8cm in their hips. That may not sound like much, but it’s totally effortless! No sweating at the gym, no juice cleanses, no “only kale” diets…just sleep and a beautifully smelling cream.

That being said, it’s not all good news. Phytomer makes lovely products, but this one, like many of it’s type is not inexpensive.  It  retails for $93.00 for 150ml.  However,  if you are committed to trying something new and natural, or maybe you really want to go all out to make your body the best it can be, you can’t beat Phytomer. And who know?  Maybe if you use this product properly, and regularly, and  start muttering a little bit of French here , that cute guy at the coffee shop may think you’re an adorable French girl and offer to show you the town! C’est tellement romantique!


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Our writer, Katie Rice, works in eBook publishing, marketing and PR during  the week and spends her weekends writing and drinking copious amounts of coffee  in her apartment in Brooklyn.

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