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cherry blossoms springEarly Spring is a colorful time. The tree tips are red, then yellow-green, then as the leaves unfurl, they are green again. The little tender shoots pop up from the ground, bringing the pink, yellow, purple, white and blue crocus and other early Spring flowers.   In homage to early Spring, here are some “colorful” (and important for your skin) products to add to your makeup to make the transition from Winter to Spring just a bit more celebratory, even if the weather is still very chilly. body shop lipticks

Pale lips and matte skin ruled the Spring Summer 2014 runways, but much to my relief, red lips, still rule.  The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick  ($12.00) gives you an affordable way to enjoy 100% cruelty free, 100% vegetarian, and 100% high impact lipsticks that come in 24 vibrant shades (besides red) and pamper lips with  cherry seed oil and CFT marula oil., plus a hint of rose fragrance.   The colors are creamy and saturated, with something for everyone from pink to berry to brown. “Red Siren Matte” (#101) is the kind of bright but not harsh neutral red that has enough pink in it not to scare you away, during the day.  It’s rich and pretty, and slides on like silk. “Passionate Pink” (#205) is a bright clear pink that is an alternative to red, for a bold, but pretty, lip.  For a more neutral look, I recommend “Coral Kiss” (#305) that is more a toasted pink, not a bright coral.


The Body Shop  has tons of  Colour Crush Eye Shadows for $10.00 that are  intensely pigmented, pearlescent or matte  (dependent on color) with a silky-soft texture. You can use them wet or dry. The one that caught my eye ( no pun intended) is the bright green shadow in the photo, pearlescent “Sweet Pea” (#605) .

mary kay prrimerThe Mary Kay Foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 ($16.00) may not be the most glamorous item, but it can help you get that perfect finish to your foundation that makes you look a lot more glamorous and even more importantly, it can help save you skin.  A primer is a must-have if you really want flawless looking makeup.  And if you want it to last through the day or the night. Mary Kay’s version is good for sensitive skin, and the patent-pending, oil-free gel actually fills in the “rough spots” so your skin really does look like it is smooth, even if it’s a bit dry or imperfect. The non-comedogenic, fragrance-free formula won’t add weight or greasy shine-through and no matter what type of face makeup you choose, you’ll find that it helps to extend wear-ability while helping it to blend more smoothly. It’s a perfect base!  Of course, the SPF 15 isn’t a super-powered sun block, but every little bit helps.  Actives are 2.5% Avobenzone, 9% Homosalate, 5% Octisalate and 3% Octocrylene. Overall, it’s the best first step (after moisturizer and your regular SPF) before foundation and the rest of your makeup. The 1 fl. oz. tube is acceptable for travel, too.  Makes a nice stocking stuffer for a face-makeup-obsessed friend. Visit:    http://www.marykay.com
Senna Lasting Illusion Satin Matte FoundationNo one’s face is perfect, you can create a lasting illusion with Senna’s Lasting Illusion Satin Matte Foundation ($48.00).  The first thing I love about this foundation, and all of the Senna cosmetics products, is that the packaging is beautiful, with a nice pump bottle (so you don’t have to stick your fingers into it, introducing contaminants and making your fingers dirty), and the outer part of the bottle has lovely black lace details that make the product feel even more luxe. But the Lasting Illusion foundation within this bottle is still quite lightweight as it blurs imperfections, because it reflects light from fine lines and wrinkles. While very matte makeup can look dry and harsh, this one is semi-matte, so it won’t settle into lines. the formula is appropriate for all ages and skin types. It smells a bit vanilla-y too. Seven shades from light to dark give most people 10 to 12 hours of wear. *Those with breakouts or who tend to get T-zone shine might want to carry a finishing powder or blotting papers after a long or humid/hot day, but otherwise it’s a fabulous foundation and perfect for Spring. Visit:  http://www.sennacosmetics.com/
A few months ago I saw an ad for Maybelline New York’s  brand new not even on the market yet lip wonder,  Color Elixir  by Color Sensational ($8.99). There were 20 bold, intense, super-shiny colors all lined up and I was spellbound!  But the product hadn’t quite rolled out yet, and so I waited to do a review. Then, I began traveling, and the samples I had received of this product sat waiting..But now Spring is here, and Color Elixir is OUT and you can get it.  It is a brand new way to wear highly pigmented color on your lips, and I love it!  Bold colors can show every flaw, but this new formula is semi-liquid, applied from a tube, using a wand with a trowel-shaped, sponge-y tip for precise placement.  This applicator has long and short  “angora crush” fibers to smooth the product easily onto your lips.  The formula makes lips look full and pouty (even the light “nude illusion” made lips glow) and it feels very silky on your lips. But the color lasts. Saturated color can often look flat or feel dry, but these hybrid lip colors are part gloss, part long wear lip stain and part lipstick.  I’m smitten, literally. The palette has everything from nudes to bold reds and even a nearly neon violet. *Tip: Apply color starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip.  Get this in your favorite mass market retailer or drug store or visit  http://www.maybelline.com/

dr, jart water fuseYou already know that that suns’ rays can damage your skin any time of day and any time of year, even on a cloudy day, but now that Spring is on the way (eventually) and the days are getting longer and hopefully brighter, you might want to consider adding more SPF to your daily beauty routine. One multi-tasking beauty is indeed, a BB cream (beauty balm). BB creams are designed to act as a moisturizer, sunscreen, and treatment all-in-one. They’re usually not as pigmented as a full foundation, but they’ll even out skin tone and blur imperfections, while they nurture your skin and protect it from the sun’s damaging rays.  We’re liking this Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse BB ($34.00 1.7 oz.) . It has an 25 (good enough for daily wear) and it has Dr. Jart+’s Advanced Water Bead Technology, which generates tiny droplets of water upon application, creating an instant soothing and cooling effect that leaves feeling fresh, and just a bit dewy. After the long, dry winter, skin needs this kind of a boost. The oil-free/fragrance-free/artificial color-free/sulfate & phthlate-free formula includes UVA and UVB protection thanks to: 6.0% Octinoxate; 7.22% Titanium Dioxide and 4.5% Octisalate. Hyaluronic Acid and Sea Water Extract help moisturize while  Aloe & Portulaca Oleracea help to soothe, calm and reduce redness. If I have any issues with this, it’s that it comes in only one color, and it is light. On fair to medium fair skin you can blend this perfectly for use “as-os” without a foundation on top, but those with deeper complexions might only want to use this as a protective and skin-nurturing base product, then layer a foundation over it. For more information visit: http://us.drjart.com/

Color wheels of correcting tints have been around for a long time, but sometimes you want an easy to use, portable version.  Mehron has been developing makeup products for the entertainment industry for over 60 years, so they know what makeup artists need to use when they’re on the go. Mehron Melik founded Mehron Inc. in 1927 in a small New York City loft just off Broadway, in the heart of the theatre district.  His staff of as many as 10 “Mehron Ladies” would fan out each evening to different theatres and offer cosmetic products and application advice to the entertainers before their performances.We like the ProColorRing neutralizer ($14.95) *there is a concealer ring as wel that anyone can use to neutralize and blur discolorations in skin tone.   What I like about this wheel is that is is compact, so you don[‘t have to have five different bottles of neutralizing primer to do the job. You can just pop this wheel into your makeup bag, because different parts of your face might need a different color. It’s creamy and blends well, and it is inexpensive!  There are five slices of the “pie”: mint, biff, suede, lilac, tawny amber, soft peach, and fawn pink.  Use under your base makeup and softly pat the appropriate color to the problem area. Use Mint Buff to correct redness. For yellow discolorations or undertones, apply Lilac Suede. Use Fawn Pink to brighten and balance sallow undertones. For hyperpigmentation, apply Soft Peach. And to correct dark undereye circle or any blue discolorations, apply Tawny Amber. The five colors can be blended to accommodate every skin tone. http://www.mehron.com/

hard candy group

Hard Candy Cosmetics,  how I love you …let me count the ways!  I remember way back when, Hard Candy was a little known, boutique brand, with glittery and edgy colors that you just couldn’t find anywhere else. But like so many fabulous brands, Hard Candy is all grown up, and now the line has expanded and is accessible to everyone, exclusively  in Walmart and Walmart.com.  Hard Candy still offers that girly, glittery, edgy, glamorous look, but now, in simple packaging and  for for a lot less. Consider that $3.00 brings you a palomino spotted square of  “Single & Loving It”  eye shadow in six different color combos that blend together into a shimmery, glittery beauty for your eyelids. In my sample were Grape Dane and Oink! a soft lavender, and a beige-y pink. Also included in my sample was the Take Me Out Liner Pencil with Sharpener (just $4.00) that is available in 17 different glitter colors and one basic back pencil. I love the idea that the sharpener sits atop the pencil, so you always have it handy and it’s great for travel. My sample was a new color, Night Wizard.” It is a subtle wash of baby blue with glitter, nice for day or evening. The liner is soft going on, but dries to a hard (no pun intended) finish that lasts. There is so much more to discover in the Hard Candy makeup line. Visit your favorite Walmart store or shop online!

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