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Editor’s Note:  Classic. Clean. Suave. Natural. All of those words have very positive connotations for The Advice Sisters.  And now that Spring is really just days away, we feel the need for all of these things.  We found a few classic and natural “finds” in the drugstore from brands you already know and love.  And while we’re all about showcasing new and nifty new brands, we also don’t want you to forget or bypass those brands that have served you well, for all these years. THEY have new and nifty products, too!   Advice Sisters’ Writer  Katie Rice, reports : 

The drugstore can be an overwhelming place to shop for cosmetics—rows and rows of products that promise a whole lot and usually deliver on few of their claims—but it can also be a great place to find cheap, effective hair care and hygiene products.


Here’s the scoop on what to look for the next time you stop in at your local drugstore. Suave, the brand known for inexpensive shampoo, conditioner and body wash, has recently launched a new line of “Natural Infusions” and they are GREAT. The natural name means that they don’t use dyes and parabens  (not so great for you, since they’ve been linked to breast cancer and other health issues). Aside from omitting these potentially harmful chemicals, the products are fabulous on your  hair.  I tried the “Seaweed” infusion shampoo and conditioner which offers a  lot of volume and body  *(advice sisters Editor in Chief Alison Blackman tried the Suave Professionals® Natural Infusion Moisturizing products with Macadamia Oil & White Orchid  and told me that her hair was soft, shiny and felt highly moisturized, even though the Winter had been so harsh) . Also available is the Suave Professionals® Natural Infusion Anti-Breakage & Strengthening products with Awapuhi Ginger &  Honeysuckle.

The bottom line: the shampoo and conditioner deliver. The formulas are light and don’t weigh hair down, they have a bright, fresh scent and leave hair soft, shiny, and bouncy. Seaweed has recently been used in hair products because it is purported to be a great ingredient to reduce electrostatic in the hair and create volume. The kicker is that they only retail for $4.59 for a 12.6oz bottle. You can’t beat that price. If you’re both price and chemical conscious, then Suave’s new Naturals line is for you. And if the seaweed and lotus blossom infusion isn’t for you, there are many different infusions to try out like Macadamia for moisture and Awapuhi for less breakage — all safe for color treated hair, too.

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Noxzema is another iconic drugstore brand. They’re known for fighting acne in teenagers, but their cream cleansers are just about perfect for any type of skin. The Classic Clean: Moisturizing Cleansing Cream and Classic Clean: Original Deep Cleansing Cream come in 12 oz tubs and you simply scoop some face wash out with your fingers and apply to your damp face. Truth be told, they do have a strong medicinal smell, but this reviewer found it to be reminiscent of cold creams from childhood (and kind of comforting, not off-putting). .

The main difference between the two “Classic Clean” face washes is that the moisturizing one has soy to lock in skin’s natural moisture, and the deep cleansing version  has eucalyptus (known for soothing and healing properties),  which leaves skin with a tingly feel as it helps to penetrate deep into the pores. I  found the formula to be gentle but still effective against casual blemishes, although you’ll still need to use some additional medication if you have serious acne.  At $12.99 for 12oz, the cleanser will last for quite a while—even if it’s used twice a day—and for the quality, it’s still a deal.  Visit or more information.

Take a spin around your local drugstore or mass market retailer this weekend—for just about $20.00 flat you can reinvent your hair-care and face-care routine. New and refreshed for less than it costs to buy take-out Thai food? Can’t argue with that!

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