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LumixylBrighteningKit When it comes to improving their, one of the top things both women and men say they want, is brighter, clearer, skin. You would think that would be easy, but actually, it isn’t.

Prescription hydroquinone or retinoids are effective in fading uneven skin tone, dark spots, freckles, and other types of hyperpigmentation over time, but they don’t do it without causing irritation or other side effects, for most people.

Envy Medical, Inc.,  however, has created the Lumixyl Brightening System, a four-product system/kit that purports to help create naturally brighter, more vibrant skin. The four products in the Lumixyl Brightening System work synergistically to target existing hyperpigmentation and to prevent its recurrence, but without the need to use hydroquinone or its bi-products. In other words, Lumixyl products are proven to be powerful but gentle on skin.

As someone who has sensitive skin, the idea of a simple, four product regimen that can produce visible brightening with a safe and non-irritating formula seems pretty exciting. Lumixyl™ – was developed by Stanford University dermatological researchers to address mild to moderate hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. It is a non-irritating synthetic peptide technology that (here comes the tech-speak): “reduces tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for initiating the overproduction of melanin, without affecting the skin’s natural pigmentation. ”

Results can be seen in eight weeks.


The cost of the kit is $120.00 which really doesn’t seem too bad, considering that you get four full sized  products:

The Active Prep Cleanser: the most advanced antioxidant cleanser on the market, that works to disrupt the oxidative stress that can exacerbate the production of melanin. I like the flip top packaging. It’s a pleasant, unscented cleanser good for both men and women.

The GlycoPeel 10: a concentration of 10% glycolic acid works to exfoliate the dark spots already on the surface of the skin and bring pigmented cells to the surface to expedite brightening overall (there is a GlycoPeel 20 as well, but not in this kit). This  is a gentle gel-lotion designed especially for normal to sensitive skin types. GlycoPeel 10  contains Bisabolol, an ingredient that soothes and calms irritation, ensuring that the most sensitive complexions will enjoy maximum tolerability and minimal irritation, even when used twice daily.  I was worried that my skin would get red from this, but I had no side effects. Your skin might vary from mine, but mine is very sensitive. I was pleased! *just remember that if you use an exfoliating product like this one that exposes new skin to the surface, wear sun block of SPF 30 or higher.

The Brightening Cream: the only product on the market to contain the proprietary Lumixyl™ peptide and licorice root extract. This advanced technology works to reduce the expression of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. I liked the lightweight feel.

Moisture Lock Sunscreen: a physical sunblock with microionized Titanium Dioxide that goes on clear and contains Symehelios 1031™ to help protect against the toxicity by UVB. I will be honest, I liked the texture and the lightweight feel, but the titanium dioxide can leave a bit of a “white” residue, and this one looked like it might do that on skin darker than mine. It is a good sun block, but there are plenty of other on the market that are excellent, and this tube will not last very long if you are applying enough of it, and regularly. Buy the kit, use it up, then substitute your own favorite SPF 30 or higher.

The products are clearly detailed, numbered and shown right on the box, and all the ingredients are listed along with very clear instructions about how to use the products.  Also listed are what the products are supposed to do. These are also listed on the bottles, another plus. If there’s anything I don’t like, it’s that a couple of the items have a slight chemical smell. It’s not unpleasant but it was a bit surprising. The formulas are light and easily absorbed, a good thing, since you’ll be using all four in the morning *if you don’t want to use the SPF 30 sunscreen with 8.4% titanium dioxide you must substitute one that is SPF 30 or higher of your own choosing no excuses!


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