Could this product be your hair color’s new best friend? @JohnFrieda, @JohnFriedaUS, #HairColor

            john friedaCould this product be your hair color’s new best friend?

We’re about to enter into Summer. And while that means sunshine and swimming and leaving work early for barbecues, that also means that the sun’s rays can bleach your hair color (natural or otherwise) whether you like it or not.  Add to that swimming pools and hot tubs with chemicals that can also strip color from your hair and dull the color and before you know it, the hair color you had, is just well…sort of bad!

Short of wearing a scarf or a hat or never immersing your head in water , there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy barbeques or any type of fun in the sun or water activities, but your hair might new a little help . The Advice Sisters have recently discovered a range of new products from John Frieda that might become our hair color’s new best friend, called John Frieda’s Colour Refreshing Gloss.

If you’ve ever wished for an easy solution for the time between colorings that doesn’t involve a salon or an entire at-home re-do of your hair color, these new glosses can really help revive fading color or add a boost of shine and new color to hair that needs a bit of “oomph.”  They’re available at your local drug store so you don’t even have to worry about schlepping to a salon to buy the product. These easy-to-use glosses won’t lighten your hair or add any lasting color, but with their mild cosmetic dyes they provide an easy way to keep color fresh. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get stopped by friends to ask how you keep your hair looking so good! After using this product (along with some other favorites like Moroccan Oil) my friends couldn’t stop commenting on how shiny my hair looked. And I felt good about the color.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to put a lot of time (or money) into your beauty routine, but you want to reap the benefits. The color refreshing gloss is easy to apply in the shower. After washing and conditioning, simply put in a quarter-sized amount of product and make sure it gets spread from root to tip. You’ll want to repeat this about 3 times to make sure that all of your hair gets colored evenly. And that’s it! All you have to do is leave it on for three minutes and then rinse it out. (important:  WASH YOUR HANDS afterwards. Because it is a color gloss, it will deposit color on your skin or anywhere you leave it. That goes for wash clothes and towels, too.

Since I made this part of my shower, it was easy to make it part of my routine, too. The recommendation is that you use the product once every week and I would agree with this. The product isn’t mean to last for a long time, so there’s no real commitment if you don’t like the results, but you need to apply it regularly if you do.  It’s good for a Monday night activity. All of those jokes about not being able to go on a date because “I have to wash my hair” might have a ring of truth…!

Another great thing about this product is that it doesn’t have a lot of harsh chemicals in it. It is gentle on hair and contains the mild beauty chemicals present in a lot of daily beauty products. You don’t have to worry about it stripping your hair of moisture the way that permanent at home dyes can. The actual way that the color penetrates the hair shaft is a John Frieda secret, so I can’t give you a run-down of the process, but I can say that, their system is long as it works, I’m happy to say so! 

The bottom line:  Overall, I would say that this product is a great way to prolong color although it’s not a substitute for getting your hair colored—at the salon or at home. One bottle should last for six in-shower applications and costs $12.99, so it’s not going to break the bank.  If you consider this is a refresher to your hair-color investment, it’s really a bargain, and if you just want to boost your natural color a little bit, it’s a fun splurge that won’t break your budget budget. Experiment and have fun with it — we think it’s a great summer addition to your hair care routine and one that you will come to rely on, just like your BFF, all year round.  For more information visit



*thanks to our Advice Sisters writer, Katie Rice, for this feature.

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