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 David Stanko is my hair color guru. Hardly a week goes by that someone doesn’t say: “who does your color?”  Thanks to Redken color gels and other Redken products, I’ve been looking pretty good lately!  But David is also an innovator and color consultant for Redken.  Here is his take on Fall color (and I hope you enjoy this)!

Fall’s best haircolor find is the New Vintage advantage. The idea: Much in the same way that a vintage Chanel bag looks better than one you just bought, haircolor seems its sexiest lived-in, as though you had it all along.  Explains Stanko, who is also a haircolor consultant to Redken, “New vintage color is close to a singular shade, but it organically morphs into subtly different tones and expresses itself through a soft interplay of dimension. It can still be rich and shiny, but it’s never so showy that it screams you just came from the salon. It’s color in its prime.”

More a state of mind than a specific shade, New Vintage color nevertheless expresses itself in particular ways for different haircolors. By taking brunettes away from the expected blonde highlights and moving blondes into the “born with it” realm, it creates haircolor with history, which any woman can appreciate.

Says Stanko, “Many brunettes can benefit from strategically placed low-lights or mid-lights, which can look more natural than blonde highlights. For blondes, deeper roots and lighter ends mimic how nature treats blonde, but the effect is not as obvious as Ombre or as structured as traditional highlights. The advantage is a look that’s worn, not weathered, which grows out with greater ease.”

Among his accolades, in one year, Stanko has sold  over 60,000 DVDs:  “Lifestyle Coloring” and “Midtown Single”; and now adds author to his repetoire as the Formula Boss ™ Volume 1 and 2 launch this year – both  focus on customizing haircolor using his “Pasta Method” and 200  formulas for today’s client.  For more information on David visit www.davidstanko.com.



Cutler Salons launched over ten years ago and has actively stayed on the pulse of the beauty and fashion worlds.  Four bustling locations, 57th Street, Soho, and Gansevoort Park Avenue (debuted October 2010) in NYC, and Gansevoort Hotel in Miami, are showcases for a talented and inimitable team of over one hundred and fifty hair stylists and colorists. Cutler also boasts a strong team of editorial stylists that cater to a celebrity and high-fashion clientele and participate in Fashion Week (in over 50 shows). Their fashion industry presence allows them to translate cutting edge styles and techniques for the everyday salon client, and is a part of the salon’s DNA. Cutler will continue its close partnership with L’Oreal’s Redken.  www.cutlersalon.com

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