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In a society obsessed with youth, there are tons and tons of products promising to make you look younger, give you smaller pores, and fight your crow’s feet. Lucky for you,  The Advice Sisters try plenty of products, determined to bring you news of the best ones, regardless of price or hype.  I was given the task of trying two awesome, anti-aging skincare products that both promise and deliver the goods to fight the signs of fine line and wrinkles.. The first is a daily cream,  and the second,  a daily serum. Both can be seamlessly made part of your daily routine.

Lumene Age-Defying & Repairing Day Cream is a true multi-tasker that does three things at once. It is a daily moisturizing cream that is rich, bit non-greasy. It is  packed full of age-defying ingredients, and it also has SPF 15 to provide at least a minimal amount of sun protection as you go about your day. Lumene is a Finnish company that incorporates the most powerful ingredients from Artic plants into their products., mixing botanicals with cutting-edge science to create their skincare products. Because the Nordic summer is so abbreviated and intense, the plants there are potent,  and have compounds that can survive harsh climates.

The Age-Defying & Repairing Day Cream get its power from Cloudberry stem cell extract and Apple stem cell extract. The cloudberry extract supposedly boosts collagen to maintain firmness and its antioxidants help protect skin from premature aging from stress. Alongside the cloudberry, the apple stem cell extracts should help protect your skin’s own stem cells which allow it to better repair itself and help to smooth wrinkles and prevent new wrinkles.

Aside from its age-defying properties, it is one of the best daily moisturizers that this reporter has used. The packaging is simple and classic: the cream comes in a small glass pot with a bronze plastic screw-top lid. In order to apply the cream, it is easiest to put some of the cream on your finger and apply evenly to your skin (editor’s note — The Advice Sisters really prefer products that come with a spatula to avoid contamination, and we are not fans of creams in jars to begin with, but sometimes, that type of packaging is necessary). The non greasy cream absorbs quickly into the skin so you won’t need to wear a moisturizer and another sunscreen unless you’re going to be exposed to the sun for longer than a few minutes. In that case, SPF 15 really is not enough sun protection and you should add an additional product.   The Advice Sisters have always been fans of Lumeme products both for it’s affordability, and performance. This one deserves some accolades!

The Age-Defying & Repairing Day Cream comes sells for $30.00 for tubs of 1.7oz and can be found here along with more information about Lumene: or get it  at your local drugstore.

Pur AttitudePur Attitude is not a moisturizer or cream, but an ever-popular serum. While Lumene does three things, Pur Attitude focuses intensely on one–  being an anti-aging serum. Its official name is “Fountain of Youth Serum” and that’s just what it is. Pur Attitude’s take on beauty is that a product shouldn’t have its ingredients diluted by water, — ingredients should just be pure.  So naturally, Pur Attitude’s serums don’t have any water in them.

Pur has some awesome clinical study results, but the one that caught this reporter’s eye was that there was a 63% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles from use of the Fountain of Youth serum! The science behind this serum relies mostly on the inclusion of a peptide, called Argireline®, that claims to boost the collagen network in the skin. Alongside the peptide, the serum includes botanical extracts of bamboo and pea and rice protein that may promote collagen and elastin levels in skin. Pur Attitude has also put in their own patent-pending blend called PURlogix that contains Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine, and Ceramides that supposedly mimic the body’s natural processes and help put moisture back in the skin.

The $90.00 price tag for this serum only buys you 1 oz of product, but a little goes a long way. Since the serum is not diluted by water, that one ounce will last for 6-8 weeks of daily use. Fountain of Youth Serum comes in a clean green and white box with a flower design on the top flap. Inside the box is the actual serum. It comes in a glass bottle with a plastic pump that easily distributes just the amount recommended for a single use with one pump. The serum is to be used between washing your face and moisturizing it. It’s perfect to put on after the shower and before a daily sunscreen/moisturizer in the morning. You might be thinking that you just can’t add another thing to your daily routine, but the 20 seconds that Pur Attitude takes to apply are totally worth it — seriously, 2o second won’t make you late to the office but it might turn back the hands of time on your face, several years!. More information about Pur Attitude products can be found here:

Because Lumene is a moisturizer and Pur is a serum, they could be used together for a super age-defying morning and evening routine. Get them now and you could start looking like there’s a brand new you showing up, before the new year begins!




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