Demeter Fragrance Library Fragrances for Spring and Beyond

The Goddess, Demeter

In Greek mythology, the Olympian Goddess  Demeter, was the Goddess of the harvest.  She was credited with teaching humans how to grow, preserve, and prepare grain, and was also thought to be responsible for the fertility of the land.


just a few of the more than 250 Demeter fragrances to try!


But the name Demeter is also now widely known because it is synonymous with an amazing collection of fragrances, called the Demeter Fragrance Library. Only Demeter could dream up and replicate everything from Pure Soap, to Dirt; Clover to Cotton Candy!  With more than 250 fragrances, there’s virtually nothing Demeter hasn’t cooked up and bottled. Even better, the entire “library” of scents costs less than $20.00 each, with roller balls and mini-sized bottles for much less.

The fragrances are made with 95% natural ingredients, with alcohol naturally fermented from corn, no artificial colors, no phthlates, and no extra packaging (so it’s Earth friendly too).  In the past, The Advice Sisters have reviewed a number of Demeter classic scents, and some of unique collections on the What Works Beauty, Cosmetics & Fashion Review columns and on the former Advice Sisters Blog.

Whether it’s just because you want something new and fun to wear, or for someone else to notice, Demeter scents are perfect. They also make great gifts. The new, alcohol-free roll on perfume oils, for example, are just $10.00 each. Imagine tying a “bouquet” of these with a big silky ribbon and a rose, for mother’s day.  You can select the scents that mean the most to mom. If they’re not in the Demeter Fragrance Library, I’d be surprised!

Some of the new scents for Spring include: “Daisy,” a subtle, light scent that smells clean with the merest hint of flowers (now I know the true meaning of the saying:  “smells fresh as a daisy”)! ” Ditto “Clean Skin” that just smells fresh,literally,  like you’ve just stepped out of a shower. Moonbeam” is also subtle and light, but with a bit of fruit and maybe, a dash of musk for evening. “Kahala Blue Hawaiian,”  so juicy delicious you might be tempted to drink it. This one is a mix of scents: light rum, Blue Curacao, and  fresh pineapple juice. Trust me, someone will want to get in closer for a better sniff!

Some might choose to celebrate Spring with romantic scents like Bulgarian Rose, Chocolate Covered Cherries or even a  Cosmopolitan Cocktail, but there are lots of delicious and appropriate scents for Spring, focused on food.  The mouth-watering (but non-fattening) singular scents such as “Caramel”  and “Butterscotch,” both smell like the real thing. “Espresso” will remind you of an Italian cafe (all that’s needed is someone singing “O Sole Mio”  ). Get a little creative and layer it with “Cinnamon Bark” for a scent that no one can resist!

For any birthday, you can easily wow someone with “Birthday Cake.” it smells like a moist yellow cake with vanilla icing.  It’s the ultimate man magnet, and no calories are involved.  Tuck a $6.00 mini splash into a birthday card and it’s an instant gift!

Products are available in the following sizes:

NEW 0.29 oz Alcohol Free Roll On Perfume Oil / $10.00

0.5 fl oz Cologne Mini Splash / $6.00

0.5 fl oz Cologne Purse Spray / $10.00

1 oz Cologne Spray / $20.00


The idea of these fragrances is to be adventurous and have fun with them.  Layer, experiment, find your own fragrance formula and have many fragrances at your fingertips, even on a budget. You can find a whole range of delightful, unique and fun Demeter Fragrance Library scents in mass market retailers and drug stores, and also at

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  1. The Demeter Fragrances are in Duane Reade. This one was on 3rd Avenue and I think, 58th street, near Bloomingdales in Manhattan. But all the stores have them and you can also get them online…link is in this article

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