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Dry skin doesn’t just make you look older, it looks dull and feels bad (tight, itchy, sensitive, irritated).  There are plenty of products out on the market to help deal with ultra-dry skin.  DOVE has always been one of those product lines that women have come to rely on to help deal with dry skin. Recently, Dove launched something giving us another option for dealing with dry, sensitive skin. The Dove DermaSeries Skincare Line is a  premium skin care line of ultra-mild cleansers and ultra-moisturizers to help deal with extremely dry skin.

There are a couple of products in this line and while I didn’t try them all, I was impressed with the ones I  did try. What I really like is that this skincare routine is that is is unscented, and simple to use:  For face there is cleansing, For Body there is cleansing and moisturizing  (plus an Intense Repairing Rough  Patch Treatment $18.99 3.4 fl. oz). Note-able is that  formula found in the Dove DermaSeries creams, combines 12-Hydroxystearic Acid (12-HSA), a fatty acid that works twice as well as stearic acid, glycerin (a potent humectant) and natural emulsifiers to activate PPARs, proteins found in the skin. PPARs and 12-HSA work within the deepest surface layers to help in the formation of better quality skin cells, creating a better quality hydration barrier. The  PPAR Activation Complex in the DermaSeries creams are supposed to moisturize better than leading prescription creams.   At the price points I’m quoting below, The Dove DermaSeries Skincare line is quite a find.

Step 1: Cleanse

The cleansers, Ultra Caring Gentle Cleansing BarUltra Caring Gentle Body Cleanser, and Ultra Caring Gentle Cream Face Cleanser, are unscented. That’s the first plus for me, since anyone with dry and irritated skin doesn’t need any fragrance to make things worse. The cleansers contain very mild ingredients that replenish moisture lost during the cleansing process, offering an ultra-mild, non-irritating, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben-free and sulfate-free solution to sufferers of extremely dry skin. One of the key ingredients is glycinate, an extremely mild cleanser that provides the gentlest cleanse with a rich, creamy lather,  and stearic acid, a skin-natural lipid to help replenish moisture lost during cleansing. The creams are lightweight, non-sticky and non-greasy and absorb quickly into skin for an enjoyable experience.  As someone who personally has both dry and sensitive skin, and who uses products like CeraVe and Cetaphil, I found it comforting to know that the new Dove products are likened to these.

One of the cleansing products that made me smile, although I didn’t get a sample, was a solid cleansing bar (in the solid cake form DOVE is famous for) is $7.99 for 100g.  In my home, both my grandmother and my mother used that Dove bar to keep their skin moisturized and soft.

For those who like a liquid cleansers (and I’m in that group) there is the Ultra Caring Gentle Cream Face Cleanser for $15.99 for 5.1 fl. oz. in an air-free pump bottle, and the Ultra Caring Gentle Body Cleanser is $15.99 for 6.8 fl. oz. but it’s in a twist open/shut type tube, good for shower or tub.


Step 2: Moisturize

With a new, exclusive, patent-pending breakthrough technology known as PPAR Activation Complex, the intensely hydrating creams, Intense Repairing Body Cream, and Intense Repairing Rough Patch Treatment, help rebuild skin’s hydration barrier. A heavy duty emollient cream is usually sticky and greasy, but these are  lightweight, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, paraben free, non-irritating, and they are not greasy, and absorb quickly. Yay! Score one for dry skin sufferers.

The Intense Repairing  Body Cream is $17.99 for 6.8 fl. oz. I am not sure why there isn’t a similar moisturizer for face, unless I missed it in the press release notes. I didn’t try either of the moisturizers so I can’t really tell you much more about them.  I liked the Intense Repairing Rough Patch Treatment. The emollient rich balm contains smoothes and helps repair the type of thick and rough dry spots that you can get on places like elbows, knees, heels and hands. I could see immediate relief, but products like this really do need time, and patience, to do a great job. I’m working on it.

The bottom line:  The products are a great boon for those who have both really dry skin and skin that is sensitive. In addition, the simple, air-free white packaging is similar to the high end products you would find in a dermatologist’s office or a boutique brand, making them unisex and attractive to display.The Dove DermaSeries product line is available at select retail partners nationwide For further information, please visit

About Dove
Dove, manufactured by Unilever, is the No. 1 personal wash brand nationwide.  One in every three households uses a Dove product, which includes beauty bars, body washes, face care, anti-perspirant/deodorants, body mists, hair care and styling aids. Dove Men+Care is the newest range of products from Dove, developed specially for men. Dove is available nationwide in food, drug and mass outlet stores.


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