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What does a beauty reviewer do if she has sensitive skin? In a word: “suffer!”   But thanks to high tech TLC from good product lines on the market, you don’t have to torture your sensitive skin to get good skincare results.

For example, why not pamper your precious skin with products Paris, France. The chic rue Saint Honore is the home of dr. adam skincare, a hypoallergenic line with products that purport to detoxify, comfort, repair, prevent, nourish and rejuenate the skin. The French already know about dr. adam, but if you’re in the United States, this is a  first look at products that have been available in the US market for only a couple of months.

dr. adam products are good for all skin types, but particularly great if your skin recoils with redness and irritation and the mere contact with most skincare.  The products employ Cellular Therapy, to physiologically stimulate the skin’s stem cells.

The web site I listed at the bottom of this page is supposedly the one for the United States, but it isn’t as comprehensive as the one that I assume is for the European market.  A first look at the U.S. website didn’t even show any full color glossies of a dr. adam, (spelled in lower case letters — I didn’t type it incorrectly!). However, there does appear to be a genuine “Dr. adam” at the helm, with able skin care experts guiding the creation of the products. A search brought up more information about dr. adam and the clinical studies on the products.

Dr. Adam is a chemical engineer with a degree from the National Graduate School of Chemistry, Paris. He is also a Doctor in Pharmacy and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has more than 20 years experience of managing the research and development teams of international pharmaceutical companies.

One thing I really like about the dr. adam skincare line is that there are plenty of products to choose from that address a wide variety of skin care types and issues. This is great, because one type of skin care certainly doesn’t fit everyone. I also like the packaging — pristine white plastic bottles and tubes with calming blue labels. Guys and gals can easily share. Even better, of the eight products I personally tried, none of them featured screw-top jars –easily the worst kind of packaging in my option,  because of instant potential for contamination and reduced shelf life. Everything that wasn’t in a plastic bottle with covered applicator arrived in tubes with covered applicators (travel-friendly). Less enticing were the slight chemical scents, but hypoallergenic products generally go easy on those to avoid irritation, so I am letting that aspect, pass.

I tested the Detoxifying Cleansing Milk, Soothing Toning Lotion, Masque, Serum, Anti-Aging Night Cream, Face Lifiting care, Absolute Protective Day Cream, and Nutritive and Invigorating Body Care. One of the things I found interesting was the supposedly statistically significant “results” for each product, printed in teeny, teeny type (in both French and English) on the bottles and tubes. I like the idea of promoting results, but, for example, the Detoxifying Cleansing Milk claims a “global satisfaction index” of 80% and a few other statistics. What could these possibly mean?  Further investigation revealed that volunteers (no idea how many) tested the product, but there doesn’t seem to be any details. And the mention of the term: “student test” confused me even more. Did some kids from the local college agree to use the products?  There needs to be a lot more information about the testing and results.

And more surprisingly for me, was the fact that while these vague results were printed on the packaging, there wasn’t much information about how to use the products on the bottles and tubes. To be fair, there is a basic explanation, but if you want more you must actually read the paper insert in the box (not everyone bothers, although it is always a good idea) and wade through the information (in print so tiny it’s hardly viewable), to get to the application directions. When you click on “more details” on the web site, directions and ingredients should be available as well. They’re not.

If I didn’t know anything about the brand these issues would make me cautious.

If you read my reviews, you know that I feel it is unfair to make claims that something does or doesn’t work. The reason is that we are unique beings, and no one’s skin is the same . My personal experiences with this line, and any product, is highly subjective, even though I have decades of experience as a reviewer.  Like any skincare line,  it has to be right for you, and you must use the products properly and regularly if you want results. You also usually have to be patient, as few things really offer an immediate result.  That being said, I do have very sensitive skin, and I will know immediately if something is going to irritate my skin.  dr. adam products, didn’t.

The dr. adam Detoxifying Cleansing Milk ($49.00 6.76 fl. oz.) is liquid and creamy and non foaming. Most of us are used to products that foam, but surfectants can also dry and irritate the skin. I wasn’t sure how much to use, so  opted for a nickel-sized portion. I was delighted that it cleansed my face very effectively. Creamy cleansers often leave a film, but this one washed off perfectly, and left my skin really soft and smooth without stripping the skin.

I followed up with the dr. adam Soothing Toning Lotion ($49.00 6.76 fl. oz). . Toners can make sensitive skin itch and sting. This one didn’t. The side of my face that I tested felt a bit tacky for a few minutes, but whatever reside was on my skin was absorbed.

A splurge or a must-have, depending upon your viewpoint,  is the Total Moisturizing Mask ($90.00 for 2.6 fl. oz.).  It is supposed to be applied twice weekly. The time printed on the tube to leave it on your face was 10 minutes, but on the box the time listed was 15 minutes.  Confusing!  The thick cream has a white-ish cast (not too scary if  someone walks in while you’re wearing the mask) and it is supposed to hydrate (massively) and restore brightness and freshness, along with an “intense detoxifying effect.”  After the 15 minutes I left the mask on my face, I washed it off, easily.  I wouldn’t say that I got massive hydration, but my skin was clearly hydrated, and it really looked smoother and brighter. The best part was that it didn’t irritate my skin as a lot of masks can.  Personally, I’d spent $90.00 just to be able to use a mask (an essential part of a skincare routine) without “pain.”

After this cleansing regimen, there are a lot of other things to try in various collections, but it would be helpful to have more guidance in picking the right protocol(s) since you might have several different skin issues and the products don’t always overlap.  •Prior to all treatment, it is essential to cleanse and tone the skin with dr. adam, PARIS Detoxifying Cleansing Milk and Soothing Toning Lotion.  •The Total Moisturizing Masque should be used at least once per week, and Nutritive and Invigorating Body Care as necessary based on climate and skin health.  •Eye Contour Serum could be used in all cases regardless of skin type or skin condition. Always use the serum first then apply the appropriate care.

Here is a quick look at the various protocols, as described:

For Young Skin (less than 30 years):   • Day Treatment: Eye Contour Serum + Absolute Radiance Booster (for very dry skin) + Ultra Moisturizing Care once or twice a day; • Night Treatment: Eye Contour Serum + Nutritive and Invigorating Body Care (once a week).  *I liked the slightly sticky but very hydrating, Invigorating Body Cream ($84.00 6.76 oz.).

For Older Skin (between 30 and 40 years):  • Day Treatment: Eye Contour Serum + Ultra-Light Moisturizing Care (for very dry skin) + Absolute Radiance Booster Care once or twice a day. For the first week + Eye Contour Serum + Cellular Anti-Stress Booster (BNT) + Absolute Protective Day Cream. • Night Treatment: Eye Contour Serum + Intense Repairing and Nutritive Care (BNT) + Anti-Aging Night Cream.

For Older Skin (between 50 and 60 years): • Day Treatment: Eye Contour Serum + Cellular Anti- Stress Booster (BDT) + Absolute Protective Day Cream once or twice a day during the first two weeks + Eye Contour Serum + Face Lifting Care once or twice a day during the first two weeks. • Night Treatment: Eye Contour Serum + Intense Repairing and Nutritive Care + Anti-Aging Repairing Night Cream.

Over 60 Years (depending on skin condition):  • Day Treatment: Eye Contour Serum + Cellular Anti- Stress Booster (BDT) + Intense Anti-Wrinkle Care once or twice a day or Face Lifting Care once or twice a day. • Night Treatment: Eye Contour Serum + Intense Repairing and Nutritive Care (BNT) + Anti-Aging Night Cream.

Rosacea/Lupus/Diffuse Redness Of The Skin Protocol: For Normal Skin – • Anti- Redness Cream once or twice a day (28 days) + Intense Repairing and Nutritive (BNT).    For Dry Skin – • Intense Repairing and Nutritive Care followed by Ultra Moisturizing and Anti- Redness Care once or twice a day for the first 28 days + Anti-Aging Repairing Night Cream at night.   For The Most Severe Cases  – • Use first the Moisturizing and Anti- Redness Intensive Care + Anti- Redness Cream once or twice a day + Intense Repairing Nutritive Care + Anti-Aging Repairing Night Cream at night.

Men’s Protocol For Sensitive Skin Protocol –  • Day Treatment: Intense Repairing and Nutritive Care + Ultra Moisturizing Care + Absolute Radiance Booster.  •Night Treatment: Anti-Aging Repairing Night Cream + Cellular Anti- Stress Booster (BDT).

Post Sun Exposure And Over-Exposure Protocol – • Day Treatment: Cellular Anti- Stress Booster (BDT) + Ultra Moisturizing Care.  •Night Treatment: Intense Repairing and Nutritive Care (BNT) + Ultra Moisturizing Care.
• Body: Mix 5 drops of Intense Repairing and Nutritive Care with the Nutritive and Invigorating Body Care or Nutritive and Invigorating Body Care alone.

Dry And Sensitive Skin Protocol  –  Day Treatment: Eye Contour Serum + Intense Repairing and Nutritive Care + Ultra
Moisturizing Care or Absolute Protective Day Care. • Night Treatment: Eye Contour Serum + Intense Repairing Nutritive Care + Cellular Anti- Stress Booster.

Deep Line And Wrinkle Protocol – • Day Treatment: Eye Contour Serum + Cellular Anti-Stress Booster (BNT) + Eye Contour Serum + Intense Repairing and Nutritive Care + Intense Anti-Wrinkle Care during the first two weeks.
• Night Treatment: Intense Nutritive Repairing and Nutritive Care (BDT) + Anti-Aging Night Cream.

Prevention Protocol  –  • Day Treatment: Eye Contour Serum + Cellular Anti- Stress Booster (BDT). • Night Treatment: Eye Contour Serum +Ultra-Light Preventive Anti-Aging Care + Intense Repairing Nutritive Care (BNT).

Acne Protocol (For someone who goes to the spa for blue light treatments)  –  • Post blue light, use Ultra-Light Preventive Anti-Aging Care. Anti-Redness Cream can be used if skin is blotchy or patchy and red.

Post Microdermabrasion Or Post Facial Surgery Protocol  – •Day Treatment: Ultra-Light Preventative Anti-Aging Care + Absolute Protective Day Care + Cellular Anti- Stress Booster.  • Night Treatment: Intense Repairing and Nutritive Care (BNT) + Absolute Protective Day Cream or Ultra Moisturizing Care.

The Bottom Line: I liked the products I tested, but I strongly feel that better packaging information is essential, and the United States web site is woefully lacking.  The web site where I did get information for dr. adam was translated from of all things, Ukranian!  Since the product line is new in the United States, I’m cutting the brand some slack, because the products are good. But I’m hoping that my constructive criticisms will be taken under serious consideration by the company.  As a consumer, I’d demand to know more,  before I plunked down my money for high tech, pricey potions like these. Most of these products range from around $48.00-$90.00.  However, if your skin is really sensitive and you’re not satisfied with other hypo-allergenic lines you have tried, many of which offer less of a wide range of choices, you might want to test out dr. adam.

You can  purchase the products you want directly from the dr. adam web site You can also check out dr. adam on Facebook

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