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When you’re a long time fan of a product, sometimes it’s hard to remain impartial. But when it comes to EMK Placental, their products just always amaze me and never disappoint. When I received one of the latest products from EMK Placental, their Radical Repair Eye Cream (($85.00 .05 oz.) I was so excited that I put it in a safe place, and then, I admit this, I couldn’t find it again for about a month.  Luckily, I unearthed it and had a chance to try it. And of course, I’m extremely glad I did.  This Radical Repair Eye Cream arrives in a gold screw top car, so it already looks luxe and special.  It’s an advanced hydrating treatment that works hard to intensely hydrate, smooth and fill in lines and wrinkles. But that’s not all. It also brightens dark areas and shadows, firms, and lights the eye area, reducing puffiness, When you smooth on the fluffy white cream, you can immediately feel it start to tighten. that’s one of the things I’ve always loved about this upscale skincare line from California. It is a product line that produces not just longer term, but immediate or almost immediate results. Instant gratification, with more good results to come!

If the word “Placenta” puts you  off, keep in mind that EMK Placental uses  a botanically-derived extract the company says is virtually identical to human placental extract, but it is not from humans, it’s from plants. The reason for the placental extract is that the formula supposedly mimics the way your skin cells naturally re-charge. It not only speeds up the creation of new skin cells, but somehow gets the older ones you have now to behave more like they did in your younger days. Other key ingredients in EMK Placental products are less exotic and include: seabuckthorn, clinically proven anti-aging peptides, paper mulberry, shea butter, sea minerals, fatty acids, and Vitamins A, E and K. All of these are proven to be good for skin.  The products are good for all skin types, but since I’m one of those people with super sensitive skin, I’m very careful what I put around my eyes.  This product is also Dermatologist Tested and hypoallergenic.

The key to all of this (besides the bio-identical placental extract) is an advanced, proprietary blend of anti-aging peptides specifically for the damaged, thin skin at the eye area. Hyaluronic Acid works at the deepest level of the dermis to smooth and fill in lines and wrinkles in an actio n similar to DHEA, the ‘youth vitamin.’ A clinically proven biopeptide protects collagen and works from within to plump up wrinkles and expression lines to lessen their depth and visibility. Eyeliss and Haloxyl combat puffiness and dark under eye circles by improving circulation and combating the skin’s inflammatory response. This smooths and brightens the eye contour and reduces the tired looking bags.Super antioxidants Beta Carotene, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E protect the delicate eye area from oxidative damage that leads to premature aging. There is also a slight vanilla scent.

emk placentalIf I have one criticism, and it isn’t really one, just a personal pet peeve, it’s that I don’t like to stick my fingers into a jar of anything. The moment you open a jar, especially of a pricey cream or lotion, you expose it to air, and things that can contaminate it. This eye cream from EMK Placental doesn’t come with a spatula (at least my provided sample didn’t),  so you’re going to have to use a spatula you have, or r another type of applicator, or if you’re like most people, you’re just going to stick your finger into it. And then you’ve just started to contaminate the product and you’ve got cream on your finger. It’ s not the most sanitary way to apply a product.  But that aside, the cream is light and non greasy, and it doesn’t quite tingle, but you can feel it on your skin going to work, tightening.  A little goes a long way, and just a bit will immediately help  puffiness and dark circles to quickly fade — mine literally within 15 minutes (your results may vary).  Over the next couple of days, even though my cats woke me up way too early, and I was working on my websites way too late at night, I didn’t really have the puffy bags that I’d expected, nor did I have the dark circles. If you use this cream regularly, you may find that the more troubling eye issues start to become less noticeable, too. It’s a pretty intense cream, a great way to get the new year started and look your best.

EMK Placental Botanical Skin Care Products once again prove to me that they are exceptional. If your budget can accommodate some luxurious skin care, try it!  EMK Placental Botanical Skin Care products can be purchased in select physician’s offices, spas, beauty stores and online at www.emkplacental.com

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