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When I find a product I’ve fallen in love with, I always hope that the company will keep the line, going.  So when Clinique produced the Chubby Moisturizing Lip Colour Balms in sheer colors last Summer, and then re-imagined them with more opaque, intense  colors in the Fall, I was honestly, kind of giddy with  joy.

Chubby Sticks look like big, colorful, crayons that swivel up like lip balms in a tube, but the lip versions provided lots of moisturization as well as color that lasts a long time, is truly pampering, and never needs to be sharpened. In fact, you can even swivel some of the stick down again, should you so desire. These Chubby Sticks are a traveling woman’s best friend because they’re also versatile and lightweight. Since I discovered Clinique’s Chubby Sticks I’ve been carrying at least one with me at all times.  That is not an exaggeration!

After the lip products launched, I began thinking how great it would be if Clinique had Chubby Sticks eyes, as well.

The beauty goddesses must have been reading my thoughts, because now Clinique has added  Chubby Stick Shadow Tints for Eyes!  These are exactly the same idea as my beloved lip chubbies, but with a blend-able, long-lasting, creamy eye shadow formula.

As with the lip chubbies, the  outer packaging of the Chubby Stuck Shadow Tints for Eyes shows the color so you don’t have to guess. They also swivel up and down, are fun to use, and great for travel. The colors are sheer-ish, and blend-able, in an array of user-friendly, natural colors ranging from light to deep.

Of course, since these are made by Clinique, they are 100% fragrance free, allergy tested and won’t bother you even if you wear contact lenses. As someone with super-sensitive eyes, I’m literally dancing with delight!

One of the things that make the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes so much fun, is that you can do so much with them. Play around with layering to make your own, special colors. Color block them, or wear just one at a time.  I simply swiped the color on my lids and blended it with my finger, and that worked well, but Clinique’s Global Color Expert Jenna Menard suggests blending the edges with a shadow brush before the product sets. Once it does, I have found that these creamy pencils stay put for hours.  

There are a dozen shades:   07 Pink & Plenty01 Bountiful Beige03 Fuller Fudge04 Ample Amber05 Whopping Willow06 Mighty Moss02 Lots o’ Latte08 Curvaceous Coal09 Lavish Lilac10 Big Blue11 Portly Plum12 Massive Midnight .  If you look at the range of colors to the left in the photo and wonder which ones you can’t live without,  here are two of Menard’s suggestions that can get you started:

For a natural look Menard suggests applying Lavish Lilac all over on the top of your lid and along the bottom lash line, and then adding Fuller Fudge as a liner on the top, in a thicker line.  But for drama,  try Curvaceous Coal all over the lid to just above the crease (blend this well) and then add Pink & Plenty to create a dimensional highlight. Then add some more Pink & Plenty on the inner corner of the lid, just above the curvaceous coal on the base of the brow bone, and traced along the bottom lash line

I admit I would have a hard time choosing just one or two, and at $16.00 you might need to choose carefully, but you can’t go wrong with even just one of these chubbies!  As I write this, I’m wearing the pearly, soft green,  Whopping Willow. Tonight, I’ll be rocking the amber-tinted Ample Amber and maybe a bit of Fuller Fudge for accents. No matter which one I choose, EYE love these (and I think you will, too).

Find your favorite new chubby companions at your favorite Clinique makeup counter or at www.clinique.com


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