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Winter can really work it’s destruction on your lovely skin.  If yours is looking a bit drab, dry or otherwise “down in the dumps,” it’s the perfect time to consider adjusting your regular skin care routine to add a few new and nifty products.  One brand you might consider is Artistry, by Amway.

If you know Amway, you probably also know about Artistry.  The Advice Sisters recently reviewed one of Artistry’s newest and most unique skin treatments, Artistry®  Intensive Skincare 14-night Restore Program   Artistry also has an excellent line of color cosmetics. Amway is a multi-level marketing company with the products sold through millions of sales reps in 80 countries.

 Artistry’s skin care products run from normal department store price-tags, to products that skyrocket over $350.00.  But there is a lot of science and research in these products.  And on top of that, more than 10,000 people around the world have taken part in Artisty’s F.A.C.E.S Facial Computer Evaluation System that helps Artistry scientists capture and evaluate actual biological data from real women using a combination of specialized photography and state-of-the-art, imaging.  I have been included in that database as well.  With this information, Artistry scientists can better understand what the company calls “the 7 deadly skin enemies” ( UV exposure, climate changes, lifestyle habits, international factors, nutrition,  chronological aging and improper skincare regimens),  and how these seven things lead to skin damage and skin aging. Then they are better able to translate this information into new and even better,  clinically proven skin care formulas.  That being said, as a consumer you still need to  find the products that are right for your skin and skin issues, and use them regularly and properly, then be patient and hope for the best.  But my personal experience with Artistry’s skin care has been very positive.

The eyes are supposedly the windows to the soul, but sometimes we forget to take care of the delicate skin around them.  Then, eyes can look tired and old, even when they’re not!  As part of your “new year, new me” plans, getting the right eye cream for your skin, is a must!

Eye creams come in all sorts of formulas, delivery systems, and price points. Since there are no oil glands in the delicate eye areas, any eye cream, theoretically, can make a difference in how your eye area looks and feels. Crows feet are some of the first signs of aging, and you don’t have to be “old” to see the results of sun, stress, squinting, and general lack of care, around your eyes. If  you want something that does more than just moisturize, consider the anti-aging Creme LuXury Eye from Artistry ($178.50 0.5 fl. oz).  The product  uses “CellEffect Technology” to help deal with the signs of aging.  CellEffect Technology is a powerful complex driven by Cardiolipin, which Artistry touts as: “the most rare and precious ingredient ever used in any ARTISTRY® product.” According to Artistry, CellEffect Technology re-energizes skin cells and boosts their natural ability to repair visible signs of damage and aging, for skin that looks healthier and acts younger. It also contains something exclusive: Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein and Medicago Sativa (Alfalfa) Seed extract for firmness, reduced puffiness, and reduced look of fatigue. Other beneficial, eye-enhancing ingredients include:  Japanese Cherry Blossom to soothe;  Alfalfa Seed Extract to boost firmness and elasticity to help strengthen thin under-eye skin; and Caffeine to help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

The Artistry Creme LuXury Eye arrives in a striking, clear and silver plastic pump bottle with a shiny silver top that looks elegant in your boudoir or in your bathroom. The claim is that the rich cream is clinically tested to deliver a 94% instant surge in moisture,  and a 100% improvement in moisture in just two weeks. After four weeks, women who tried Creme Luxury Eye said that the skin around their eyes seemed firmer, and that they could see a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, and a visual improvement in skin roughness.

More specifically, this product proposes to aid your lower eye area by:

Visibly lifting the eye area, giving it a look of energy and vitality.
Reducing the appearance of saggy skin around the eyes.
Increasing firmness and elasticity for more supple skin in the eye area.
Helping sculpt the eye area for a lifted look.
More specifically, this product proposes to aid your upper eye area by:

Reducing the appearance of dark circles.
Visibly smoothing puffiness.
Softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the under eye area.
Helping prevent visible fine lines with a moisture surge.
Diminishing the appearance of expression lines.

My personal experience with this product was excellent. It didn’t turn back the clock ten years, but my eye area felt smoother and more hydrated, and the skin around it looked brighter and less dry and delicate.  Then again, what works for my particular skin and skin issues might not be the same for you. With continued use, I think I’d see more improvement, but I don’t generally use anything for more than a week or so, or I’d never get my review out on!   I can also attest to the fact that while some eye creams are thick, smelly, sticky, oily or generally unpleasasnt to use, Artistry’s 87-step micro-texturizing process has created a lovely product with a silky texture that you’ll actually want to use.

For your face, there are so many skincare products from Artistry, I can hardly choose just one.  I’d suggest consulting with your favorite Amway sales rep, or visit to see all the choices.  For a weekly Winter tune-up I suggest the Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel #10-7998  $101.50 1 fl. oz.  As someone who has very sensitive skin, the word “peel” usually scares me, but this product in a metallic blue pump bottle worked like a charm. This isn’t an old fashioned peel, that forces you to wear a scary mask of goo on your face until it dries to a gross crust, and then you literally have to peel or scrape it off. This is a lightweight, clear gel that sits on your skin for about 8 minutes, and then you simply wash it off, leaving your skin exfoliated, and looking smoother and brighter. It uses a unique mushroom enzyme that adapts to your skin’s pH, and it knows when to turn itself off. I was doubtful, but after trying it and finding that my face didn’t stink or burn, or stay red for more than a minute, I was sold.  First I cleansed my skin with Artistry’s Essentials Hydrating Cleanser  $15.00 4.56 fl. oz. (for normal-to-dry skin and safe for sensitive skin) and followed with an Artistry Moisturizer and my SPF. My skin really did feel and look better.  The peel isn’t inexpensive but you don’t need a lot, so the tube should last for a couple of months, depending upon how many times per week you use it (I wouldn’t suggest more than two).

Visit to learn more or find your favorite Amway sales representative.  You may be very pleased with the results!

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