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For the past couple of Season’s FACE Stockholm’s looks have been dramatic, and yet, quite wearable. For Winter 2013/14 however, the shift is away from the “no-makeup” dewy skin that has dominated the beauty scene for a long time, and towards a more polished, velvety skin, carefully prepped with foundation before being dusted with a liberal coat of powder to set. Up close as you can see in the photo, this look is very precise. You can’t dash it on in a second and expect it to look right, but the end result is definitely worth the dramatic look you’ll get when you’re done.  And if you can’t spare the time, or don’t have the talent to do it completely, take the elements that appeal to you the most — the porcelain skin, or the garnet lips, or emphasized brows, and make the look, your own.

If you want to try the whole look, here is the “how-to” directly from FACE Stockholm:

“We used Picture Perfect Foundation in a porcelain shade (in this case, Shade D), applied in an even layer using a makeup sponge. Try our Teardrop Sponge for a silky, smooth finish.  *There are 20 different shades of this foundation, D is the lightest.

The powder puff is back! Our super soft Powder Puff is sewn together, not glued, so it can safely be thrown into the washing machine and dryer! Here we used our Small Powder Puff in combination with Loose Powder #1. Use a rolling motion, press powder into skin, brush of any excess with a powder brush, #3 for example.  *There are 10 different shades of loose powder. #1 is fair/warm and the lightest.

Girlish flushed cheeks take a back seat this Winter; skip blush entirely or use it very sparingly. *A porcelain face like this is very elegant, but for many, hard to pull off without any blush at all. I suggest using one of FACE Stockholm’s Crème Blushes ($25.00) maybe in a shade like “Stockholm” a pinkish gold,  but use it very sparingly for a dewy and very sheer glow, or try one of  the lighter shades of FACE Stockholm’s 33 powder blushes *($20.00)

Brows are feature:  bushier and bolder, neat yet strong. We used Brow Shadow Bjork. Try using a bigger brush when applying, for subtler edges; here we worked with Brush #11L.

We kept the eye bare and naked to offset the stronger lip. We started with a base coat of Matte Shadow Vänskap on the entire lid using Brush #26 and for a little more definition we added Matte Shadow Ash closer to the lash base. We finished the eye with a coat of Clear Volumizing Mascara.

And finally, the star of this look: the dark, Garnet stained lips!

Make sure your foundation has covered any redness or imperfections around the lip line so that you are starting out with a perfect canvas.

*Bold lips are in fashion, and the rich, Garnet lipstick is a fresh alternative to red. But if you’re going to wear this dramatic color, do it right. Draw in lips carefully with Face Stockholm’s Rochelle Lipliner ($17.00) prepping for a perfect coat of the deep, rich Garnet Lipstick ($22.00).”

FACE Stockholm VänskapVÄNSKAP FACE Stockholm Picture Perfect FoundationPICTURE PERFECT FOUNDATION FACE Stockholm - Lipstick GarnetLIPSTICK GARNET
Face Stockholm - Brow Shadow BjorkBROW SHADOW BJÖRK FACE Stockholm - Volumizing Mascara ClearVOLUMIZING MASCARA CLEAR FACE Stockholm - Nail Polish 163NAIL POLISH #163

You can find all these products and many more in FACE Stockholm Boutiques and online at http://www.facestockholm.com

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