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Human beings normally shed about strands of hair a month, but stress, hormonal issues, poor
nutrition and even illness, can make hair break and shed faster and with more intensity. As alarming
as it looks in your brush or the drain, it’s temporary for most people.

For a period of time this Summer, when I was under extreme stress, I saw what I thought was an alarmingly large amount of hair in the drain after shampooing. But when I went to see my hair colorist, David Stanko and my stylist Jenny Balding (both at the amazing, Cutler Salon), both of them said that it looked like a lot of what I thought was “broken” was really new hair growth.  That was a huge relief!  But it’s really likely that using good products, helped to save me.

If you are shedding more hair than usual but you are otherwise in good health, you might be able to save up to 1,500 strands a month with a product called Fall Fight Strand Saver Anti-Breakage Spray, from Garnier Fructis ($5.90 5.1 fl. oz.). This lightly fruity-scented spray has energizing caffeine, biotin and fruit vitamins to help make hair look thicker and healthier, while improving hair’s resistance to everyday hair-fall due to breakage.After spraying this (lightly) on your hair (best after using the Garnier Stand Saver Anti-breakage Shampoo and Conditioner) you are supposed to massage it into your scalp for a minute. That stimulates your scalp and hair folicules, too. You can use it on damp or dry hair (just don’t douse your hair — a light spray is good).

If your hair fall-out is due to medical issues, or it’s very damaged, nothing is a miracle cure, but it does a whole lot for very little.  If breakage is a concern of yours,this product at under $6.00 a bottle, is worth trying.  Get this and other good Garnier products at your favorite Drug store or mass market retailer, or visit

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