Fougere and Flowers Mesh Male & Female, In Closer by Halle Berry Eau de Parfum


The holidays are nearly upon us, and with it, cash registers will be ringing up sales of fragrances both affordable, and nearly unattainable. One that is relatively new, and is under a suggested retail of $30.00 is Closer by Halle Berry.

The outer carton looks like a simple, classic white with gold and black trim and accents, but when you turn the carton around, there’s this startling photo of Ms. Berry wearing a pristine, white, man’s shirt and tie, open to reveal a bit of black, lacy bra., as she’s enveloped in the arms of what is unmistakeably a hunky man.   And the point is, that Closer by Halle Berry not only is a sexy fragrance, with a twist.  The promotional text exclaims the Closer by Halle Berry:  “embodies the notion that a woman knows what a man wants. It is what the sexiest man wants to smell and what the sexiest woman smells like.  A shared connection in which each partner is an equal part and participant. When a man and a woman get this close, where does one stop and the other begin?

 These descriptions always amuse me, but what is the fragrance really like?  To me, it smells very masculine. It’s fresh, slightly lemony, and herbal.  If I didn’t know it was Closer by Halle Berry I’d guess it was a (fairly expensive) man’s after shave.   It is described as: “An alluring fougere accord wrapped in a sexy blend of mimosa and violet flowers. And; the trail of precious woods and rich warmth creates an intriguing sensation of bold sensuality. ”  It it sexy, but in a gender-bending way, not is a femme fatale formula scent.

Perfumer Jacques Cavllier combined masculine and feminine notes to make a mixture of floral, fougere and sensual notes with a hint of woods. The top notes include accords of ozone, wild raspberry and water lily. The heart includes mimosa (a favorite of Halle Berry), plus  violet, cedar and fougere accord. Vanilla pod, mahogany, cashmere and musk in a base give the fragrance more staying power, and sensuality.  The scent is fresh, herbal and light. It won’t stay on your skin through a night of dinner and dancing unless you bring a bit with you for touch-ups,  but it is perfect for the office, and every day activities.

As I always caution, fragrance is a very personal preference. I really liked Closer by Halle Berry, even though I read some negative reviews. I happen to like men’s fragrances on women, and this one straddles the line between male and female, just as the perfumer (and Halle Berry), intended. In addition, the scent smells more expensive than it is.

Jane Tarallomale created the unusual packaging. I didn’t think the male/female classic and photo carton design was attractive, but inside the outer carton is a beautiful bottle that looks like expensive cut glass engraved with elegant, curvy lines on the sides, and a sideways clear plastic diamond covering the shiny gold spray diffuser. A small button engraved with an HB logo that reminds me a bit of the monogram of a famous designer, peeks through a hole in the plastic diamond cap. It’s pretty and elegant, and a must for collectors.

If you are looking for a light and unusual fragrance that won’t cost you a fortune as a gift, or for yourself, I think Closer could be a wonderful choice.  Spray it on him before you both go out, and come in “Closer” to enjoy the scent “a deux.”

Closer by Halle Berry is available in mass market retailers in a 15 and 30 ml Eau de Parfum, along with 75 ml natural deodorant spray.



Wild Raspberry


Ozonic Accord


Fougere Accord

Violet Flowers




Vanilla Bean

Mahogony Wood

Cashmere Musk

youcan get it at kohls

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