Six fun color cosmetics that let you show your true colors from Lipstick Queen, Votre Vu, Wei East, Clarins, and Eve Pearl


I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow


Makeup can transform your face, and change your attitude. Amazingly, a lipstick, or a bold eye look can let you show the world who you truly are, or who you aspire to be. But you can always wash it off.

Here are some fun color cosmetics that I love and I think you will tool. They don’t follow any particular theme. I just wanted to share them!

 All hail the Lipstick Queen!  It’s no secret that I adore Poppy King creator of Lipstick Queen. I’m a little late with the Summer launches, but finally I received the two newest Lipstick Queen Lipsticks ($22.00 each) for Summer:  “Jungle Queen” is a semi-sheer bold and bright coral , but it’s not SO coral or pink that it fades into the background though. The press literature claims that it “works perfectly with animal print clothing and accessories by contrasting against the texture of leopard.”  Vitamin E and natural oils help keep lips looking lovely during the drying months of Summer. The deep metallic forest green tube is a nice touch, too.

But there is another Summer color that I love as well. “Aloha”  is a bright red that comes in an orange metallic tube. It’s the alternative to a Winter red, still bold and bright, but made for sunshine.  It’s got UVA and UVB filters to keep your lips safe from the sun’s damaging rays, and Vitamin E and natural oils to nourish them. This color is semi-sheer, but you’ll love it all Summer long and into the Far. It’s a new favorite.

And there is one more pleasant surprise from Lipstick Queen for Summer.  $24,00 brings you a pot of creamy tint that can be used for lips and cheeks. , called Lipstick Queen Oxymoron.  “Open Secret” is a coral/pink that makes warm skin tones even nicer. But there are four other colors too:    “Honest Politican” (pinky brown); “Deafening Silence” (subtle Beige Nude); “Minor Crisis” (fresh rosy pink); and “Free Ride” (pretty peach). the moisturizing creamy formula has shea butter, jojoba and avocado to moisturize and nourish your skin and slide on softly and smoothly, but still look matte (great when you’re in the heat). I love the idea of something that travels and multi-tasks and doesn’t make a mess. This one, certainly fits the bill, perfectly.   For all of these, visit or Space NK stores and


wei east lips

Red, plum, orange, pale pink? It’s time to let your lips do the talking and kiss the stress of finding the perfect lipstick color goodbye! Color changing lipsticks are nothing new, they’re been around a long time, but the type of chemistry that allowed color to react with your skin tone and create your own custom lip color has dramatically improved, making the tones more flattering and personal.  The Silver and Gold Sensation lip products from Wei East ($22.00 –single lipstick is $12.00)  provide personalized color for dozens of hours, without drying out your lips and in a lightweight and creamy base that looks luminous, not dry. But the technology lets the product interact with your personal skin chemistry while aloe soothes your lips.  I didn’t try the lipstick that is silver in tone in the tube, but I did  try the gold lipstick which created a bright  but believable raspberry on my lips. These are fun, and flattering. Also flattering is the Asian-inspired tapered black tube with red details.  Get yours on the Wei East Web Site  or 


eve pearl hd foundation mediumreverse contour instruction 2

Eve Pearl is not just a talented and charming woman, she is a professional make-up artist and frequent on-air guest and expert, performing make-overs and providing make-up and beauty advice. Eve Pearl has her own line of cosmetics that are are luxurious and pro-style, and very user friendly. As someone who makes up the faces of television personalities, she understands how high definition television can accentuate every single imperfection. Therefore, when she developed her own it had to be excellent. Her  High Definition Dual Foundation is $56.00 and is available in six colors from very light (Fair) to very deep (Deep).  I was sent a “medium” which was too dark for my fair/medium skin. If your skin is fairly light but not porcelain, choose the “Light.”

The product is water, paraben, petrolatum and fragrance free, It is a lightweight cream that you can layer or blend from full coverage to sheer or medium.  Using some of Eve Pearl’s techniques you can cover all sorts of redness, discolorations, acne, scars, tattoos and more. It’s good for all skin types, even sensitive skin, as it will let your skin breathe. You can apply it with Eve Pearl’s Contour Sponges ($10.00/pkg. of 8) or use a proper foundation brush ($35.00)

Eve Pearl is the Master of what she calls “Reverse Contouring” which lets you define your cheek bones in three steps.  Here’s how”

Step 1 : Side 1 (Light Side)  – Use the Foundation brush with the EVE PEARL showing, apply couple of strokes on your eyelids, and while SMILING, apply below the cheek (above the jawline). A simple guideline is going from the edges of your lips, back towards your ears.

Step 2 : Side 2 (Dark Side) – Turn foundation brush around that shows the term “foundation” apply side 2, the darker side while SMILING apply to your cheeks, work back towards the hair line. Also, apply to chin, nose, forehead andanywhere there is redness, discoloration or need extra coverage.

Step 3 : Blend  – Use a damp non-latex sponge to blend the foundation into your skin to achieve a smooth, flawless complexion

Tip:  The more damp the sponge, the more sheer the coverage of your foundation.    You can get these and more Eve Pearl products on the Eve Pearl Web Site

tweezerman brushes*Note I also like Tweezerman’s brushes, Their Foundation Brush is $21.00 with more rounded head that lets you get into the tinier spaces, but it is still tapered for easy application of any liquid or cream foundation. It is made with DuPont Natrafil filaments which feel like soft natural bristle but of course, it is “faux” and frankly, a better choice for liquid and cream. Visit the Tweezerman Web site   


lip balm crayons

Clarins Lip Balm Crayons ($20.00) are quite a treat. It comes in six colors from soft pink to deep brown and plum. One shade “My Pink”  (01) adapts to the color of your lips with a pigment that works with your skin’s pH to instantly boost its natural shade.  In my case, my lips turned a slightly deeper pink than normal and the color was natural and flattering, not garish like some of the color changing products can be.  And this lip balm is a boon, not  like any other lip crayon you’ve tried, trust me. This one has a very creamy texture but it also has lots of shine, and it hydrates — a lot (that’s the “balm” part) thanks to shea, mango and apricot butters. When your lips are dry from Summer’s heat, sand, sun, and other saboteurs, this little beautifier does so much to help bring lips back to life while coloring them and adding gorgeous shine. It is also a swivel up, self sharpening stick of balm, so you don’t need to carry anything but this. Choose from Creamy Pink (soft warm pink); Sweet Cherry (bright red cherry); Delicious Plum (medium pinky-plum); My Pink; Soft Coffee (medium deep brown); Tender Coral (medium bright coral).  Visit your favorite Clarins makeup counters or the Clarins web site

votre vu eye pencilsFinally, while we’re still on the topic of crayons, there is another product that I’ve fallen in love with and that is perfect for travel, warmer weather and frankly, anytime. Votre Vu French Accents Le Joli Crayon ($23.00) is a gel pencil  liner for eyes that even I can’t mess up (and believe me, I have the most unsteady hand and myopic eyes you’ll ever see).  This is part of the Votre Vu “French Accents Collection” which also has some nice lipsticks and lip glosses, and a great eye shadow or two for Summer.  But back to this amazing pencil, the long, thin, silvery pencil comes with a soft liner on one end, and a foam smudger tip on the other.  You won’t tug, rip or tear your lids with this one, and you can blend the pencil, beautifully. But once it is “dry” it will stay put and true to color, even if you touch your eyes a lot (as I tend to do without realizing it).  It won’t melt, and it won’t let you down.  The pencil is packed with good things for your skin, too. It has Tocopheryl Acetate – a form of antioxidant Vitamin E that conditions moisturizes and protects delicate skin; Persea Gratissima (Avocade Oil) – a natural oil rich in protein and Vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E which work together to soothe;  Grape Seed Extract – a powerful antioxidanet, neutralizing free radicals and protecting skin from harmful environmental stresses and it is great for anti-aging. And finally, the thing that makes the pencil smooth on your skin like a dream, is Candelilla Wax – a vegetable wax with that wonderfully emollient.

Le Joli Crayon comes in Aubergine. Marine, Chocolat, Violectra,  and Charbon. I tried several, but I loved Violectra, which is a bright violet with just a hint of shimmer.  Of course, the others are nice too!  You might try the deep blue “Marine” for Summer, since “nautical” is a great look for now.  And while you’re feeling great about the look (and the fact the a really nice covered pencil sharpener is included with every boxed liner). you will also be happy to know that  Votre Vu will donate $1 from each French Accents Cosmetic purchased to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to support efforts to treat and cure pediatric cancers.  

votre vu products A fitting shadow for one of the Le Joli Crayons is the Endless Summer Eye Shadow Single ($19.00) available exclusively atVotre Vu web site (you can also indulge in an eye Shadow Quad palette $42.00), this shimmery bronze is just a perfect long lasting color that you can swipe on when you really don’t want to fuss with a face full of colors. Vitamin E, jojoba oil and kaolin klay help it stay long lasting a crease proof.  The shadow is talc and fragrance free and full of good for your skin minerals. It’s just the thing you need to add a glow to your lids no matter what your skin tone.  Visit the  Votre Vu website to learn more about all these products

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