Hand over your latest cream, Herbacin, it’s a winner! @HerbacinUSA #skincare

herbaciin lavender hand creamhand crreamSome beauty companies have been around so long you just take them for granted — but you really shouldn’t. For example, the German beauty company, Herbacin.    tinThis company makes plenty of “no-nonsense” skincare that works, and some of their products, like their Kamille Hand Cream tins—have been soothing women’s skin for over 100+ years!

Maybe that’s why I’m devoting this feature to a hand cream.  Yes, just one..by Herbacin.  They’ve earned it.

Herbacin has recently launched a line (well, there are two) of all-natural hand creams, called the Wellness Hand Cream. These are available in a Wild Rose and a Lavender scent.  This simple tube (with a flip-top) will be your new desk-side and bed-side companion. It will soothe and hydrate your skin with either lavender oil or  natural fruit extracts of wild roses, plus plant-based glycerine!   This dermatologically tested hand cream is:  - paraben-free - contains no mineral oil - contains no animal ingredients or by-products and - not tested on animals.  

These are such simple things, but they can make a huge difference in how your hands look and feel.  I tried the lavender hand cream and found myself actually applying it more often just to inhale the relaxing  and very authentic and herbal scent of lavender during the day ( Use it to help you get a better night’s sleep, too).    The product absorbs quickly and is totally non-greasy too.  If it wasn’t, I’d be having a more difficult time typing this!

You can find Herbacin products in your favorite drugstore and mass market retailer, or Visit https://herbacin.com to learn more

 You can also try the other Herbacin hand creams: 

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