Heat, Style, Scent…. Three Unique Beauty Gifts

It’s the holidays, and maybe you’re scratching your head and digging deep to figure out what to get some special people who seem to have it all? For them, only the truly useful and interesting will do.   For them, I offer three exciting beauty options: to protect against heat damage, to help style, protect stuff, and offer sensational scents! The clock is ticking down, but you can order these items online! GET CLICKING!!!!

Have you ever put your flat or curling iron down on something, only to realize that you melted something or ruined the finish on your furniture,  and potentially caused a fire?  Well, you’ve got to put these heated, styling tools down, somewhere. But if you put them down in the wrong place, they can case trouble.  The Glam Mat is a seems like such a little thing, but it is a very useful one. The 5.5″ x 9″ heat absorbing mat in a pretty, lavender, nonslip, heat resistant silicone offers a stylish and safe solution to the problem of where to put your heat styling tools, or anything that slips and need to be gripped.  The raised, decorative pattern grips heat stylers and other beauty items, so they don’t drop, burn or spill.  The specially designed backing also wicks heat away from counters and any other surfaces.  You can even use it as a hot plate uner a steaming casserole dish!  The clever Glam Mat is heat resistant up to 450 degrees, and made in the USA.  It may seem like the Glam Mat would be a strange gift, but this nicely boxed  in cello, heat/grippy mat has so many uses that if you give it as a gift, the recipient will quickly realize how great it is, and thank you for years to come!  If it gets dirty, you can wash it on the top shelf of a dishwasher, or simply with soap and water.  Since it is a great gripper, you can also use it for cell phones, glasses, crafting tools, or whatever you have that you need to ensure stays put!  It is made in the USA and costs $21.95 at spas, salons and beauty supply chains, or by visiting www.clevergirlinnovations.com


Another”little thing” that you quickly realize is pretty great, once you get one and start using it, is a unique thermoActive Ionic Boar Combo hair brush from Olivia Garden. Unrestricted airflow enables both sides of a hair strand to be shaped at the same time. the bristles are 100% boar bristle, favored by pros for smoothing and shine.  It might not be so great for the boar (I believe no animals are harmed in making boars bristle brushes) but black boars bristle really grips (but is still gentle to hair)  for smoothing, volume or curl. The curved shape of the barrel in these brushes helps you get closer to your scalp, so there’s no frizzy “gap.”  And the handle is rubberized and easy to hold.  In fact, the entire brush is amazingly lightweight, but it’s a “heavyweight” when it comes to styling, especially long, thick hair. The well balanced brush gives you the comfort you need, so you avoid hand cramping and arm fatigue.  A pro-style metal styling pick is also embedded into the tip of every handle, so you can section hair precisely. All of this doesn’t come cheap, but a good brush well cared for, will last for years. It’s a good investment for you, and a nice splurge for your hair-obsessed friend!  This luxe brush is available in five  five sizes:  1 3/4″ fpr $18.25, 2 1/4″$21.55; 2 1/2″ .25; 3″ $21.55 and 3 1/2″ $23.25.  In some places you will be able to get these in now, or at the very least, in early 2012.  Check out  www.olivagarden.com to see these, and lots of other luxurious and effective brushes to suit all your hair style needs!

There’s nothing I love more than a roller-ball fragrance. They are so easy and clean to use, travel-friendly, and just plain fun!  For a luxurious, natural and organic gift any woman will love, give her one of the Forever scents from Lavanila.  These roller-ball,  essential oil fragrances are completely free of harsh chemicals and packed with potent, vanilla-centric fragrance that lasts and lasts.  The roller-balls arrive in a hard-sided tube container featuring one of three Forever fragrance scents:  Vanilla Coconut, Pure Vanilla and Vanilla Grapefruit.  The base of  sweet almond oil base with botanical fragrance oils hydrate and last for up to eight hours.  And, at just $25.00 each they’re a little luxury that lasts and lasts.  I tried the Vanilla Coconut Forever Fragrance Oil, a softly sweet blend of young coconut, hints of monoi tiare (a spicy, Tahitian white flower), and a warm sensual base of Madagascar vanilla bean.  Vanilla scents really drive men wild.  Did you know that vanilla scent is an aphrodisiac?  It is, and men just can’t get enough of it — a real man magnet!  So no matter which LaVanilla scent you choose, you may be on your way to finding lasting love at that next holiday gathering, or, perhaps, just boost attention from your special someone.  Who knows what will happen when you roll on a bit of Forever Fragrance from Lavanilla?!!! TIP: Apply directly to dry skin. Note that some of the Lavanilla products may contain nuts.  Get yours at Sephora or www.sephora.com or learn more at: http://www.lavanila.com/

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