Holiday Treats: Vince Camuto’s Show-Stopping Scents

When I think of designer Vince Camuto, I think of really chic shoes and other women’s wear, including his “rock royalty” style.  But Mr. Camuto also has lovely fragrances for men and women, in equally exciting packaging.  Once again, these are sure to be holiday favorites.

One look at the women’s fragrance flacon, and you know it’s something special.  Vince Camuto Eau de Parfum is categorized as a chypre-floral.  A Chypre is defined by an accord composed of citrus top-notes, a floral middle, and a mossy-animalic base-note derived from oak moss and musks.  Vince Camuto’s fragrance for women features top notes mixing rum absolute and osmanthus nectar. The heart is a mixture of very feminine florals:  Bulgarian rose and night blossoming jasmine plus one masculine mote of leather. The base includes vanilla, absolute, patchouli, Brazilian amber and leathery musk.

The first time I smelled this scent, a while back, I thought it was mostly a light, fruity floral, but upon re-examination, it’s really a scent that is sophisticated, substantial and even a bit spicy, but it is also light and modern. It is also one of those fragrances that, happily, will blend into your skin and depending upon your own body chemistry, become something that is all your own.  The audience for this will be women who want something hip and chic, but who also expect quality. The designer himself deems this premier scent:  ”affordable and accessible luxury.

As for presentation, Vince Camuto for women is a knockout.  The outer carton is a big, white, square carton with a big, red seal (Vince Camuto’s) and”Vince Camuto” in gold lettering on the front, and a nearly imperceptible silouette of the bottle, on the back. The inner liner of this white box is bright,  hot pink.   And then, there’s the gorgeous bottle, fit for a queen. The clear, glass, five-sided base is  rounded at the top to show off the golden juice in all of the bottle’s facets, marred only by “Vince Camuto”in gold lettering on one piece.  The spray diffuser is matte gold,  topped by a large, brushed gold “crown”  that mimicks the company logo (the Camuto family crest). The top looks like a showgirl’s head-dress, and it’s truly stunning.  And, if that’s not (show)girl enough, there is a  slim, hot pink, gross-grain ribbon tied around the neck of the bottle holding a small, golden “coin” with the full Vince Camuto logo as well. If you wished, you could remove the coin and put it onto a charm bracelet.

The fragrance is available at fine department stores with a 1.7 oz. Eau de Parfum for $60.00 and a 3.4 fl. oz Eau de Parfum for  $78.00, and also there’s a 5 oz body lotion for $40.00 (in a simple white, flip top tube).

Vince Camuto for Men has an entirely different personality, but it is no less showy and stunning, in its own way.The outer carton is a bold rectangle of soft metallic black rimmed with shiny silver detailing, with a bright blue inner liner. The bottle inside looks commanding and powerful, and it is literally, weighty. The substantial chunk of square glass is  topped with shiny pewter . Both the bottle and the topper are wrapped in black leather.  You can only see the juice inside, if you look at the bottom of the bottle. The heavy topper for the spray diffuser closes with a distinctive, expensive, “click!” The Vince Camuto logo seal is prominently featured on the front of the bottle, over the black leather.

And the fragrance is, not surprisingly, sophisticated. Yet, like the Vince Camuto Women’s fragrance, it somehow avoids being either too light or too heavy. Perfumer Harry Fremont got the balance, like the little bear’s porridge, “just right” The top begins with Italian bergamot and sparkling mandarin, mixed with black pepper. Lavender and nutmeg in the heart blends with sensual leather, to make this fragrance undeniably, masculine. At the bottom are classics:  woods, vetiver and patchouli, plus a rich musk.  You aren’t going to mix this up with a unisex or women’s scent. It’s woody and sensual — the kind of scent you want on a man when he’s dressed up and ready to go out for the evening.  I think it will appeal most to sophisticated and fashionable men, but it will span generations and make an impressive gift for the special men on your list.

Vince Camuto for men is available as 1.7 oz. Eau de Toilette Spray for $57.00 and a 3.4 fl. oz. spray for $70.00 at fine department stores. There is also a 1.5 oz. alcohol-free deodorant stick for $17.00.  I also found this  holiday set for $75 .00 at Nordstrom, which features a 3.4 oz. Eau de Toilette spray, the  alcohol-free deodorant (2.5 oz.) and a shower gel (3 oz.)

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