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sopohia loren

Sophia Loren was always glamorous, from head to toe!

You’ve got the dress, the shoes, accessories and a plan for your hair

Now what are you going to do with your makeup to amp it up for New Years Eve and for all those special occasions in 2014?

Despite all the charts and the complicated ideas you may be seeing in the magazines, most women really don’t want to transform themselves into a totally different vision from what they normally look like. But when there is a special occasion, there’s that urge to do something extra.  Instead of going crazy with hair, fragrance and makeup, sometimes, it’s best to just focus on a few special things that make you look well…yourself, but just a bit more amplified.  Sometimes, you can accomplish this by simply going a bit deeper or more intense with the colors and application you normally wear, or with a special occasion fragrance, or a can’t fail product you really love. The Advice Sisters have gathered a few of our favorite nifty and new products to glamorize easily for New Years Eve, and into 2014.  The effort is minimal, the impact could be really BIG!

takashi murakamiFeel like a Princess!  Princess by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura.

I’m going to say in full disclosure right up front that the only piece of the new 6 heart princesses collection by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura that I tried, was the Lip & Cheek Fun-tasy at $25.00, which also makes it one of the least expensive in this collection (more on it in a minute). But the collection looks so cute, so glam and so collectible, that I had to include it in this glam guide.   “6 heart princess” is a popular  anime genre in Japan that follows the adventures of mischievous witch girls  called “Majokko,” (the theme is a normal girl that magically changes into a  super woman and explores facets of beauty and womanhood). That is really all you need to know about the “why”. but you do want to know that Designer Takashi Murakami has used this as the “muse” for his collection celebrating the pink and  black princesses  representing the duality within every woman from innocent to naughty, nice to sexy.  The 6 Princess by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura Holiday 2013 is available  now for a limited time this season at  Hurry if you want to get these.

6 Princess by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura Eye and Cheek Parallel  Palette ($69)Enchanted Black  Parallel Palette ($69) ; Cleansing Oil A/O  ($77); Black Jewel on Wing  Premium False Eyelash ($75) ; Princess Love in Wink Natural False Eyelash ($30) ; Magical Stick Liner ($24) ; Mini Nail Fun-tasy Set  ($30);  Heart and Flower Curler  ($24); Fun-tasy Mini Brush Set ($69)

..and then there’s the 6 Princess by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura Lip & Cheek  Fun-tasy ($25) This silky matte, creamy and moisturizing lip and  cheek tint is the first of its kind and adds playful color to your princess pout  and cheeks. Available in 5 charming shades including dream pink, fuchsia  fun-tasy, heroin rose, princess coral and magical red. The squeeze tube with rounded tip dispenses a silky, moistly-matte color.  I was sent ‘Magical Red” which was red with a lot of deep rose in it. It smoothed on silky and sheer enough for a believable blush (or if you really want to go “anime” dot on round red circles and turn heads). Smoothed on lips, it was “bee stung” beautiful, and felt sensuously silky.  What’s not to love?!!  Visit but hurry because these launched in November


jane cream eye shadowjane million dollar smileBeing on a beer and peanuts budget doesn’t mean you can’t glam up. Heck no!  Luckily for glam-nistas, JANE Cosmetics is back, and there are tons of fun and glam products to be had, for just a few dollars each.  The Advice Sisters wrote up the “re-birth of Jane” a few months ago, but I’m happy to suggest a few specific products to make your holiday more bright and definitely more merry.  For eyes, Try a super shimmery eye shadow in gilded gold “. There are a dozne different shades but his one is metallic and glizty and party perfect amd just $8.00!  Luminous shimmer illuminates eyes in a cream-to-powder eye shadow that never quits. This smudge-proof formula provides long-lasting, crease-free color that dries down quickly and lasts all day. Wear alone or under powder shadow to create a smooth, even base and create custom colors for day and night.  Add a water resistant eye liner in a fun color in one of 20 colors, from basic black to lime green to sparkles. However you define your eyes, this long lasting, water-resistant, and highly pigmented creamy liner makes precision application, blending and diffusing a breeze. and they[‘re just $6.00. Re-work a lip look for just $7.00 with Jane’s Turn up the volume with Jane’s Intense Color Lip Gloss called “Million Dollar Smile” (but it is just $6.00). The slanted squeeze tube dispenses a seriously shiny, intensely pigmented tint to lips that reminds me of the famous MAC LipGlass, down to a hint of vanilla scent, but it’s much less pricey. Million dollar smile is hot, hot pink, but there are nine shades in total. It is the stocking stuffer of the year, and the moisturizing,. Vitamin E infused formula will turn heads. Easy party looks from Jane — you’ll never look “plain.”

senna cosmetics eye look

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this trio from Senna Cosmetics tells you that a glamorous, metallic eye look is only three products away from your dreams!  This brand was created by Eugenia Weston, a makeup artist who learned the craft of film makeup from Disney Studio makeup stalwarts Robert Schiffer and Bob Mills. She has worked on major entertainment videos for Michael Jackson, Bette Midler and Lisa Marie Presley.  She really knows how to put colors together, and produce makeup that not only looks good, but works well. The Silver Lining Glow Eye Shadow is softly metallic, not so “club kid” that you couldn’t tone it down for the office, then pile on a bit more (or wet it and use it as a liner) in time for the office party or a hot date. The fine pint eye liner lets you create a thin or thick line although frankly, I still am all thumbs when it comes to a liquid in a pen (but that’s just me and  I’m very myopic so I can never really judge where I’m drawing that line –but you can use dots. I’m not the average).  The mascara has an intense black color (we love this) and the (spiral) helix -shaped brush coats and separates each lash for perfect definition and clump free wear. Hi-Tech polymers boost strength and volume of lashes and ensure long lasting and smudge-proof wear. It’s a great mascara, and I love the subtle pewter paisley design on the tube, too.

senna cosmetics venetian red lipstick

Red lipstick is glamorous, but sometimes, it is very glamorous. $20.00 brings you an exceptionally creamy lipstick from Senna Cosmetics in a flame red color called “Venetian Red.”  It isn’t quite tomato, and it’s not really rusty. It is a neutral red which means everyone can wear it, with just enough rose in it to make lips look pretty, not goth, not garish, not orange, not pink, not….just a rosy red that is sexy and ready to rock day or night. The lipstick is also kind to lips that aren’t dry or not quite perfect, since it’s velvety and hydrating, with skin-loving Hyaluronic Acid filling spheres, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to do a lot more than just look lovely.  You can justify the cost since it also hydrates, conditions and protects — and it won’t let you down, all holiday season and all Winter long. Oh!  And one more thing — the lipstick case is festooned inside and out with a subtle, pewter, paisley design. How gorgeous!  TIP:  Soft lipsticks can “roam” a bit. To keep yours where you want it, and to keep it lasting longer, use a Senna Lip Liner ($18.00) in a coordinating, classic red shade like “Crimson.” This lip liner pencil helps you line and fill in lips and  (well worth the investment if you’re not going to want to touch up that red lip, often).  ”   For all that is new, and all your favorites, visit:


midnightpromise-park-withbottle-gradientmidnight promise bottle closeup



















Midnight Promise Eau de Parfum ($105.00 2.5 fl. oz.) by Bellegance Perfumes literally wowed me more than anything else I tried in the fragrance category this year. 2013 is about to come to a close, but make yourself a “Midnight Promise” to buy a bottle of this sensual fragrance guaranteed to make 2014 your most amazing year ever.  It’s the premier fragrance for Bellegance Perfumes.  The juice was created by Sarah Horowitz  who has more than two decades of experience crafting private label scents for upscale brands.

While fragrance is highly personal, this spicy scent has a cocktail of notes that made me nearly swoon with delight. It’s just got everything I love in fragrance, spice, sex appeal, luxury, and it works with your skin to make it your own.  The actual notes include  top notes of red mandarin and an unusual note– cinnamon, a heart of Moroccan red rose, and base notes of warm, deep amber, incense, oak moss, soft patchouli, fresh vetiver, vanilla musk, and sandalwood.

If you know about fragrance, you might think this is a “heavy” fragrance, but while the scent sticks around on your skin, and it has a smoky almost incense-y vibe, it dries down softly, so that when someone gets close to you they’ll smell it, but you won’t announce yourself coming and going into a room.  I think it’s a “man magnet” but honestly, I can see some men wearing this as well, because it is exotic and spicy.  For some, this would be a “date night” or special occasion fragrance, but I honestly believe that this will appeal 24/7 to women (and some men as well) who like fragrances that smell luxurious, elegant, spicy and unique.  This is a true signature fragrance for someone who loves scent and knows the difference between ordinary, and extraordinary.  The bottle, with a golden butterfly topper (actually depicting the Bellegance Perfumces double-B butterfly logo created by designer Ping Li), and a base of Italian, amethyst glass, is a treat for the eyes, as well. Visit 



ramy red my lips lipstickYou already know that RED is a color that turns heads and makes hearts quicken (there is a reason they call it a “RED” carpet and not another color when the event is spectacular). If you’re going to invest in a new, holiday lipstick, why not get a lipstick that helps your lips and that can be combined with others, to create a variety of effects and tones?  For example, this “Red My Lips” by RAMY ($17.00) is one of 15 shades. The lipstick arrives in a short, brushed silver tube with slanted top, and it is infused with avocado oil, Vitamin E, and sunscreen, so you can feel justified that Winter weary lips that can get dry, will benefit from your investment into 2014. Some of the colors are sheer, some shimmer, some cream, but Red My Lips is a creamy, intense, neutral red that is perfect for day. Dab on a bit of glittery gloss for evening, if you dare!  Ramy Red My Lips can be purchased from and and  in selected drug stores.

Ramy OMG mascaraWhen I began writing about beauty, probably before some of my readers were even born (probably this is not an exaggeration), I was all over glitter as novel and fun. But back then, the glitter products really didn’t have staying power, so they were messy.  Then the “club kids”  took ownership, and I stopped suggesting them for “adults.”  But glitter is back for girls and women of all ages, because the products are fun and glamorous, especially for special occasions. Today’s products have smaller particles that add a bit of sparkle, but aren’t gaudy, and the products stay put thanks to newer bases that hold them tight. For example, Ramy Beauty Therapy’s OMG! Mascara ($24.00) is an instant glamorizer for eyes. It’s a 2-in-1 mascara wand and eyeliner with a clear base holding a starry wealth of holographic, parti-colored glitter (shimmer).  You can wear it alone or over your mascara and/or eyeliner. The unique product also has a unique delivery system — the applicator has the mascara wand and eyeliner brush all on one handle. The moisturizing formula is water based so you can wash it off without having to irritate your eyes. Ramy suggests brushing the mascara wand above and below your lashes for a full glitter effect. If you are wearing contact lenses or your eyes are sensitive, I’d try this as a test run first at home,  before stepping out on the town. But you can also brush OMG! Mascara through some strands of your hair, to add some sparkle, too.  This product is a great way to wear glitter without going too over the top. It’s really fun to use. Ramy OMG! can be purchased from and and  in selected drug stores.


 L'occitane travelers set

Looking for a little travel companion to glam up without having the TSA take it all away? L’Occitane’s holiday Traveler’s Set La Collection de Grasse is just $35.00 and gives you the four fabulous fragrances of the Collection de Grasse that we reviewed back in April of this year, but in adorable, mini-sized bottles to tuck into a purse or tote. You get 1x Jasmin & Bergamote Eau de Toilette 7.5ml; 1x Magnolia & Mûre Eau de Toilette 7.5ml; 1x Vanille & Narcisse Eau de Toilette 7.5ml and 1x Thé Vert & Bigarade Eau de Toilette 7.5ml.  L'occitane Fleur d'or de acacia

New to La Collection de Grasse is Fleur D’Or Acacia, with a soft, feminine floral felling. The collection celebrates the early winter blooms with the exquisite marriage of golden Mimosa and soft Acacia notes. This full sized set includes: • 75ml Fleur d’Or & Acacia Eau de Toilette; • 175ml Fleur d’Or & Acacia Shower Gel; • 175ml Fleur d’Or & Acacia Body Lotion and it is $110.00 The fragrances were created by perfumer Karine DuBreuil, who is now the in-house perfumer for L’Occitane . She learned her craft at the Roure School of Perfumery in Grasse, and has created other fragrances for L’Occitane, for over 15 years. This is just a little splurge, of course you can get the full sized bottles too and complimentary bath and body products. Get yours in the L’Occitane boutiques and on usa.l’ 

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