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killer queen by katy perry


If you want to know what motivates a woman to purchase yet another fragrance, when she already has a couple, a dozen, or hundreds of them, it is often the packaging that makes the heart beat a bit faster, first.  Of course, the fragrance has to smell lovely as well. But this bottle is killer on its own, nestled inside an outer carton of bold red “quilted” with gold details, and a black, white and gold embossed logo on the front.

killer queen without the cap

Truthfully,  applying fragrance from a beautiful bottle is what makes wearing scent into a beautiful ritual.  Killer Queen by Katy Perry demands your attention with a bold, red, faceted, diamond shaped jewel that could double for a scepter.  It commands your attention, even before you pull of the shiny gold cap crowned, literally, with a golden dome and a  “royal” crest of Katy Perry’s initials on one side, two cats on the other.  Under the cap, no detail is spared. The diffuser nozzle is tiny, but coated in red so it looks like a real “ruby” shining through the open bands of the golden top. Who wouldn’t  covet this?!

The look is definitely befitting royalty, but the inspiration for this lovely fragrance by singer sensation Katy Perry is a queen of a different sort. ” Killer Queen”  is also the name of a song made famous by the band Queen and it’s singer Freddie Mercury.   The woman in that song was who commanded attention when she walked into a room.  Apparently, Katy names her company “Killer Queen” in homage to this song and its lyrics.  

So Killer Queen, the fragrance, is more than just another celebrity scent, it is a statement that a woman can be feminine, an elegant, and powerful.  The fragrance created by IFF’s Laurent Le Guernec has top notes of wild berries, dark plum and bergamot accords. The heart has a main note of celosia, plus Sambac jasmine and rainbow plumeria, nods to femininity and romance. The base however, makes itself know in the drydown fairly quickly. Those notes include liquid praline, patchouli and cashmere.  The effect is of a wearable, daytime fruity/floral scent but it has depth. Spritzed with a bit more intensity, it’s a date night fragrance, too, but one that one knock you over if you come too close.  It’s sophisticated, but not so edgy that younger women would be afraid to wear it. Killer Queen will work into the heat of the Summer. Buy it now, enjoy it for months to come. 

Katy Perry, COTY,  and IFF did a good job of balancing the “Killer Queen” with the “everyday woman” who will relate to the fragrance, and still feel a bit special when she spritzes it from the ruby jewel it comes in.  Buy a bottle and as the box commands: “own the throne.”  You might think you’re buying this just to add it to your fragrance bottle collection, but you’ll find yourself selecting it and wearing it…often. 

 a 3.4 oz. Eau de Parfum is $59.00 , 1.7 oz. $49.00 Body Lotion $29.00.  These are available at Macys and Macys.com and many other places online and in stores. 


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