La Nuit de Boheme by Anna Sui is for an unconventional life @AnnaSui #Fragrance

Anna Sui la Nuit de Boheme trio

anna sui and alison blackman

anna sui and alison blackman

Who doesn’t love Anna Sui, both the clothes, and the designer herself?  She’s one of those remarkable women who just appears ageless, timeless,  with that joi de vivre that we all wish we had, but can’t quite copy.  And  while her designs look so Boho and carefree on the young  models bopping up and down the runway during fashion week, there is a sensuality and a sophistication to them, especially when you get to see them up close and personal.

display of anna sui fragrances

just a few of Anna Sui’s fragrances, from a photo I took at her boutique in Soho at the launch of La Nuit de Boheme

But Anna Sui is a brand, and as such, she has accessories, makeup and lots of fragrances (among other things) that reflect her style and bear her name.   She started out with cute packaging, and hasn’t stopped. All are collectible.  A recent one is La Vie de Boheme.  And, as Sui herself was quoted as saying:  “La Vie de Boheme, was the first time I used bohemian style for a fragrance, and did so well,  some of the other markets (especially Europe and the Middle East) asked for a more dramatic, sensual fragrance,  so we decided to launch La Nuit de Boheme,”

Which brings me to the reason for this post, the new fragrance that just launched a few weeks ago by Anna Sui, called “La Nuit de Boheme.”

This new fragrance was created by Jérome Epinette of Robertet. It  starts out with champagne citrus and midnight blackberry. The fragrance marches forward to mix with gilded lotus flower,rose petale, and then some of my favorite notes including oud, cedar, vanilla orchid, patchouli and amber. From these notes, one would think that the fragrance would be not just floral/woody, but also on the heavy side. Surprise!  It isn’t. it actually hugs the skin like a soft kiss, and doesn’t really make itself known unless you are close to the wearer.   This is probably specifically by design, because the Anna Sui customer is youthful and fun loving, so while she like glamour, she also would want to keep it “lighthearted.”

LaNuitDeBoheme_Bottle_50mlThe packaging is spectacular. The outer carton is metallic gold festooned with black, white and red art deco designs of flowers and butterflies in Anna Sui’s signature design.The bottle is also a stunner, one that collectors are going to purchase in droves. It’s solid “gold,”  bedecked with with Sui’s signature roses and a butterfly-about to take flight as the topper.

For now, La Nuit de Boheme Eau de Toilette is available in a 30ml ($46); 50 ml ($65) and 75ml ($78). A full rollout will happen in the Fall of 2014.   You can find Anna Sui’s La Nuit de Boheme (and her other fragrances) at Anna Sui’s Boutiques and Beautylish

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