Lip Products from 6 Sensational Brands That Literally Light Up your Holidays


Lip colors are magical. With just one swipe, they can change how we feel about ourselves, along with changing our look.  It might be just a temporary transformation, but I can’t think of a single product that can help you re-invent yourself and then, if you wish, simply wipe the new look, away.  And, sometimes, all you need to feel special, is a lip product that represents your essence.

In this review, I’ve selected a number of new and novel lip products, some of which literally can light up your holidays. The emphasis is on bold color and lots of shine, but you can adjust the intensity and color by blotting, and by mixing with other colors. These lip products are not only fun to wear, they’re great stocking stuffers.

Which will be your new “go-to” favorite this season?

If you were part f the rock scene in the 1970’s and into bands like Blondie, you might have known about Tish & Snooky (not Jersey Shore Snookie) who were singers in Blondie’s original lineup. They created the first punk-fashion boutique in NYC’s Greenwich Village, and by the late 70’s and through the 1980’s, the name, Manic Panic, became synonymous with hair dyes of every color, with makeup to match. I remember looking at blue and purple hair tint and thinking: “who would ever do that to their hair?” Today, plenty of people do.

Times and rock stars change, but even if you’re not the type to sport blue hair like Katy Perry, or hot pink and rainbow, like Nikki Minaj, you can still change your attitude and show off your adventurous side, with Manic Panic makeup.  One product that will appeal to the mild even more than the wild, is Manic Panic High Voltage Light Up Lip Goss. The idea of adding a mirror and a light (activated when you pull the wanded applicator from the case) to a lip gloss isn’t novel, but Manic Panic’s version is vanilla scented (press literature says it is “cupcake” but you can be the judge), very silky and hydrating, and full of intense pigment to tint lips like you mean it!  The lip gloss is also paraben-free cruelty free. vegan, and packed with lip loving oils and nourishing antioxidants Vitamins C and E and jojoba. . A $12.00 lip gloss isn’t a major investment, but when you are trying to touch up your lips in a dim environment such as a club or rock concert, it’s worth every penny and more!   There are four colors to choose from including a bold red pale pink shimmer. Universally flattering is “Hotta Chocolatta” a soft brown with a hit of pink (speaking of which, ANIC PANIC has been featured in runway collections from Rodarte, Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, and Guerlan. Trendsetters and pop stars such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Pink have also been seen rocking Manic Panic colors. Now it’s your turn! There are a gazillion other fun products and lots of colors to make your life more colorful. Visit:

Like the stiletto, bold red lips make a classic fashion statement that shows no sign of diminishing in popularity.  With the holidays approaching, choosing a statement lip color gives you a dizzyingly fun bunch of choices. One that I like is the Bronze Gold red lipstick by Jennifer Bradley . It is a particularly good choice for those who want to embrace red, but still want it to look somewhat natural and not too garish.  Jennifer Bradley’s cosmetics are never tested on animals, and they’re made from medical grade, highly concentrated skincare products. The skincare is also formulated to reduce brown sun/hormone spots, dramatically diminish wrinkles, combat redness, and keep skin blemish free.

But we’re talking lips here! For the holidays the Luscious Lips Combo $48.00 gives you three must-haves for a perfect red lip look. You get Jennifer Bradley’s best selling Rosewood Lip Liner, her silky red lipstick (bronze gold)  and you also get another must have — a hydrating Luscious Lips Lip Plumper that smooths dry lips and makes them look as good as they feel (use it under lipstick, or alone). The deal is the trio at  $48.00. The lip pencil is not the softest formula around, but it makes a precise line and, if you color in your lips with this brownish pink color, you can soften the effect of a red gone too bold.  It also helps keep your keep lip color in place. The Bronze Gold lipstick is  neither too warm, too cool, or too obvious.  It is one of those colors that makes you feel confident, but you can wear it and look natural daytime or evening, and the lip plumper feels soft and hydrating. It’s in a tube, so tuck it into your jeans for those days when you just want shiny, soft lips without any color at all. For the set and to see what else Jennifer Bradley has to offer, visit

 Tips to red lips (thanks to Jennifer Bradley):   1)      Start with a brown/warm lip liner with earth tones. Line and fill in the lip entirely, as if you were going to wear the lip liner as your lip color.  Then apply a warm red lipstick.  2)      Always choose a more earthy or warm toned red lipstick. Warmer tones look best on most, especially a wearable rest. 3)      Always hydrate lips, and the advicesisters also remind you to exfoliate lips with a lip exfoliator, or moisten some regular sugar and gently rub on lips,  or gently brush lips with a toothbrush to loosen and eliminate flakes.

Amway’s Artistry line of cosmetics is created to impress, seriously, with cutting edge skincare that rivals anything the highest end luxury brands has to offer. And I’m not kidding!  Artistry™ Skin Care makes sure that their advisors are internationally renowned dermatologists, surgeons and researchers. Many are highly accomplished specialists in key areas like acne treatment, photo-aging or sun damage.  While The Advice Sisters have reviewed some of Artistry’s excellent skincare products in the past, and we have some exciting new ones that we will be featuring (in another article), you can pamper yourself with one of Artistry’s famously fabulous lip glosses.  One of my beauty editor friends insists that Artistry’s Light Up Lip Gloss ($16.05) is the only lip gloss she will use, because it is shiny but completely non sticky. The Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss also has a LED Light in the cap that activates when you remove the wand, and it has  a good quality mirror on the side of the tube. The lip gloss inside the tube really is a silky, shiny gloss that has a very slight tingle and a subtle mint taste. The four available colors are sheer, and subtle, but make even bare lips look nice. “Confetti” is a limited edition for the holiday, super sheer and shiny, shimmery pink (Item #: 116387) . This is the one to grab, while supplies last. For more dramatic tint and shine in a sexy, warm, berried plum, try “Glamour”  #1306. For a sheer, glossy, glorious overcoat on a lip color, or for a natural look that feels as good as it looks, Artistry’s Light Up Lip Gloss is my #1 choice.

Laura Mercier’s limited edition holiday Art Deco Collection has one item we really think you’ll love. A lipstick called: Deco Rouge ($26.00) that is a holiday perfect color. It’s not a deep, goth red, nor an orange-y one, but a red with a lot of neutral deep pink.   This rich, intense, creamy lipstick is a clear red so while the color it intense,  it works for day or evening and literally, for most every complexion (I really don;t know how she does it)!  Since lips can get drier in colder weather, the formula has olive oil and Vitamin E. The lipstick case is an elegant, shiny, solid black. This would make a great gift for a lipstick-loving friend, but it’s a must-have for holiday parties, for you! The collection (we didn’t review the rest of the makeup, but it looks lovely) is available at Laura Mercier counters such as Bloomingdale’s Nordstrom and of course, Laura

One makeup collection that has caused a sensation is the Andy Warhol Holiday Color Collection by NARS.  And while it would be nearly impossible for me to say that one product in the line is a must, because I think they are all sensational, the  NARS lip glosses are my personal favorite for both luxurious color, and pampering. NARS Larger Than Life Lipgloss ($26.00) features five holiday-perfect hues. The  only problem you’ll have is which to buy for yourself, which to give as gifts (because you wont want to give them away,  even to your besties).

My favorite  is “Candy Says” (Candy Darling was a Warhol Superstar and a  transsexual who starred in Warhol films  and also served as a “muse” for the Velvet Underground.  Candy Says is a shimmery, medium warm strawberry pink that looks natural but still has color.  It seriously lasts for hours, with color that kisses your lips, and doesn’t clobber them with goo. The color is not super sheer, so it will thwart the look of lip imperfections, but like NARS products do, your own natural lips will still have a small part. Candy Says is shimmery but not glittery, with a pearly glow more than a patent-leather gleam.   Be prepared for a formula that is a bit “tacky” (not sticky). After all, this is a high performance color gloss that won’t fail you for hours.  If you like the Lip Gloss, try International Velvet (pink glace), Penny Arcade (raspberry), and Viva (rich rose). Visit your favorite NARS makeup counter or



When you want to exude classs, try Exude Lipsticks. The pristine, white compacts hold a secret: a “crystal” applicator instead of a boring, waxy bullet, from which luxe liquid lip color, is dispensed.  Exude has been reviewed on before, but it is such an exceptional and high end lip product, i just had to include it in this holiday lip review.

I admit that the packging of Exude lipsticks and glosses get my attention as covet-able.  They’re packaged in hard-sided, white presentation boxes, lined with foam to protect the “precious object” inside.  One of these makes an amazing gift for the lipstick-loving people on your gift list. But it’s the product that you’re buying, and in two formulas: Lipstick/Creme and Lip Gloss.  Lift the top off the lipstick tube, and see the crystal applicator” delivery system’s clear, slant-tipped nozzle that dispenses the semi-solid lip color from the tip that won’t ever lose it’s shape. If you swivel up a bit too much precious product, it will sink back into the tube, so there’s no waste.

Exude offers 9 lipsticks colors ($29.00) , and 4 lip glosses ($29.00). Both have plus free 5-7 day shipping & handling if you order online: For the holidays, Red Lipstick  #1 is a a bright, but not garish, cherry red. And to treat yourself to a wearable color in the trendy purple category, try Plum. It’s a  deep, cool plum that really looks sexy on deeper complexions or on paler people with attitude!   The lip creme formula is lightweight, comfortable and moisturizing. It supposedly has a light mint scent/taste but if it’s there, I missed it. But the créme formula is really pampering, thanks to a custom formula of Vitamin E & C mixed in a creamy gel texture.  The $29.00 gloss is a silky, not sticky gloss that hydrates your lips with an anti-aging complex of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, and Goji Berry and vitamin E to protect against oxidation.   Although a lipstick that is priced just below $30 is an investment,  Exude won’t crack, break, melt, crumble or disappoint you, and it’s literally good till the last drop.  Like statement jewelry, sometimes it’s just one thing that makes a huge difference in your look.  See what Exude can do for you  or get exude for lip product loving people on your gift list, and watch your gift get the highest praise.

Topshop is beloved by fashionistas for their trendy and affordable clothing, but did you know they have a lovely and affordable makeup line, as well?  Topshop Lipstick $15.00 in “Mishchief” may be the bright, bold red lip statement you need to get your confidence up at the Christmas party!  Three watery grey lines ring the bottom of a white lipstick tube emblazoned with “Lips Topshop” on the front. There are a number of colors, and you’ll love the silky formula that lasts. It’s a really satisfying look and feel, especially for the modest price.  Choose from nudes, pinks, tangerines and plums, but if you want a standout holiday choice, Mischief ‘s take-no-prisoners, moistly matte (but flat and dry or gooey and drag queen shiny), bright red is the color that turns heads.  This one is a perfect stocking stuffer too.  Don’t wear this unless you want to get kissed under the mistletoe! Visit Topshop or online at

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