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Beauty Addicts Lip Addiction collection

the range of 10 colors in the Beauty Addicts Lip Addiction collection



Beauty Addicts Lip Addiction Lip Gloss is $17.00 and comes in 10 shiny  colors.  You’d think the news would be all over the place, but I think this product has been under the radar, and for long enough! Just FYI: The Beauty Addicts Brand is formulated with a mix of the minerals, botanicals, vitamins, & advanced scientific anti-aging technology –so far, so good! 

Lip Addiction by Beauty Addicts is called a gloss, but it really is a full coverage lip glaze, making it a hybrid for those who love the look of gloss, but want more intensity. Even better, this could be considered a beauty treatment of sorts as well as a beautifier, since it has Vitamin E and jojoba butter to nourish and offer lots of hydration to parched lips while it colors over the imperfections, but it also has natural peptides to plump,smooth, and firm. While $17.00 isn’t bargain basement, I think these are worth it. The colors range from subtle . lips-nakedGo for a subtle nude (e.g. “Naked,” a creamy fleshtone; “Playmate,” shinmmery baby pink) or head for a mid-range color like “Socialite,” a neutral, medium-intensity pink or beauty addicts pinup“Pinup” which is a cooler and brighter pink, lips-hollywoodall the way to bright cherry red called “Hollywood” which, interestingly, is slightly more sheer than some of the others.  Traditional glosses don’t last a long time, but these are not quite a gloss, not quite a lacquer, so they will stick around for a while. 

This gloss could become your new addiction, to love!  

lips-liners-sinfulTip: add a Luscious Lips Lip Liner ($16.00)  to give complimentary definition to your lips and keep all your lip products lasting even longer. Even the lip pencil has skin-loving benefits: hylauronic acid to firm and plump your lip line.

Lip ADDICTION is  available at select beauty retailers and online, and of course, on the beauty ADDICTS’ website.

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