Lisa Hoffman’s Jewelry is a Scented Beauty!

Fragrance has been used to seduce and adorn for centuries. Even the Ancient Etruscans carved niches into jewels for fragrance to be carried around and dispensed as desired.  It’s nothing new that jewelry was created as portable ways to carry potions and solid or liquid scent.  But in today’s world, aromatic jewelry is a romantic way to wear fragrance. Lisa Hoffman has re-introduced this romantic way to wear scent, with her Fragrance Jewelry.

The Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Jewelry, which includes earrings, necklaces and bracelets (and a modern collection designed with Tom Binns), are a beautiful way to wear one of Lisa Hoffman’s beautiful fragrances, many of which The Advice Sisters have reviewed in our past What Works Columns, former blog, and on this web site.

The jewelry comes with the ability to layer one, two or five of Lisa’s signature scents. Little eco-friendly, wooden fragrance beads fit into a lovely, lacy, metal ball charm that opens to allow you to mix and match the  fragrance beads to your liking.   The fragrance beads scent the air as you move.

  For Valentine’s Day,  I can’t think of a nicer way to show your love, than with the wonderful Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Bracelet ($65.00) .   These one size fits all elastic bracelets let you wear one favorite scent, or layer them. You can mix the scent beads (five fragrances are available) in one bracelet with one charm, or wear several bracelets with different scents, creating your your signature scent.

When I reached up to fix my hair, the soft and slightly spicy scent of  Tuscan Fig, the fragrance I sampled, wafted through the air, reaching my nose is a soft kiss of scent.  Although I didn’t personally experience the necklace or earrings, the closer the scented charm gets to your nostrils, the more pronounced the ability to smell it.  If your skin is sensitive to the ingredients in fragrance but you love it anyway, this is a perfect solution to wear it without getting the perfume in contact with your skin.

My Tuscan Fig bracelet featured amber resin beads mixed with rose gold-plated brass and little howlite stone beads. The rose gold plated brass charm added more feminine allure, along with a small round, rose-gold plated tag with the Lisa Hoffman logo on it. The jewelry charms are all refillable, so you can easily refresh the scent in your charm in a few weeks more or less, depending upon how you prefer to wear the scent.

The jewelry is available on Lisa Hoffman Beauty and some of it is also sold on HSN.  The Fragrance Beads come in a little jar and are $20.00 each, and a refill trio is available on HSN for $39.00. If you’re not sure just what fragrance(s) to choose, Lisa Hoffman Beauty web site has a nifty “iScentify” app that will help you decide.

Japanese Agarwood: This rare, woody scent is accented with Zesty Bergamot, Spiced Ginger, and Warm Amber to inspire feelings of comfort and clarity (bracelet has noblesse wood & blue adventurine beads with a bronze-plated charm)

Madagascar Orchid: A modern bouquet of Sheer Jasmine, Ylang Dew, Mimosa Mood & Pink Peony perfectly frame the exotic, unforgettable aroma of Madagascar Orchid (bracelet has tanoak wood & golden beads with brushed gold-plated charm)

Tuscan Fig: Surrounded by Vanilla Bean, Honeysuckle, Coconut Wood, and Gardenia, Tuscan Fig entices you with its warm essence (bracelet has amber resin beads & howlite stones with rose-gold plated charm)

French Clary Sage: Sparkling watery notes harmonize with French Clary Sage, Yellow Freesia, Cotton and Linen Accords to create a crisp, modern fragrance (bracelet has green jade & silver beads with an oxidized sterling silver charm)

Tunisian Neroli: The rich-floral scent of Tunisian Neroli combines Ylang Ylang, Golden Amber, and Neroli Blossoms with Lemon and Buchu Leaf, creating a rich, sensual aura of opulence (bracelet has red jade & golden beads with 14-karat gold-plated charm)

No matter which fragrance and which jewelry items you choose, you will make this Valentines Day the most romantic (and fragrant) one, ever!

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