Lisi Cosmetics Flatters All Types of Faces

I received my first LiSi Cosmetics product, a gorgeous, glittered nail polish, in a gift bag during Fashion Week. I’d never heard of the brand, but I was enchanted by that gorgeous nail polish and decided I had to investigate further. What I learned is that LiSi was created not too long ago, actually in New York City 2011 by a retailer who,  inspired by his beautiful wife LiSi; wanted to create affordable but high end beauty products that would work for women of all ethnicities. That might sound impossible, but LiSi has a complete range of color cosmetics with products for lips, eyes, face and nails with shades that will look good on all skin tones.


For the face, I tried the LiSi Silk Veil Liquid Foundation with SPF 15 ($14.50).  The dazzling display of a dozen colors from very light to extremely deep, and a formula good for all skin types, is impressive. Equally so is the pump bottle with clear middle (so you can see the color before you pull off the black matte cap).  A little bit goes a long way, blending nicely even on dry skin. THe lightweight formula doesn’t have any oils or waxes to clog pores, and the  translucent base and lightweight pigments diminish imperfections and smooth of skin-tone, but doesn’t look mask-like.The SPF 15 is minimal ((actives are Octyl Salicylate 2%, Titanium Dioxide), but at least it’s nice to know you’ll get a bit of daily protection, as you beautify your skin.  LiSi suggests using a foundation brush or sponge, but I found fingertips worked fine, too.  This foundation rivals many others The Advice Sisters have tried that cost much more.

The key to adding color to your face, especially blush, is to get a tone and intensity that looks natural, unless you really want clown makeup.  I ended up with the most vibrant of LiSi Cosmetic’s Flushed Press Powder Blush ($7.50), a bright apricot blush called “Maldives.”  While it was way too bright to be flattering on my skin, it would love warm and lovely on very deep complexions.   Lightweight micro powders help skin look luminous. The other 9 wearable, on trend colors are mostly pinks, berries and mauves in softer tones.  The square, matte, black, slightly rubberized, interior mirrored LiSi blush and Eye Shadow compacts remind me of one of the very high end makeup lines.

More to my liking as the Satin Eyes Pressed Powder Eye Shadow ($4.90) that are smooth and soft, blend-able and subtly shimmery.  There are literally several dozen colors, from on-trend colors like black, white, orange and hot pink, to all the other colors of the eye shadow spectrum that you’d love to try, fancifully named for spices and flowers. “Allspice” is a deep taupe  (it looks more grey in this photo) that can be worn light for daytime, or layered for a lot of intensity, for evening. The shadow is silky enough to be applied with a fingertip.  There are other formulas including metallic and baked, as well.

I didn’t try LiSi’s lip products, but based on what I’ve tried so far, I know they probably would be easy to wear, and they are certainly affordable at just $6.90 a Lipstick (in a Vitamin E infused matte formula) and Lip glosses for just $4.90. to the nail polish that piqued my interest in LiSi cosmetics in the first place, the wide range of color includes this blue green glitter called: “Paradox.” $4.90 brings you dozens of traditional and trendy colors and formulas, without toluene or formaldehyde.  The polishes are also UV resistant, and chip resistant .

Add a quick dry top coat is a must for manicures and your nails will dry to the touch in about a minute.

Now that 2013 is here, it’s time to flatter your face with something new and high quality, but also affordable!  If I have any issues at all with this fabulous makeup find, it’s that the colors aren’t completely true in the photo. But close enough to get good idea of what you’re going to get.  Visit the LiSi Cosmetics flagship store at 741 Broadway at Astor Place near 8th Street in NYC, or shop online through the LiSi Web Site.

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