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Love beads, head shops, flowers and tambourines. That’s what I used to associate with the scent of Patchouli.  Patchouli was the fragrance of the “haute hippie” when my friends and I were trying to radiate a sexy/chic vibe we really didn’t have. The patchouli I remember from “back then” was usually sold as an incense/essential oil that we dabbed on our skin (usually way too much of it). As I remember, it wasn’t all that pretty, but it was exotic, strong, and sweet.  The best you could say about it was that you couldn’t ignore it. Anyone wearing patchouli was “announce herself” entering a room.

patchouliPatchouli has always been popular, but my friends and I didn’t have a clue what it was, and frankly, we couldn’t have cared less, as long as we though it was making us into “man magnets.”  As a beauty editor though, I do care!  So I looked it up.

Patchouli is actually a bushy herb from the mint family, with small, pale pink-whit4e flowers.  It lives in warm, tropical regions.

Which brings me to a modern fragrance that is light years away from the type of patchouli of those days gone by.

lovely patchouliLovely Patchouli 55  Classic Eau De Parfum by Krigler  is exactly what it’s name suggests:  lovely.   Launched in 1955 it is still a top seller for Krigler and no wonder — it’s a smooth, sexy, sophisticated fragrance that is crafted for a woman who wants something provocative and sensuous but wearable, no trace of incense or flower power implied.

The fragrance notes seem to be a bit of a mystery, but a bit of sleuthing reveals a major amber chord, with patchouli (of course), bergamot and  leather.  It’s the leather and patchouli mixed together that make this almost unisex. It isn’t quite macho because there is a gourmand, vanilla-ish sensibility mixed into the spiceiness, but it is definitely “metro.”  The bergamot keeps it fresh enough so that the spicy notes don’t become too heavy. but the fragrance does stay on your skin, blending with your own body chemistry — just as it should.  You’ll find yourself lifting your wrist to smell it….you won’t be able to resist.


lovely patchouli continerAnother thing I really like about Krigler fragrances is the packaging. Although it is the scent that you are buying, it is the bottle it comes in that make applying it, a beautiful ritual. The Krigler scents come in a hard sided, round, golden tube with a shiny black and gold label. It’s not really flashy, but it’s elegant. Inside, the bottle is a substantial, clear glass that showcases the color of the fragrance’s juice within. Lovely Patchouli is a sort of soft, browned amber. The apothecary-style bottle is simple, but the large black and gold label is the same as on the outside container. A black and gold satin ribbon at the neck and a simple gold and clear topper over the spray diffuser balances the bottle, without being fussy.  When you have a product this luxurious, you don’t need to fuss it up with charms, glitz and gaudy novelties. The product stands up on it’s own, serene and lovely.

Lovely Patchouli will work for day or evening although I’d classify this as a cool weather fragrance. Come Summer, it might be a bit overwhelming. I’d lightly spray this on my linens year-round though. *TIP:  keep your fragrance away from sunlight and heat, especially in the Summer. I keep my most valuable fragrances in the refrigerator, in a covered box.

A 3.4 fl. oz. Eau de Parfum is $285.00; 1.7 fl. oz. oz $195.00

Krigler fragrances are available online or in-store at KRIGLER Boutiques.  Click Here to order a sample ($12.50)

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