Make Personal Party Prep Fun and Fierce, with a tHERSday Party

It would be untrue to say that people don’t dress up anymore, but we have become a much more informal society with few less reasons to dress formally. Red carpet regulars aside, “getting ready” to appear at a special function or a formal event is still a process. There are rituals to “getting ready” and most women still follow them.

Like many little girls, I loved watching my mother prepare for a formal event.  I stared, fascinated,  as she began her transformation from chic but dressed for business mom, to glamorous woman.  She had her routine for “getting ready,” from fixing her hair, to polishing her nails, to picking just the right shoes and accessories to match her dress.  It seems mysterious, and so very glamorous.

Whether it’s for a  wedding, or just a weekend TFIG on the town, you and your bffs can bring some of that “getting ready” excitement back with a ThERSday party.  Actually, the idea hadn’t occurred to me until I got an invitation to throw a THERSday party,  thanks to Rembrandt and their Intense Stain Dissolving Strips (they work in just 5-10 minutes to remove surface stains, and they’ll get your teeth noticeably whiter in just 2 weeks), plus Neutrogena, Korres, and Essie, and more.   If you know something is coming up, the time to start whitening, is right now!  The Intense Stain Collection really works, especially on tough stains like coffee, and red wine.  The Advice Sisters think whitening your teeth with DIY products like those from Rembrandt is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to enhance your looks in a big way.

Of course, you don’t really need a special event to pamper yourself, but if you and your friends are going out on the town, why not get together the day before, or afternoon of, and treat yourself to beauty bonding and a few drinks?  The obvious night, whether you’re going together, or to separate parties and events (and it’s coming up soon), is New Years Eve.

The photo above gives you a visual of the types of things you would want to create a tHERSday party, but it’s just one set of products based on a “beauty” theme.   First and foremost, it’s about fun, so make sure you have some girly drinks (cosmos are always a great bet) and some cute napkins for nibbles (eg. sushi, pigs in blankets, popcorn, crudites and hummus, and some sort of colorful candy–I like Jelly Bellies or M&Ms).  In my photo you’ll see a SOL Republic set of headphones, there to remind me that music makes the party, happy.  Obviously there’s a sound-track that speaks to you and your friends the most, but some of Rembrandt’s suggestions are must-haves, such as Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cindy Lauper, and Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyonce. Personally, I’d add “dancing with Myself” by Billy Idol and

While you’re enjoying drinks & nibbles, it’s face time, for real.  Everyone can use a good cleansing mask, such as Neutrogena’s multi-tasking, Deep Clean cleanser/mask that actually absorbs excess oil while it cleanses pores.  If someone has the misfortune to be sprouting a blemish, this is the time to start drying it out, perhaps with Clean & Clear Advantage. This little tube of face saving gel can help dry up a pimple in as little as one day.

You’ll notice that I have a can of Aveeno Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo in my photo. I’m assuming that most women prepping for a special event leave time to wash and style their hair in their schedules, but sometimes, you just can’t.  So many people swear by dry shampoo in a pinch, and also, spritzing your chignon or updo with it gives hairpins something to grip.  A number of stylists used dry shampoo backstage at fashion week for just this reason. If you’re going out that night and can’t get your hair done, however, a dry shampoo can save the day (or the evening).  Or just go for a high pony decorated with a pretty pin or ribbon, or do a fish-tail braid in the front–you’ll look different, and confident!

At good nail salons, hands get moisturized before the polish goes on. It’s good for your skin, and for your cuticles.  The Advice Sisters have reviewed so many hand creams and how emollient or scented you like them is a highly personal matter, but one that works fast on very dry, chapped hands, also from Neutrogena, is their Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. It is fragrance free so it is good for everyone. You don’t need much. Use it on your elbows, too.  Just be sure to clean your nails with an orange stick or q-tip dipped in nail polish remover, before you add colors to your nails. You might want to exfoliate your lips (you can do this easily with a little regular sugar, mixed with water, rubbed gently onto lips and then toweled off). Then apply a great moisturizing and beautifying lip balm, like Korres Lip Butter, with emollient shea butter and rice wax, or Neutrogena’s Revitalizing Lip Balm with SPF 20, which makeup artist Molly Oresman also uses on cheeks as a double-duty blush.

Even if all you do is add a clear coat of nail polish, clean, shiny nails are a must have.  Nails are like shoes, no one wants to look at scuffed, dry, faded ones!   Essie is the nail polish you’ll see in most nail salons, and The Advice Sisters have been recommending this nail lacquers for years.  You can’t go wrong with “Geranium,” a bright pinkish red, or one of my favorite travel polishes called “Mademoiselle,” a sheer, light, ladylike pink.  But if you’re into trendy colors, “Wicked” is a blackened purple that looks sexy.  Of course, if you really want to be bling-ing in the new year, wear a glitter polish.

Drinks-check! Music-Check! Nibbles-check! Skin care-check! Nail Polish-check!  While your nails are drying, take a break and play a fun game that gets you all laughing. Rembrandt suggests Bunco, but if that’s not your thing, try charades. If you’ve had a few cosmos, it gets pretty hilarious.

Clothes, shoes and other accessories are up to you, but when it comes to makeup, what I learned from Neutrogena ambassador and celebrity makeup artist Amy Oresman (she works with Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere, among others),  at  a recent event featuring Rembrandt White Strips and Neutrogena cosmetics, is that that glitter is fun, but not really the hot thing anymore for special occasions.  More intensity, is right for night. If you’re going to be in front of the flash in photos, also try to avoid wearing makeup with titanium dioxide–it’ll accentuate the redness and the shine when the flash goes off. Glitter can look gaudy in photos, too (another good reason not to wear it unless in small touches such as a glittery liner).   The best way to make your face photo and party ready, is to add double or triple the layers of intensity of your regular makeup colors, than you’d normally wear. Pat, don’t rub some concealer on dark circles, and use it also on brow gone and to light up the inner corners of the eyes. Pile on the mascara (Neutrogena’s Healthy Volume Mascara with a  non-irritating formula has a similar wide brush as s beloved DiorShow but it’s just $7.99), and use a heavier hand with eye shadow and liner. Neutrogena also has a nice array of eye shadow palettes in wearable, flattering shades.

Other Holiday party prep trips from Amy include wearing the new Neutrogena Healthy Skin primer full of antixodiants and natural soy, both as a good way to keep foundation on for up to 8 hours longer, but also to add a believable glow and highlight to skin. $13.99 makes it easily competitive with other primers, but this one is great for sensitive skin and won’t clog pores. The nearly weightless feel and non-tinted formula makes it right, for everyone.

If you are going to be out-doors, you’ll be happy to know that it has spf 15 in it…double bonus!

No product has more magical properties to transform, than lip color.  The Advice Sisters recently did a review of some holiday lip colors earlier this month.  They’ll be one you will love, but wear test it (and all your makeup) before the event to be sure they work with your skin tone, and your outfit.

After the beautifying, why not get in the mood with a romantic chick flick that makes you feel good (and has a hunky male lead), such as Pretty Woman, Bridget or Love Actually.  Now, you’re ready to party…and you’ve just had one, too!

Many of the products I am suggesting you can purchase in mass market retailers and drug stores. To learn more about Rembrandt products visit:  To learn more about Neutrogena products visit:


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