MARK Makes Curly or Straight Hair Easier to Control!

I am a big fan of AVON, and also of MARK.  Sold through E-commerce and entrepreneurial representatives, both brands have on-trend makeup and accessories, and high-tech formulas that should cost a lot more, but are actually, affordable.  One thing that really bothers most women in the Summertime is their hair. Humidity, heat, sweat, pollution are daily threats to smooth, manageable hair. Add to that sun, salt, chlorine and other beauty-sucking sabateurs, and you can spend your life looking for the perfect products to make Summer weather easier to deal with.

MARK has just recently launched some nifity, new hair styling products that might actually make summer easier this year. There are 5 new products in a styling collection, all with cute names like “Curl Commander” and “Give it to me Straight.”  Whether you’re looking to keep hair sleek and frizz-free, or you have curls but you want to keep them under control in the heat and humidity, there’s something for you.

My favorite product in this new line of hair styling is so great for travel. It  is called “Double Do.”  It comes in a clever, mirrored compact that has a rotating pan that flips on it’s access to give you access to one side or the other, instantly. I recognize as the same one used for a fun makeup palette from Mark that debuted in the Fall of 2011, called the Super Flip Color Kit. The two big square pans hold solid forms of hair shape and gloss to keep hair behaving! The gloss has Muru Muru Butter and Amla to add subtle shine and smooth flyaways while protecting your hair. The other side has a shape & hold wax that adds texture and definition. Formulatedwith Babasu Oil and Camu Camu, it is enriched with conditioning oils and nutrients. A bit of this on recalcitrant ends, anytime, is the way to keep frizz and fly-aways at bay. The products won’t weigh your hair down (because you don’t want to have to wash and re-wash your hair so much) but they will wash out easily when you’re ready.  The solid compact means , no mess or fuss. How fab is that?!!!

The other nice hair styling product for smooth hair is “Give it to Me Straight.”  It’s a smoothing lotion in a nice pink and bronze pump bottle, that adds shine while it smooths the frizz.  There are plenty of these products around, but this one really is lightweight.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, it just means you won’t end up with a sticky or greasy mess on your hair.  While nothing works 100% in the middle of rain-forest humidity, for even somewhat humid days, this product will keep her from becoming a frizzball.  Conditioning oils and nutrients like camelia oil and pomegranate help to protect as well as keep your blow-out working for you, instead of the other way around.  Spritz a bit onto towel-dried hair before blow-drying and heat-styling, or use a bit on the ends when it looks like the weather is getting “nasty.”  It does help lock out humidity, and it’s suitable for all hair types.

Just because you have curl hair doesn’t mean you want it to frizz up and go wild!  Two styling products to help you define your curls and waves are “ Curl Commander” (a curl & wave defining gel in a bronze and pink flip-top tube), and “Curl to Curl,” a re-activating and defining mist to put the “cute” back in your curls.  De-frizz with conditioning oils and nutrients like baobab oil and sea buckthorn, and a humidity lock-out formula that keeps curls bouncy, not crazy!  My reviewer with curly hair who tried it, instantly liked it!

Hair spray is a must when you absolutely need to be sure your style will stay in place. Whether it’s a wedding you’re attending, or the weather is just dreadful and you know you won’t be able to fix your hair,  “Locks in Place” is a newbie from MARK with buildable hold in a flex-style spray. What’s great about this hair spray is that you can move your hair around a bit, then keep the hold sheer, or completely lock it in place for the long haul.  The spray adds shine, resists humidity, and is enriched with conditioning oils and nutrients like kukui nut oil andelderberry.  The formula is a non-sticky, fine aerosol mist that dries fast, but will wash out when you need it gone.





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