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If you’ve missed hearing about hair products becuase we’ve been so wrapped up (pun intended) in holiday gift guides,  fret no more.  Today,we are talking  three hair goodies —  hair they are   (geez,we are feeling so “punny” today)  -Alison Blackman



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Überliss is Über-awesome  — according to our reporter, Katie Rice, that is.  She reports that Überliss is a hair care line that launched in Brazil in 2011 and is dedicated to super straight, shiny hair and a formaldehyde formula. Its name even means super-smooth (über=super, liss=smooth).

Well…I think I’ll let Katie take over from here:

The three products in the line are a shampoo, a conditioner and an oil for hair. This reporter tried the shampoo and conditioner. Both come in 12oz bright purple bottles with the distinctive Überliss lettering on them. They are sulfate-free and are supposed to keep natural moisture in the hair without using chemicals that can strip hair of its natural defenses. Both the shampoo and conditioner also contain one key ingredient: royal jelly. Royal jelly comes from bees and is a product from when they raise their larvae. It’s kind of a gross process, but the royal jelly they produce works wonders to seal in moisture in hair. The products also feature Überliss’ exclusive Triple Blend technology consisting of Keratin, Cysteine, and Buriti extracts.Together the shampoo and conditioner gave my already straight hair lots of shine and less frizzy ends and flyaway hairs.erliss is the world’s most advanced smoothing system that will eliminate unwanted frizz and tame unruly hair.

The shampoo retails for $23.90 and the conditioner for $25.90—affordable for the salon quality products and results that Überliss delivers. More information about Überliss here: http://www.uberliss.com/


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Briogeo (pronounced bree-oh-jhee-oh) launched this fall with their first line of all natural hair products. Like Überliss, they are sulfate free but they also have steered clear of parabens, silicones, artificial color, and synthetic fragrances. They really deliver an all-natural product. Their four products all target different hair problems and come in 25% post-consumer recycled materials with the very cute “B” logo on them in different colors. The “Be Gentle, Be Kind” shampoo is useful for any hair type. It contains green tea antioxidants and vitamin B-5, both of which may inhibit hair loss and promote healthy growth.

Aside from having an adorable name and attractive packaging, the “Don’t  Despair, Repair” deep conditioner repair mask is wonderful for an intense conditioner experience. The conditioner contains avocado oil which contains fatty oils that can nourish hair, along with soothing aloe and keratin protein which can replace or fortify the natural keratin in hair and nails. The two of these products are safe for regular use and clean and moisturize hair really effectively.

The “Don’t Despair, Repair” mask is $26.00 for a 5.25oz plastic tub with a twist off top and the “Be Kind, Be Gentle” shampoo is $19.00 for an 8.5oz bottle. More information here: https://www.briogeohair.com/


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No time to shower? Interested in keeping your hair color looking fresh between treatments? TouchBack Plus has formulated a leave-in conditioner that pumps out like a mousse and can work to give life back to unwashed hair as it treats color. If you have untreated hair, simply choose the “clear” color of the leave-in conditioner and reap the benefits of the moisturizing, reviving mousse. If, however, you do have color-treated hair, the TouchBack Plus system has color options that you can match with your hair color. The conditioner has UVA/UVB sun block in it to help stop fading and the formula supposedly can even tone down grays between colorings. The TouchBack Plus is a super simple, at home way to add a boost of color back into your hair if you don’t have the time or budget to constantly be at the salon getting your hair colored. It’s quite an innovative product and at $29.95 for a pump bottle of 3.5oz, it doesn’t even come close to what it costs if you go to a salon for a touch-up or color. It can save you time and money.  You can get more information here: http://touchbackplus.com



Katie Rice is a writer who works in eBook publishing, marketing and PR during  the week and spends her weekends writing and drinking copious amounts of coffee  in her apartment in Brooklyn.  We thank her for this report!

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