My First Love, Caboodles Retro and Today!

A lot of my readers may not remember 1987, but 25 years ago, Caboodles was synonymous with “cool chick organization.”  Madonna was embarking on her “Who’s That Girl” tour and two of the most popular movies of the year were Beverly Hills Cop III and Dirty Dancing.   Caboodles provided colorful, fun boxes to organize everything from beauty products and jewelry, to hair items and whatever else needed to be stashed away, but still be easily accessible.

While the Caboodles brand is part of the Plano Molding Company, that created the first molded plastic tackle box way back in 1952 , the original Caboodles classic beauty case, however, was crated in 1987 in a totally girly,  pink and white plastic case  aptly called:   “My First Love.”

For those who really did covet Caboodles My First Love, you’re in luck, because among the Caboodles holiday offerings, is a limited edition re-issue of My First Love, complete with  a drop-down door and two divided  interior trays,  for the “Vintage” friendly price of just $25.00.

It is easy to see why My First Love was really exciting when it first was introduced to the public. True, it reminds me of a really girly tool box or fishing tackle box, but the peachy-pink and white coloring just screams “girly.”  You just can’t help the urge to fill it up with your treasures, whatever they are.

But My First Love is also practical, with a large top section that is wide and deep enough to hold foundations and other bulky items, or even hair brushes, secured with a metal clip.  The other two drawers slide out like regular drawers, secured with a flip up plastic panel, that clicks shut over a drop down/flip-up panel. The box is lightweight considering how large it is, but it holds a lot of stuff.   The two drawers are partitioned and are perfect for either jewelry, hair accessories, or long, slim makeup pencils, lipsticks and lip glosses and brushes. There aren’t so many practical items that are also this pretty!  Caboodles takes me back to a time when my special things were much fewer, and I wanted very much to both protect them, and organize them where I had easy access.

If you love My First Love, don’t wait –get it now.  Caboodles isn’t making oodles…just  1000 of the limited-edition My First Love, so if you want one for your very own, get to Caboodles’ Facebook page and order it now.  And if you miss out, there are always plenty of other crafty, clever organizers…keep reading, below!

As you can see from the photo above today’s Caboodles designs are still are for those who need “cool chic organization.”  But fast forward to holiday 2012 and there are a oodle of new Caboodles options, with prices ranging from $5 to $79.00, sold online and in-stores through at least a dozen retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Kmart. One that is being featured at Ulta Stores is the Artiste. With a suggested retail of close to $80.00 it may be the most pricey of the products, but it is also a high quality makeup case that a makeup artist wouldn’t be reluctant to use on an actual shoot, or when visiting a client. The faux crock case looks elegant, and opens up to reveal a large inner compartment at the bottom with a 4-section divider if you wish to use it, over which telescope on each side, a long thing compartment (for brushes, pencils, etc.) and two larger compartments for makeup items. Our sample was lined with pretty hot pink and black polka-dot print, and came with a complimentary mirror, also backed with the hot pink fabric. While Artiste is clearly meant to be a makeup artist-style storage and carry case, you can use it for anything your imagination desires. It would make an amazing holiday gift, or treat yourself and start 2013, more organized.


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