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It seems like every other day now, I’m getting stuck in a snow storm or a rain storm, without a hat.  And since I have frizzy hair, that means my sleek style is usually a mess by the time I get to my destination. Normally, that means I have to flat iron my hair again (if I can) but then it is limp.  However, back in the Summer of 2013, I attended an event for some new John Frieda styling tools that help to stamp of frizz, smooth, and style, without making hair limp, and they add shine, too! While many of you might associate the name John Frieda with salon style shampoos, conditioners, and styling products, they also have appliances that make hair look good, without and they are afford-ably priced, too.

These days, my new BSF (best styling friend) is the John Frieda® Shine Shape Volume & Gloss 1″ Barrel styling brush with Advanced Ionic Technology model JFHA6. This styling tool includes a high voltage ionic generator with more power to generate up to 50% more ions. The ionizing function generates negative ions, which neutralize positive ions in the air. The neutralization process flattens and smooths the hair cuticle, reducing frizz and leaving hair shiny and healthy looking.


I remember distinctly that editors were treated to a demonstration of this  to introduce a trio of new John Frieda (by Conair)  styling tools: the   JFHA6 Salon Shine Shape Hot Air Brush, the  JFS2 Satin Finish Flat Iron ($54.99) and the JF2 Salon Shine Dryer ($39.99), A  mannequin head with real hair was  charged with static to stand nearly straight out and up, by an ionic generator. One pass of a John Frieda brush that generates negative ions brought this hair right back down to sleek and flat.  In case you haven’t tried any of the more modern styling tools, ceramic and titanium plus ionic conditioning are now a must have for smooth, shiny and less frizzy hair.  This, from the company that brought you the Iconic Frizz-Ease products.

box for brushshine and sahpe john frieda

But the product that I’m loving so much now, is the  Salon Shine Shape Hot Air Brush ($39.99) , because it lets me style, smooth,de-frizz and shine my hair in one step and in seconds.  I can use it on almost dry hair, or on dry hair after I’ve used a blow dryer instead of a flat iron, or after I’ve been outside and my hair has been sabotaged by the elements.  Take today for example, after being caught in the rain, I smooth the brush (on high) through my hair, and all the frizz and lumpy waves were subdued back into sleek-ness in one pass of the brush (and I really do mean, one pass).  It didn’t take more than a minute to fix the disarray, and my hair looked perfect, without having to torture it with heat, and waste a lot of my time. It also felt soft, and looked shiny. What more could you possibly ask for?!

The brush features a 1 inch Titanium ceramic coated barrel and 500 watts of power, with 2 heat settings, a cool setting, and up to 50% more ions.  The controls are on the easy to hold barrel, and they’re simple to understand. The power cord has a swivel so you can easily switch from one hand to the other. The 1″ barrel is the perfect size for most waves and curls as long as you’re not going for corkscrews.  The  Salong Shine Shape Hot Air Brush is newly developed with nylon and soft bristles to enhance hair’s natural shine.  The brush doesn’t rotate so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting caught in it like the spokes of a wheel (if you’ve ever had to cut your hair out of one of those rotating brushes out of desperation as I have, you’ll know how much I loathe them). And, the bristles are easy to clean out.   If you want to actually curl your hair with this round brush you certainly can, but you’ll have to have patience and flip you wrist a lot.  And you can dry and style your hair with this brush too if it’s thin and dries quickly normally, otherwise, I’d suggest drying it completely or almost completely first just to save time and energy.  I like this brush as a finishing tool, and for touch-ups.  It is nice for travel, too.

I love products that are effective, easy, and time-savers, that are also good travel companions. The Shine Shape Hot Air Brush really delivers. Make it your new BSF (best styling friend) this year, too!

You can get these great styling tools at mass market retailers and drug store, and visit for more information


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